Unforgettable Gratitude and Blessings — Letter from Weng Hua, President of Shenzhen Lions Club 2019-2020 to all lion club members

Unforgettable Gratitude and blessings

— Letter from Weng Hua, President of Shenzhen Lions Club 2019-2020 to all lion club members


Dpresident是什么意思中文ear Leo,

In the blink of an eye, my term is about to expirepresident翻译. One yea翁帆前夫的现状r i华为云空间s a fleeting moment in the history of Shenzhen Lions Club, but for me,闻官军收河南河北 it is the most meaninclubman是什么牌子车gful and unforgettable experience of my life, as well as the most prgratitude造句ecious and cherished good time.


Recently, while sorting out tletters的中文意思he work at hand, I have also been sorting out my thoughts. Looking back on these years, I remember the days when I fought for public welfare with lion friends. The pictures, scenes and visions are so clear and unforgettable, which makes me hard to calm down for a long time.

This year, we jointly launched the Belt and Road Initiative and provided free lunch to Afrpresident前面加the吗ican children. “Precise Assistance fgratitude怎么读or the Disabled”, in conjunction with the five Dblessings翻译isabled associations in Shenzhen, pioneered the “Shenshi-Shi Fublessing世界版演唱者sio翁帆前夫的现状n Cup” series of sports games, sharing social civilization achievements for the five disabled friends; For the first time in The country, the “Lion Love Growth Plan cum Lion Love Information Guide Package” was printed for families with mental disabilities to guide them to get information easily and get ou深圳疫情最新动态t of difficulties; “100 teams will be lions”, “president是什么意思accurate assistance for the disabled”, “the most b深圳大学eautiful sanitation workers”, “Save by your side”, diabetes education, “anti-drug propaganda” held in full swing;

This year, in the big test of epidemic prevletter纯音乐ention and control, we fought day and night, went all out, spontaneously organized donations, donated medical supplies, and jointly fought against the epidemic, demopresident前面加the吗nstrating the mission of social organizations…

This year, we strengthened party building to lead the lion’s work, improved organizational governance capacity in an orderpresident什么意思中文翻译ly manner, standardized conferenletterboxce management, concentrated efforts in cultural construction, and social services to a new level. Thaunforgettable前面加a还是annks to the joint ef深圳疫情最新动态forts of all lion friends, Shenzhen Lions Club was again granted the preclub怎么读-tax deduction qualification f华为将和苹果三星谈判or public welfare donation, pepresidentialace poster wunforgettable是什么意思英语on the “International Exblessing世界版cellentunforgettable是什么意思英语 Work Award翁帆前夫照片” for the eighth time, and the “president造句Targeted Assistance for the Disabled” series of acclubmedtivities were awarded as “100 Best Citizen Satisfaction Projepresident怎么读cts” of Shenzhen Care Action. T翁帆前夫的现状he plenary session sgratitude怎么读howeblessing世界版演唱者d a翁帆前夫照片 new atmosphere of vigorous development. With practicclubmed官网预订al actio黄峥辞任拼多多董事长ns and a pure heart of public welfare, we express the brilliant youth of shenzhen Lions Club in its 18th year.

It is rare翁组词 to meet each ot黄峥辞任拼多多董事长her and lucky to know each华为将和苹果三星谈判 other. It is even more of a fgratitude短语搭配ate to practice public welfare together. Our footprints and services have been deeply engraved in our hearts. I can’t thblessings怎么读ank you enough for your support duriclub翻译ng the past year. For the common belief, common pursuit, common cause, w深圳风险等级e always tblessings怎么读hought in harmony, action together, shouldblessings翻译er re深圳大学sponsibilities, bear pressure, hand in hand forward, give me the greatest understanding and help; To experience the wind and rain, to see the rainbow, to share the joy, to harclubmedvest the fruits, gives me the greatestgratitude的用法 trustunforgettable前面用a还是an and strength. With service, harmony, let us嗡组词 becoblessings怎么读me very good friends, very good bropresident和chairman区别thers and sisters. On the oc深圳天气casion of my retirement, I would like to express my special thanks to the Domestclub翻译ic Lions Assletter怎么读ociation, the Municipal Disabled Persons’ Federation, the Civil Affai深证指数rs Bureau, the Municipal Social Organization Administration bur闻官军收河南河北eau and other relevant departments for their care and guidance. Thanks to the counciletterheadl, specialized agencies, service teams and lion friends for their sup黄金召唤师port; Thanks to the board of Supervisors for their serious responsibility and escort; I would like to thank all the past presidgratitude造句ents for their dedication to shenzhen Lions Club. It is your spresident前面加the吗upport and trust that gives me the honor to create and witness the development and changes of Shenzhen Lions Club together with all of you. Thank you very much!  


Today’s leader, tomorrow’s follower. Afgratitude和grateful的区别ter leaving office, I will continue tunforgettable的意思o be a good follo翁美玲wer and assist the new council tblessing世界版o do a good job igratitude造句n various lion work. I hope that under the leadletterboxershipunforgettable的意思 of President Lu Zhiqiang,unforgettable是什么意思英语 Lio深圳大学ns Club shenzhen will take responsibility, do good deeds, innovate, forge ahead, make steadyclub翻译 progress, and jointly promote the domestic public welfare and pletter英语怎么读hilantgratitude造句hropy to a new level.

Finally, I sincerely wish the shenzhen Lions Club a better tomorrow, and I sincerely wish all the lion friends, in the new lion road jouclubmedrney, harvest touched, harvest happiness, harvest good ha黄峥辞任拼多多董事长rvest, wiletter英语怎么读sh you lion prosperity, smooth sailing!weng

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President: Weng Huaclub是什么意思

30 June 2020


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