The Lion spirit in ordinary service — Lin Tao, president of Shenzhen Lions Club

The Lion spirit in ordinary service — Lin Tao, president of Shenzhen Lions Club

Lions club in shenzhen, I worked as a Pres深证指数ident of this year, though not I led the 2president和chairman区别008 wenchuan earthquake brought by the launchlion复数 aid mianzhu shed flower ShiZi Village deepordinary是什么牌子的护肤品-roo深证指数ted touched, but in a flspirit翻译at a陶瓷刀的危害nd a busy year, but felt another kind of power, that is 4700 lions in the process of community service, such as the sea calm, be latent bo deep. Like thelion复数 sea surface calm and small waves, no rough w深圳地铁线路图aves, but can not cover up the deep ocean accumulated for a long time of tension.

First, touching in service happens every day

Kindergarten is a normal learning process for every healthy child, but for Rui Rui, it wordinaryas hard-won. Rui Rui is a child with cer淘手游ebral palsy, his mother took him to find a lot of kindergartens, were politely rejected, that “very school” is tpresident怎么读he Shenzhen Lions club for children with cerebral palsy early rehabilitation treatmservice是什么故障灯ent project, Rui Rui mother holding a try to come to class here. At first, Rui rui appeared to be very introverted, silent and unwilling to socialize with others. After a yelionkkar of scientific intervention by a very academic teacher, Larry began to be sociable, coopspiritfarer攻略erative, polite anserviced expressive. He not only learned more than 20 children’s songs, tang poetry, more than 10 songs, finger exerlionkkcises more than 10 kinds, but also can recognize more than 100 Chinese characters.

At present, Rui Rui is already a primary school student, and he ofteservice怎么读n returns to the sservice和serve的区别pecial school to encourage other children to follow his example.

In fact, this touching scene happened in shenzhen Very school is just a commonlion是什么意思 silhouette of many service projects of Shenzhen Lions Club.

Second, based on serving the community,lion复数 inheritance and innovation simultaneously

Since July 2015, Shenzhen Lions club has not only inherited the excellent serviceordinary烟酰胺 projects i深圳天气n the past, but also created new projectsspiritfarer攻略 for this year.

This year, we carried out community service return visits, totaling more than 100; Carried out a big return visit to the North Line, visited Tsinghua University, Such as Tsinghua Lixue Jin; We carried out a big return visit to the southern route, and palion是什么意思id a return visit to the education and disability programs in various communitiespirituals in Shenzhen. We paid a return vordinary是什么牌子的护肤品isit to the western route, including林北林天策 the post-wenchuan earthquake aid pr凌天战尊oject in Sichuan province, Lion Village in Mianzhupeng, and three Lion primary schools and Lion Village in Hongya County for the pos林俊杰t-Ya ‘an earthquake aid projlions翻译ect. We distributed sympathy money淘手游 to severely disablpresidential是什么意思ed and poverty-stservice的名词ricken families, excellent teachers and poor students.

In addition, according to the needs of the community, we have also innovated the “Wing Spread Plan” series of services and held the first “Huashi Festival” and other activities.

The inheritance and innovation of various services have realized the service plion是什么意思中文翻译lan of “one visservice是什么故障灯it, one section, one wing, one battalion, three Districts linkage” jlions英语怎么读ointly formulated by me and the board team at the beginning of m陶渊明y term as president. Based on the annual cultural values of “growth, Innovation and inheritance”, centering on the annual theme goal of “Walking wservicebioith dreams”, it is realized in the ordinarlion是什么意思y, intense and substantial service process.

Three, accumulate deep power in ordinary service

Looking back on the year when I served as president, lion friends have accumul逃跑吧少年ated little by little and enriched their silent services, just like the sea, which is silent and not shocked, but has the mind andordinary翻译 energy to accommodaspirit翻译te all rivers.lions翻译 This is exactly the lion spirit advocated by lions International for one hundred yearlions读音s: to accumulionslate profound strength from ordinary service.

In the coming centennial celebration of Lions Club Intservice的名词ernational, we will be more aware of the idea of carrying the spirit of lions in ordinary service, which is not only the gene of lions club to lasordinary翻译t for 100 years, but also th深圳疫情最新动态e guide of Lions Club to serve for the next 100 years.

My term as president is about to graduate, but I have just begun my new lion road in the challenges of the new century. I hope that together with our shenzhen lion陶渊明s club and the global lions club, we can make lions Club our selions英语怎么读cond home and realize our growth inservice和serve的区别 the process of helping others.

Theservice的名词 Lions Club of Shenzpresident怎么读hen

[Responsible Editor] : Fan Chunmei, Jiang Yi

This article is reprinted from the wechat publservice和serve的区别ic platfservice的名词orm of The National Lions Association.

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