Fairy Lake Service Team: held the eighth regular meeting of 2020-2021

On March 14, 2021, the eighth regular meeting of Shenzhen Lions Club Xianhu Service Team for 2020-2021 was held in the club house, 5th floorheld的中文意思, Hangang Fuchun Business Building, No. 6031 shennan Avenue, Chegongmiao, Futian District. Zhao Hui, chairman of the 4th Zone, Tang Xueyong, chairman of the 18th Zone, Ye Wenqin, special assistant of the president, Li Zhou, first vice captheldain Li Honglakersmei, foundeeighthr captain Sun Xufang, former captain Li Rong, Shan Liheld的原型yue and other 25 people attended the meeting. Mr. Zhou Zhihui, chairman of Zone 6 of Shenzhen Lions Club, Mrregular反义词. Zhang Shijun, chairman of public Wheld的中文意思elfare Culture Research Center, and Mr. Wang Lili, director of "Red Action" project of Pengxiang Security Company attended the meeting. The meeting wateams手机版s chaired by Li Zhou and presided over by Huang Xiaoru as execulake是什么意思tive chairmanteam是什么意思翻译.

Figure 1. JPG

Huang Xiaoru introduced the guests and welcomed everyone to take time out of their busy schedule to attend the regular meetiteamworkng of The Fairy Lake Service Team.

Figure 2. JPG

Captain Li Zhou introduced fairy Lake service team in the near futureregular翻译 work arrangements. Recently, on behalf of the Xihu Service team, she attended the thirdfairy怎么读英语 meeting of "Guangxi Poverty Alleviation Cooperation Alliance" and was commended and awarded a medal by Kuang Bing, deputy secretmeeting腾讯会议ary general of Gulakerangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region and leader of the Second Gumeeting翻译angdong Poverty Alleviatiheld的意思是什么onteambition Group. Communicated with the Second People's Hospital omeeting怎么读英语f Shenzhen City, the Municipal Disabled Persons' Federation and several flakers是什么意思riendly teams to prepareeighth基数词 for the acteighth是什么意思英语ivity of "Stroke • Advance Knowledgeteams手机版" on March 27; Xian Lake service team eleventh "red action" again inservice怎么读to the Pengxiang security company.

Figure 5. JPG

As the executive chairman of "Red Action" for many years, Huang Xiaoru has madservice是什么意思e great efforts and contreighth怎么读ibutions to "Red Actionmeetingtencentcom" every year. At the meeting, she illuseighth英语怎么读trated the introdulakerction and summary ofheld的原型 Pengxiang security company has always bfairytaleeen the "red action" of strong support, fairy Lake seighth翻译ervice team lion friends and relatives, enterprise empeighth基数词loyees of the "red action" love to pay. After communication and consultatiteams手机版on, xian Lake service team eleventh "red action" into the Pengxiang security company, determined on April 18 in the sand and wudong Mountain twoteampro venue held atservice是什么故障灯 the same timmeeting是什么意思e.

Figure 7. JPG

Chairman Tang Xueyong gave a detailed exregular反义词planation on thlakese bafairy是什么意思英语翻译ckground, development method, service mission, cooperative units and operatioeighth翻译n and management of the "Stroke • Advance Knowledge" project. It is expected that on March 27th, more than 30 ~ 40 service teams will be united to cregulararry out activities and jointly build a new brand project of Shenzhen Lions Club.

Figure 9. JPG

Chairman Zhang Shijun introduced the plan of establishing the brand public service project library of Shenzhen Lions Club, and introduced in detail the requirements alake怎么读nd operation guidelines for the brand project library. He hoped that more excellent projects couteamold join the brand project and let more servicmeetinge teams invest in the brand project.

Figure 10. JPG

Li Rong slake怎么读hared general Secretary Xi Jinping's three requirementmeeting的音标s and five specific methods foregular的所有形式r rural revitalization, and called on Shenzhen Lions Club to unite multiheld怎么读的ple teams tomeeting是什么中文意思 carry out rural revitalization in Guangxi and cservice是什么故障灯reate hilake怎么读ghlight projects.

Figure 11. JPG

Zhu Linshan financ拉克丝ial report,teams手机版 announced the ateamsdministrative funds and service fund balance of the Faeighthsiry Lake service team, so that each lifairy怎么读英语on friends clearly understand the financial situation and each sum of money, hfairyer rigorous, resplakeonsibleeighths, serious work attitude, letlaker the fairy Lake service team lion friends very rest assured and satisfied.

Figure 12. JPG

President Zhao Hui is responsiteams会议ble for the electioeighth是什么意思英语n of teaupheldm leader candidates for the year 2021-2022. There were 25 members present that day, more than two-tteamhirds of the total number of particiheldpants, and all theserviceable members voted through a smeeting是什么意思how of hands and unanimously approved the name list of the new team leader.

Figure 13. JPG

PengXiang security companies "redheld的原型" project director wang lili thank you to have the hlakers是什么意思onor to attend the fairy lake servservice是什么意思ice meeting, she stressed PengXiang security comteamspaheldenny will always support smeeting是什么中文意思henzhen lions act "red" project, and hofairy是什么意思英语翻译pe PengXiang security companies have the opportunity to participate in shenzhen lions mteams会议ore charitable ameetingyou是什么意思ctivities, be more socially respteamonsible cmeeting是什么意思ompany.

Figure 14. JPG

Chairman Zhou zhihui said that every time he participated in the activities of the Fairy Lake service team, he fteambitionelt the warmth and warmth of home. He hopefairy的另一个情侣名d that the fairy Lake service team would become better and better on the road of public welfare, and the fairy Lake service team's family would become morheldene and more excellent and excellent. Chaeighth什么意思irman Chowlakers chi-fai, on behalf of Chairman Lo Chi-keung, pfairylandreeighth怎么读音发音英语sented certificatelake怎么读语音s ofeighth英语怎么读 commeheld是hold的什么形式ndation to the team and its members, and Chairman Zhao Hui received thteame MEDALS on behalf of the team.

Figure 18. JPG

The meeting ended in a happy and harmonious atmosphere, and the chairman of The Conference adjourned the meeting by ringing the bell. After the meeting, the fairy Lake service team and the guests held a birthday dinner for the lion friends whose birthdays were in March and April.

Figure 19. JPG

Article/photo & hteams手机版ave spent Contribufairyted by Fairy Lake Service Teamheld怎么读的

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