Invitation letter of Shenzhen Lions Club 2012 New Year Charity Gala

We are together
                         newspaper &nbyearningsp;   &深圳nbsp;   &nbsinvitationp;          charity是什么意思                     &nbclub用英语怎么说sp;                 &nbletterheadsp;    深圳       — — Shenzhen Lions Club 2012 New Year charity Gala

Invite & hainvitation什么意思ve spent   Please & have spent   letter

Deinvitation音标ar Lion friend,

            On the occasion of leaving out thletter翻译e old year and welcoming in the new, the Slionsgatehenzhen Lions Club will be held at 17:00 on December 18th, 2011 (Sunday) at shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. We are together. &mdascharity翻译h; Shenzhenlions翻译 Lions Club 2012charity是什么意思 New Year Charity Gala & RDQUO; , the details are as follows:

&nclubman是什么牌子车bsp;           A, & have spent     Between:Sundayinvitation动词, December 18, 2011 PM (16:00 welcome, 17:00 start timeyearn)
  &nbslionsp;         Second, the land & have spent     Points: Hall 5, Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center (junctionyear翻译 of Binhe Avenue and Yitian Road, Futian District, Shenzhen)
     yearbook       Iii. Participants: Leaders of China Disabled Persons’ Federatiocharity-mindedn, China Lions Association, Shenzhen Municipal Pa深圳rty Committlions音标ee, Shenzhen municipal government, Shenzheclub翻译n Civil Affclubman是什么牌子车airs Bureau, Shenzhen Disabled Persons’ Federation and other relevant units, lion friends o深圳疫情f Shenzhyear造句en Lions Club and representatives ofletter怎么读 lion frinvitationiends of lions clubs in various places
      &nyear函数bsp;      Iv. Parclub用英语怎么说ty Contents:Recognition, auction, raffle, performancletter纯音乐e
            Five, the clothing & have spent     Loading:Men in formal dress or darinvitation是什么意思中文k suit, women in evening dress
    &nyearningbsp;        Vi. Related Expenses:RMB 380 / person
            Vii. Booking Method:Ten persons per group, reservatiocharity-mindedn subject to receipt of paymenclub用英语怎么说t, can pay cash or credit card directly to shenzcharity是什么意思hen Lions Club office, or transfer; After transfer, please send the bank recclub翻译eipt to: 25688900. Contalionsct person: Mislions读音s Hou 25688550.
Viii. Pledgingyearbook anyearcon是什么牌子的d Sponsorshiinvitation的用法p Initiatives:

        &nblion是什么意思sp;   In oinvitationrder to succinvitation的用法essfully hold this large-scale actlions音标ivity and provide a platform for lcharity的内涵意义ion friends to display, we hereby propose to all lion friends to pinvitation什么意思rovide sponsorship for the party, as follows:
            1.   To lion friends enterprises aclubsnd social eninvitation怎么读语音thusiastic public welfarcharity的内涵意义e enterclub是什么酒prises and institutions to collect undertaker and co-organizer units. One organizer, starting at RMB 500,000, can enjoynewly the naming rights of the party. Multiple co-organizers, starting at RMB 50,000. Sponsors and co-organizelions翻译中文rs can broadcast corporate advertisements on theyear翻译 big screen of the venue, place billboards and product displays outside thecharity宽容的爱 venue, and donate the money to Shenzhen Lions Club Service Fund, f深圳大学orletter纯音乐 the serviceclub用英语怎么说 projects of Shenzhen Lions Club or for the charitable and public welfare pr深圳疫情最新消息ojects designated by donors. Donation receipt can be iss深证指数ued to Lions club of Shenzhen, which can be used for tax deduction. Contact person: Yu Qian, mobileyearcon是什么牌子的: 13902921000.
&ninvitation音标bsp;           2.   Donate products of lion friends enterprises as gifts and prizes for the party to promoletterboxte lion friends and lion friends enterprises;new是什么意思 The name of the giftlions英语怎么读 sponsor or sponsor will be published in the gala’s special issue. Contact person: Zhou Ting, Mobilinvitationcode=nulle: 13510205106.
      &nlions是什么意思bsp;     3.   We will collect the auction items of high value from the enthyear怎么读usiastic lion friends. the auction items that are not soyear是什么意思ld will be returned to their origiinvitation是什么意思中文nal owners. The donor’s name will benew balance published in a special issue of the eveningletter纸张尺寸大小. Contact person: Wu Zewe深圳市最新疫情i, mobile: 13902946560.
&nbclub是什么酒sp; &nlion是什么意思bsp;         4.   Actively contribute to the Hua Shi Award and the Mervyn Bell Award. Huasheng Award pledges can receive huasheng medal, medal and a special commemorative badge of huasheng Award pledges. At the reception desk, there will be a pledclubman是什么牌子车ge honor list and an honor belt, and the photos of the pledges will be shown on the big screen. Huclubmanashi Award RMB 5000 / piece, Andnew的反义词 Maowen Bell Award RMB 6500 / piece. Cclubontact person: L深圳风险等级in Ziyu, tel: 13923713601.
          &nbspclubmed官网预订;   5.   The party’s special issue will include the party’s agenda, the list of donatiolions音标ns for Chinese lion award and Mervyn Bell Award, auction materials, gifts and prize sponsorship information, etc. Welcome to advertise the special issue. Advertisemeninvitation怎么读语音t of special issue: 2000 yua深证指数n/page, back cover olionsf two covers 20,000 yuan/page, back cover of 35 thousand yuan/page. Please send the advertisement content to
szlions_pubcharity和love区别@163.comContact person: Leng Menghui 25688570
            6lions怎么读.   We welcome talented lion friends to sposhenzhennsor high quality entertainment program. Contact: Yang Shuang, tel: 1382yearbook3698001.
            7.   Account number: 010900040011412; Account name: Shenzhen Lions Club; Bank name: Renmin Northcharity的内涵意义 Road Sub-charitybranch ocharityf AGRICULTURAL Bank of China

             Deadline for registration and donation: November 30th.

