The fourth regular meeting of Stamp Club of Lions Club of Shenzhen for 2017-2018 was held successfully

The fourth regular meeting of Stamp Club of Lions Club of Shenzhen for 2017-2018 was held succeclub用英语怎么说ssfully

On June 26th, the fourth regular meeting of The Stamp Club of Shenzheclubsn Lions Club 2017-2018 was hstamp音标emeeting怎么读英语ld in Kevin College, Block A, Fulin Building, Shihua Road, Futian Free Trade Zostamped翻译ne. Tong Xin, chairman of The 2017-2018 Stamp Clions翻译lub of Lifourth造句ons Club of Shenzhen, Zhao Xiuzhong, Sun Xiaowei, Jia Nengguo and more than 20 club members atteclubsnded the meeting. Zhang Ylion是什么意思中文翻译ushan, director general of Shenzhen Luohu Bureau of Domestic Post Group, Zhu Hong, Depustampty director General Liang Xiaoqing, Huang Lixin, municipal philatelic Company and other guests were invited to attend the meeting. Theregular的名词 meeting wlions怎么读as presided over by Zhang Jian.

President Tong Xin sfourth用英语怎么说ummarized the work of the Stamp Club in 2017-2018. This year, the memberregular翻译s of thclube Stamp Club took practical actions to深圳市最新疫情 support the Fund-rstampedaising and auction activities of the Shenzhen Lions New Year charity gala. Desi深圳疫情gned and produced commemo深圳地铁线路图rative envelopes for the third Chinese Lionstampcalendar Festival; Many times to carry out dimeeting是什么中文意思fferent themes of st深证指数amp knowledge training and comfourth是什么意思munication, publicity of stamp culture, consolidate the club members in the philatelic collection of knowledge. Presidfourth的音标ent Tong Xin thanked director Zh深圳大学ang Yushan, Deputy Director Zhu Hong, Liang Xiaoqing, Huang Lixin and ot深证指数her leaders for their support andfourth怎么读 help, and hoped that more lion friends who are interested in stamp collecting could join the club.

At the same time, P深圳地铁线路图resident Tong Xin introduced the organizatmeeting的音标ion structure of the executive Committee of the Stamp Club in 2018-2019, and said th深圳at the New Year would strengmeeting是什么意思then the stumeeting的音标dy and communication of pregularly意思中文翻译hilately with lions from other regions.

Chen Xin reports on the income and expenditure of the stamp Club. Cao Yingwang, Sunmeeting Xiaowei and Chen Xin also spoke afourth的基数词ctivfourth-gradeely and put forward valuable suggestionstamp音标s for the construction and development ofourth用英语怎么说f the philatelic Club.

Mr. Huclubmanang Lixin brought a specmeeting的音标ial stamp leclub翻译cture "The World Cup in inches". Through the explanaticlubmedon of the World Cup stamps, he led everyone to relive the classic moments of the World Cup, which benefited the lion frienlions读音ds a lot.

"Music is contemplativestamp, painting is expansive, sport is uplifting, poetry is imaginativmeetingtencentcome, ameeting怎么读英语nd stamp collec深圳市最新疫情ting is both." This may be the reason why many stamp collectors love stamps so much. Yes, a square inch, a world, sfourthmaclubsll stamps to show the charm of culture. New Year, new journey, looking forward to the stamp club members join hands instamp怎么读 "lion show new momentum share the new lion generation"!

[Text] News Agency Chen Meihong

Photo courtesy of Stamp Club

[Editor] Ma Hmeeting怎么读英语uijuan Lin Yanfen

[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Club Ofclubmedfice

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