Notice of shenzhen Lions Club 2015-2016 Tribute and 2016-2017 Inaugural Ceremony

Notice of shenzhen Lions Club 2015-2016 Tribute and 2016-2017 Inaugural Ceremony

Dear Lion friend,

We will be waiting for you at 3:00 p.m. on Monday, August 1, 2016. The ceremony will belions的音标 held at the 5th Hall of Shnotice翻译enzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. The ceremony will be held at the 5th Hall of Shenzhenotice翻译n Coclub翻译nvention and Exhibition Center. The ceremony wilclubmed官网预订l be hellions是什么意思d at t深圳市最新疫情he 5th Hall of Shenzhen Convenclub怎么读tion and Exhibition Center. This evening pa深圳天气rty will be attended by 1000 lion friends and caring people from all over the counttribute怎么读ry and Shenzhen. It will be grand and magnificent. You are spenotice翻译cially invited. This notice mainly includes the followilion是什么意思中文翻译ng six aspects:

First, abouttribute the party botribute词根词缀oking

Second, about the collection of party funding sponsors深圳风险等级hip and advertising

Third, about the colclubslection of party sponsorship, gifts

Four, about the booth relionsgatental party

Five, about the collectioinaugural address翻译n of party programs

Vi. Accounts and financial contacts of Shenzhen Lions Clubinaugural address

The details are atribute词根词缀s follows:

First, about the party booking

Party time: August 1st PM (Moinaugural address翻译中英对照nday, 3pm welcoclub翻译me, 5pm start)

Venue: Hall 5, Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center

Content of the eveningnotice的形容词 party: Commendation oinaugural address课文pptf 201inaugural是什么意思5-2016 outstanding Lion Friends and service tnotice的固定搭配eam, 2015-2016 tribute meeting, 2016-2017 inaugural ceremonylions翻译中文 of president and Colionsgateuncil, Supervisory Board andnotice是什么意思 committeshenzhene, joint transition ceremony of service team, establishment of new service team, etc.

Party clions读音ost:inaugural address翻译 380 yuan/person, 10 people around the table. Reservation isinaugural是什么意思 subject to arrival, first order, first served, until full. At present, shenzhen Lions club has 4800 members, only 900, please hurry up.

Booking fee can be transferred or wechat pay (shenshi online)attribute.

Second, about the collection of party funding sponsorshnotice翻译ip and advernoticedtising

In olionsrder to hold this party well, and provide a platform for lion friends and lion friends enterprises to dispnotice的形容词lay, we propose all lion friends to provide sponsorship for the party. The sponsorship scheme is as follows:

1. Cotribute结尾的单词ngratulatory advertisement of party special issue: Ordinary congratulatnoticeableory editiclubmanolions怎么读n or advertisement 2000 yuan/page, cover 2 and back cover each 10000 yuan/page, cover 3 8000 yuan/page.

2. The party will be sponsored with RMB 5tributes,000 in cash alions英语怎么读nd one page of special issnotice用法ue advertisement, which can be bagged and advertised on the big screen.

3. One page of special issueinaugural address翻译中英对照 advertisement can be made for the gift worth more than 8000 YUAN.

Size of advertisemeretributent page of special issue: Alion是什么意思4 (all lion friends and units shouldnotice的固定搭配 provide desinoticedgn manuscript source documtribute是什么意思ents by themselves).

Advertising content: companclub用英语怎么说y advertising show lion friends enterclubmed官网预订prise style; Congratulnotice的固定搭配ati深圳地铁线路图ons to the outgoing lion friend to expreclub是什么酒ss respect, to the inauguration lion friendlions读音 to express congratulations.

If you are interested in sponsoring the special iclub是什么酒ssue, please send your information to by July 15.

Cnotice过去式ontact personlions翻译中文: Office Lin Yanfen 25688195.

Sponsored funds can be transferred or wechat pay (Shenshi Online)

Iii. The collection ofclub sponsorship and gifts

In order to hold this party well, anattributed provide a platform for lion frielions是什么意思nds and lion friends enterprises to display, we are now collecting lnotice用法ion friends’ products as gifts, snacks, baggtributesing gifts, environmentalclub翻译 bags anlions翻译d so on. This is a good opportunity for lion friends to give back, appreciate and motivate themselves.retribute No matter the value of thtribute结尾的单词e sponsored goods or the amount of money, it is your selfless de深圳市最新疫情dication and participation. Sponsor party gift value 8000 yuan above, can make snoticeablepecial issue advertisement one page.

Deadline: July 15th. Contact:notice过去式 Office Lin Wenjie 25688570.

Fonotice作文ur, about the booth rental party

On the day of the party, there is a booth for rentclub. The booth fee is 5000 YUAN, which can be used for bagged advetribute词根rtising or 1-pageinaugural address翻译中英对照 special advertising. Booth rental can not only promote liontribute翻译 friends enterprises, but also support the party.

Booth reservation deadline:notice作文 July 15, the number of booths is limitinauguraladdress课件ppted, while the rental is finished.

Contact: Oclub用英语怎么说ffice Lin Wen深圳市最新疫情jie 25688570.

Rent can be transfeinaugural address课文pptrred or wechat pclubmanay (Shenshi Online)

Five, about the collection of party programs

Thetributes party is now soliciting performancenotice的形容词s from all servinotice翻译ce teams and lion friends. The program requirements are深圳风险等级 as follows:

1. The content is healthy, plions怎么读ositive, atmospheric and innovative;

2. The requirement is group perfoclub是什么意思rmance, which can be registered bytribute词根词缀 one team or jointly organized by multiple teams.

The pnotice的形容词arty group will conduct preliminary examina深证指数tionclub是什么酒 acnotice作文cording to the application situlions怎么读atiolions翻译中文n, and report to the organizing committe深圳大学e forclubman record and inform the program leader after patribute翻译ssing the examination. Deadline for registration: July 17th.

Contact: Wu Jilions怎么读an Shi Brother 13802573585.

Vi. Accounts and financial conlions翻译tacts of Shenzhen Lions Club

Please specify the purpose of the payment inclubmed the ponoticeablestscript when transferring or wechat pay (shenshi Online).

1. Account name: Shenzhen Lions Club;

Bank: Shanghai Pudo深圳ng Development Bank, Shennan Middle Road Sub-bratributesnch;

Account number: 7913 0155
2600, 0017, 8.

2. Wechat Pay: Add “Shenshi Online”.

Financial contact: Guo Lizhi 25688189, Zhou Xiuyuan 25688190

Shenzhen Lions Club

Lin Tao, president of the Year 2015-2016

Shi Jialions的音标nyontribute翻译g, chairman of the Board for 2016-2017

Yu Qianclub是什么意思, President and First Vice Pnoticeresident of the Conference

Executive Chairmen tong Xin, Luo Jinsong, Wu Jian

July 4, 2016

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