Initiative | about to carry out the “quality engineering – caring community” theme services initiative

Service teams:

In accordance with the spirit of the “Initiative on Launching the” Warm Project – Caring Community “themed service Activity initiated by the Domestic Lion Association, at the beginning of 2020-2021, the service teams are proposed to carry out the” warm Pcarry是什么意思roject – Caring Cocommunity collegemmunity “themed bi-monthabouttime免费观看ly service activities. And to implement the important spirit of the “Urgent Notiengineering什么意思ce of The Domestic Lions Association on The Strioutragect practice of economy and Frugality” (see Appendix 2), in the servicecarry怎么读 of holding meetings and activities. The details are as follows:

1. Activity time

From July 1 to Auguabout-facest 31, 2020.

Ii. Suggestions on activity conteinitiative是什么意思啊nt

1. It is proposed that all service teams carry out bi-monthly service activities with the theme of “Warmabout怎么读 Project – Caring community”outrage. The activities will focus on the ongoing projects carried out by all scommunity是什么意思英语ervice teamscommunity.

2. It icommunity services proposed that the service teams orgaengineering是什么意思英语nize the changing sesscaring英语ions and activities incarry翻译 their service. Each service team shall strictly impcaringlement the relevant provisions of the “Notice of Domestic Lions Association on Strengthening the Service Team’s Practice of Practicing Ecarry全场conomy and Frugalization” (see Appendix 5) and other documents when holding the changing meetings and activities.

3. Alquality timel service tcommunity怎么读音eams are requested to take epidemic prevention and control measures in strict accordance wiabout怎么读语音th the requirements whcaring是什么意思英语en carrying out service and transition activities.

Third, other

1. The service teams that carry out the bi-monthlythemed翻译 service activity themed “Warm Proquality timeject –carry的过去式过去分词 Caring community” from Juoutlookly to August 2020 and change their terms of service will receive two badges with the theme of “Warm Projecaring是什么意思英语ct” specialltheme动词用法y made by the Serinitiativevice Activity Committee of Toutlook邮箱he Naticommunity英语onal Lions Association to commend the previous and current leaders.

2. All service teams are rcarry是什么意思equested to make a summatheme下载ry after the activity is carried out. The summary mainly includes: numbecommunity colleger of service participants, number of service objects, service funds, relevant experience and experience. Please submit the service activity summary report and publicity document to befcommunity collegeore 2pm on September 1, 2020. District office will bcaring英语e consolidated after the unified report to the domestic lions association.

3. Contact persoquality的各种形式n and contact information: Yang Xin 25688590



Appendix 1- China Lions Association [2020] No. 48 – Urgent Notice of China Lions Association on strictly practicing eengineering翻译conomy and frugality

Annex 2- Notice of China Lion Federation [2019] No. 51 on forwarding the Specific Measures of thinitiative的用法e Leading Party Group of China Disabled Persons’ Federation for Implementing the Spirit of tcaring是什么意思英语he Eight-Point Regulations of the CPC Central Committee

Annex 3- Notice on strengthcaring翻译ening thaboute implementation of the Rectification work to promote econoutputomy and Combat extravagance and waste

Annex 4- Noticequality加ify of domestic Lions Association on strengthening the service team to practicecommunity是什么意思英语 econoqualitymy and frugality

China Lions Association Secretary no. [2020]31 – The initiative of China Lions Association on thcarry全场e theme service activity of “Warm Project – Carcommunity怎么读ing ccommunity英语ommunity”


Shenzhen Lions Club & NBSP;

July 2, 2020

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