            This is a great opplionsgateortunity for lions to give back, apprecinewspaperate and motivate themselves. No matter the value of the sponsored goods, the amount of money, is your selfless dedication and pacharity怎么读rticipation. We will publicicharity是什么意思ze the spons深圳疫情最新动态orship information on the website of Shenzhen Lions Club in time, publish it in the special magazine of the party, and also broadcast it on tnew是什么意思英语he big screen at the party.

&nblions英语怎么说sp;           With your participation and support, the evening will be more wonderful!

              Sincerely look forward to your visit!

            Besclubst wishes
Lion luck!  

Shenzhen Lio深圳疫情最新动态ns Club 2011-2012
Total & have spent     Supervisor: Brother Zheng Degang shi
First Deputy Governoinvitation翻译r, Cinvitation翻译hairman: Brother Su Zeran shi
Executive Chairman: Brother Xu Wenxiong
Week & have spent D. the lion elder sister
Xiaolion是什么意思 Dejun brother Lion
November 8, 2011

          &news可数吗nbsp;            &charity翻译nbsp;               &nbsp深圳天气;         &nclubsbsp; &year翻译nbsp; &nb深圳风险等级sp;                                                 &clubnbsp;                   &nlions英语怎么读bsp;   &invitationcode=nullnbsp;                 &ninvitation怎么读语音bsp;       &nclub怎么读bsp;charity音标     &nbsinvitation怎么读语音p; &nyear造句bsp;               &nclub用英语怎么说bsp;             &charity和love区别nbsp;     &n深圳天气bsp;                   &nletterbsp;       &ninvitationbsp;        letter纸张尺寸大小                                                   &n深圳天气bsp;  invitation怎么读语音     &ncharity宽容的爱bsp;         &nbsclub是什么意思p;   &ncharity的动词bsp;          

Back & have spent           Of board

            The Service Tclub是什么意思eam (               charity和love区别       There wicharity宽容的爱llinvitations be a & have spent)&深圳市最新疫情nbsp;         &nblions怎么读sp;        The evenew是什么意思英语nt will be held at 17:00 on December 18, 2011 (Sunday) at the No.5 Hall of Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. We are together.lions音标 — Shenzhen Lions Club 2012 New Year Charity Gala & RDQyear造句UO; , please reserve your seat.news可数吗
    &nbsyear函数p;     &nbsinvitationp;           letter翻译       &ncharity和love区别bsp;         &nbyearlysp; Service or  &n深圳风险等级bsp; &nbspnew是什么意思;  club怎么读         &nbletterboxsp;       &nbclubssp;      (Lion friends or units) would like to provide the following sponsorship for the partnew是什么意思英语y:
      &n深圳疫情最新消息bsp;   &nbs深圳地铁线路图p; □1. Sponsor: more than 500,000 yuan. Co-organizer: sponsor more than 50,000 yuan.
&lettersnbsp;           □2. Advertisement of special ischarity是什么意思sue: 2000 yuanyear怎么读/page, back cover of two covers 20,000 yuan/page, back cover of 35 thousaninvitation怎么读语音d yuan/pinvitation的用法age.
            □3. Sponsor 5000 yuan focharity的动词r thletter翻译e party (one page of special issu深圳e advertisement, bagging advertisementlions读音, propaganda on website and big sc深圳疫情最新消息reen).
            For the party sponsclub用英语怎么说ored gifts worth more than 8000 yuan,invitation can be packaged advertising, special issue advertising page)
            □5. Huashi Award:                          One (5000 yuan/piece), Mervyn Bell Award       charity怎么读           Each (6500 yuan/piece).

    &club怎么读nbsp;                                                       &nnewspaperbsp;         &letter纯音乐nbsp;                club     Sign & have spentcharity Name: clubmed                     &charity形容词nbsp;                    &nbsplions;           &nb深圳疫情最新消息spcharity和love区别;  
               invitation动词                   &nbslions音标p;                                         &深圳疫情最新动态nbsp;     &nlions翻译bsp;new是什么意思         Day & have spent Timcharity形容词e:        &nyear是什么意思bsp;     &nbletter怎么读sp; &nbslions音标p; &nbspnew是什么意思;   &nbspnewspaper;                  &nlions翻译中文bsyearlyp;         &nyearnbsp;     &nyear怎么读bsp;

  Please fainvitation的用法x the receipt to shenzhen Lions Club office before November 30. Transmission & have spent True: 25688900 & have spcharity宽容的爱ent Cyearbookontact person: Mr. Zhang 25688960&NBsp; Miss hou 25688550 & have spenletterheadt      


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