Work together to fight the Epidemic — The Donation of epidemic prevention and control materials for Yuanling Street by Shenzhen Lions Club was successfully held

On March 31, 2022, Lions Club of Shenzhen held a donation activity to support Yuanling Street epidemic prcontrollingevention and control materials at Yuanling Street Office in Futian District.fighting The event was jointl怨灵y directed by Shenworkszhen CPPCC andprevention怎么读 Shenzhen Disabled Persofightingns’ Federation, hosted by Shenzhen Lions Club, undertaken by silver Lake Service Team and Su Zeran Shi Bromaterials studiother. Shenzhen Lions Club donated 10,000 FFP2 masks and a battery car to the Yuanling sub-district office, with a service fund of 67,800 yuan.

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Shenzhen city people’s political consultativ园林工程技术e conference, director of the social law MifightingnZongWei Liao Yuan fly, vice园林股份股吧 President of shenzhtogether翻译en DPF party member, Yin Kui, secondary iprevention是什么意思nspector Cao Xiumei of mechanism of shenzhen city people’s political consultative conference, vice chairman of the standing committee of the Chinese people’s politicamaterials什么意思l cfightingkids小便onsuldonations怎么读tative conference, the city of shenzhen Taoist association ZhuangGuiXiong, shenzhen people’s political consultative conference club method MinZongWei essence department chiepidemic是什么意思efmaterials期刊 river, shenzhenmaterials影响因子 people’s political consultative conference club mfightethod MinZongWei essence of secondary researcher XiaoNa tan, Lai Yuming, Defight翻译puty Secrtogetheretary of Party Workinworkdayg Committee, Yuanling Street, Futian District, Shenzhen; Su Zeran, member of Shenzhen CPPCCepidemic和pandemic的区别 and former supervisor of Domestic Lions Associepidemic situation翻译ation; Tan Yanli, member of Shefight歌曲nzhen CPPCC and chairman odonation翻译f Shenzhen Junhui Container Transportation Co., LTD.; Chen Weimiepidemic怎么记忆n, member of Shenzhen CPPCC and Vice-chairman of Asia Pacific Supply Chain Co., LTD.沅陵政府网; Fifteen people attended the event, including Guo Yongyong, presidendonationst of Shenzhen Lions Club in 2021-2022, Peng圆领 Daojian, Vicefight翻译 President of Shenzhen Lions Club in 2021-2022, Nie Xiangdong, Vice President of Shenzhen Lions Clworkshopub in 2021-2022, Wen Yaoli, Vice Secretary general of Shenzhen Lions Club in 2021-2022, Zheng Bochao, chairman of Shenzhen Lions Club in 2021-2022.

Listen to the order and act together to fight the epidemic. At the critical moment of shenzhen’s all-out fight against COVID-19, the task of stfighterreet prevention and contworkdayrol is extremely heamaterial是可数名词吗vy. Anti-epidemic workers are working day and night on the front line of epidemic preventionworkday and control, building a protective line to protect the health of street residents, and sparwork的过去式inepidemic situation翻译g no effort to ensure the safety and health of people. Under the joint guidance of the Shenzhen CPPCC and the Shenzhen Disablefight翻译d Persons’ Federation, The Lions Club of Shenzhen played its role as acontrolled social organization and activelpreventiony responded to the call and immediately sent the necdonation什么意思essary supplies to yuanldonation翻译ing Street Office, showing its decontrol什么意思termination and confidence i园林股份股吧n continuing to fight and win the battle against the epidemic.

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Lai Yumepidemic怎么读音ing, deputy Secretary ofworker the Party Working Committee of Yuanling Sub-district, accepted the donation of epidemic prevention materials on behalf of thcontrollablee sub-dworkforceistrdonation什么意思ict, and briefly introduced the situation of epidemic prevention and control in the sub-district. Secretary Lai Yuming pointed odonations怎么读ut that the street office will properly distributepidemic怎么记忆e and arrange this batch of sprevention怎么读upplies, give full play to the maximum effect, work together to win the epidemic prevention war, to protect the safety of one party. At the same time,controlling Mr. Lai thapreventionnked园林工程技术 the Lions Club of Shenzhen for fumaterial什么意思中文翻译lfilling its social responsibility, supporting the epidemic prevention and control work in streets and providepidemic situation翻译ing warmth to the frontlprevention怎么读ine workers. Indonation是什么意思英语 the end, Secretary Lai yuming spoke highly of the sense of refighting是什么意思sponsiepidemic是什么意思bility and mission of Shenzhen Lions Club in its philanthropic work.


Difficult side shows yong Yi, hone shi Yucheng. With an act of love, the Lions Club of Shenzhen gathermaterials什么意思ed圆领 together the spirit of stantogether怎么读ding together in times of difffightingiculty amaterials studiond composed the most beautiful anti-epidematerial是什么意思mic hymn for the coming of spring.

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[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Club Office

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