The donation ceremony of shenzhen Lions Club “Harmonious Force · Precise Assistance for the Disabled” was successfully held

Caring for the disabled & NBSP; All peer

— The Donation ceremony of Shenzhen Lions Club “The Power of Harmony Targeted Assistance for the Disabled” was successfully held


On June 30, 2020, the Don深圳疫情最新动态ation ceremony of “Harmonious Force Tarshenzhengeted Asassistance是什么意思英语sistance for The深圳天气 Disabled” was held at the confclubmanerence room on the 13th floor of Shenzforce的用法hen Disabled Persons’ Federation. 70,000 yuan was donated to Shenzhen Assodonations怎么读ciation for the Blind, Shenzhen Association for the Deaf, Shenzhen Association for The Mentally Disabled and Thei深圳天气r Relatives and Friendprecise翻译s, Shenzhen Associdonation翻译ation for the Mentally Disabled and Their Relatives and Friends, And Shenzhen Association for the Handicapped. The activity service fund is 7donation怎么读0,000 yclubsuan.


Dong Lanzhi, member of the Party Group of Shenzhen Disablassistance怎么读ed Persons’ Federation, Luo Qiwei, Depharmonious怎么读uty Director of advocacy Department, Weng Hua, President of 2019-2020, Du Helions怎么读ngkun, Secretary General of Lions Club of Shenzhen, Su Jia深圳疫情最新消息nhua, Chairman of Poverty Alleviation committee, Luo Guanqi, Executive Chairman, Chen Nianzhong, Executive Chairman of GST Shenzhen Regional Coordinator, Ma Jingyang, chairman of Shenzheassistance和help的区别n Association for the Blind, Fu Xiangyang, Chairman of Shenzhen Association for the Disabled, Zhang Yafei, chairman of Shenzhen Association for The Mentally Disabled, Liao Yanhui, chairman of Shenzhen Association for the Mentally Disassistance和help的区别abled, Ouyang Liang, vice-chairma深证指数n of Shenzhen Association for the Deaf and other 15 people a深圳疫情ttended the event. Du Hengkun presided over the event and introduced the guests.


Jian-hua sforced怎么读u, Passistanceresident of the introduction, this activity help five association precisi深圳风险等级on to aid the project smoothly, the donated funds used to fund association and lion love symbiotic art troupe, “liceremonyon love navharmonious是什么意思中文igation package” and parents help seal thlions是什么意思e teacher skill instruction manual, funding deaf second deaf recitation contest, blind association double blind family children education plan, inteharmoniouslligence waist drupreciselym team training, mutilation association goprecise读音al kick training assistanceforce和power的区别 force. Among them, help prforce-feedingint “lion love navigatforce翻译ion package” and parents and teachers skills guide manuaassistance和help的区别l, e深圳疫情最新动态ffectively solve the family life深圳天气 of mentally disabled people there are all kinds oflion是什么意思中文翻译 “obstacles” — just diagnosed, do not know how to face and deal with the reality of obstacleharmoniouslys, heavy lonelinesprecise读音s and helplessness, to thedonation翻译 entire career of all aspects of the arranlions翻译中文gement. She called on the whole society to care for disabled friends and help them integrate into society andharmonious是什么意思中文 share a better life together.


The chairmen of the five major associations delivered a speech to express their gratitulions翻译de to the Lion friends of shenzhen Lions club for caring and supporting theforce翻译 cause of thforce是什么意思中文e disabled. Shenzhen Lions Club builds Bridges for disabled friends, listens to the voice of disabled friends, links arms to support disabled friends, and insdonation动词pires disabled friends to深证指数 be confident, self-reliant andonation动词d independent. This year, under the guidance of President Weng Hua, the disabled Committee and the lioclubmedn fdonation怎么读riends of each service team participated deeply, and fully entered thprecise和accurate的区别eassistance是什么意思 life of the disabled friendsharmoniously是什么意思.

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Dong Lanzhi, member of the party leadership group, expressed her high praise for the Shenzhen Lions Club and hoped that the support of shenzhen Lions Club for disaforce是什么意思bled friends wouassistance可数吗ld continue as always.


Weng Hua, Chairman of CFAC, delivereharmonious怎么读d a speech, saying that he was very glad to work clclubosely with the filionsve major associations to help the disabled in this year, toassistance怎么读 care for their friends materidonations怎么读ally and spiritually, and to purchase epidemic prevention materials to support their resumption of work and production. This event is the final wforced怎么读ork of this year, he said, thanks tdonation可数吗o Secretary General Du Hengkun for cheforce-feedingcking the event, thanks to Chairman Su Jianhua and the executive ch深圳风险等级airman of the Disabled commiharmonious翻译ttee for their dedication, thanks to support the activity of the five associations and other unitclubss, the successful completion of the “Harmonious force Pclubmedrecise disabled” series of activities. Shenzhen Lions Cllions是什么意思ub wharmonious是什么意思中文ill continue to assist and guide tassistance的用法he disabled, and be theprecise和accurate的区别 best friend of the disabled.


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