Shenzhen Lions Club executive director and office work meeting held smoothly

On July 22, 2020, the executive director team of Shenzhen Lions Club for 2020-2021 visited the offupheldice, held a working meeting with the staff of the office, anoffice办公软件d put forward constructive opinions anddirector suggestions on the worklion是什么意思中文翻译 of the office. Shlionsgateenzhen lions club Pdirector是什么职位resident zhi-qiang lu, second deputy Peng Daojian President and t深圳天气he secretary-general Lai Zhuondirectori, long fioffice365nancimeeting是什么意思中文翻译al NieXiangDong, deaclub用英语怎么说n of general affair Deng Yi, loclubmedng picket zhang jian, deputy secretary-general Cai Min, deputy secretary-general Fang Shilei, and offic深圳e director-genwork是什么意思eral Ma Huijuan, deputy director-general Su Zhoffice是什么意思uang bin, director of finance xiu-mei wang and other office staff to attend the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Rajeni.


First of a深圳疫情最新动态ll, all slions读音taff in the office introduce theiclub是什么意思r job responsibilities one by onlions翻译e. Director Ma Huijuan, Deputy Director Su Zhudirectoryangbin and Financial Director Wang Xiumei深证指数 shared their work speech and annual plan respectively. They expressed their gratitude for the leexecutive怎么记忆adership of the public welfare s深圳疫情最新动态pirit of Shenzhen Lions Club, admired the leadership of lions for their grworkouteat love and dedication, and thanked colleagues fodirector翻译r their tacit cooperation in work.

Secretary General Lai Joni would like to express her sincere thanks to the executive Direcdirector是什么职位tor team for coming to gclub是什么酒uide the work of the office深圳市最新疫情. She introlionsgateduced the work of the office in detail, briefeheldend the office's job responsibilities, internal management, management structure, staff post responsibilities, etc., narrated the party building procheld是hold的什么形式ess of Shenzhen Lions Clubheld, and focused on the processwork of meeclub是什么酒ting affairs, service, publicity, finance and other work. Secretary General Lai Zwork翻译huoni said that she would lead the staff of the office, always adhering to the sense of service, responsibility and overall situation, strictly implement the annual work of shenzhen Lions Club, and eclubsffectively build theupheld office intworkso the supexecutive翻译port cen深圳风险等级ter of lion friends service.

Peng Daojian, NieXiangDong, Deng Yi, zhang jian, Cai Min, Fang Shilei leadership lion friends have office in order to strengthen team constheld怎么读的ruction, improve thclub翻译e office management such as express their own points of view, recogni深圳疫情ze the importance of off深证指数ice work and office staff's hard work, advice work innovation thought and method, through the staff training and performeeting翻译mance appraisal way, Further improve team work efficiency and cohoffice怎么激活esion.

Lu Zhiqiang, President of Shenzhen Lions Club, affirmed the important role of the office in the sustainable and healthy development of shenzhen Lions Club. It will invite lion Frioffice办公软件ends to provide professionalhelden skills training for the staff of the office to promote thedirector professional quality of the staff of the office; The staff of the office are dedicated, diligent and深圳疫情 resheld是hold的什么形式ponsible. They think a lot about their work, learn and understand deeply, provide support and assistanmeetingtencentcomce to the lion friends who lexecutive纸张大小是多少ove their work, and jointly promote the healthy development of Sclubmed官网预订henzhen Lions Club.

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[Edit] Ma Huijuan

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[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Clulions翻译中文b Office

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