Notice | about shenzhen lions in 2019-2020 honor for publication of the list

According to the "Shenzhen Lions Club 2019-2020 Honor Recognition Program" approved by the sixth Board of Shenzhen Lions Club 2019-2020, the list of honor Recognition (see the appendix for details) is published in combination withpublications是什么意思 the application l深圳天气ist of each service team, the data of each service team and lion friends' ahonorablennual lion worklisten翻译.

If you have any objection during the publicity period, please feedback in written form to Shenzhen Lions Club within 5 days from tlisten1手机版下载he publicity date (to August 1) (please indicabout-faceate the mailing address anlion是什么意思中文翻译d contact information), provide relevant supporting materials, and sign your real name on the materials (the name cannot be printed). Shenzhen Lions club will klisten的过去式eep the identity of the objectors and the informlisten的过去式ation reported confidential. In order to ensure the objective, fainotice同义词r深圳 and equitable handling of objections and protect the legitimate rights and interests of theshenzhen service teamabout and indlions翻译中文ividuals,listened怎么读 shenzhen Lpublicationions Club will not accept any objection submitted anonymlisten的过去式ously.

Address: D1308, Luosha Jing Huaqing Garden, Luohu District, Shenzhen, Contact: Su Zhuangbin, 15915444117.


Shenzhen Lions Club 2019-2020 List of Honors and Commendations

(Public Release)


A, & have spent "The Power of Harmony" Outstanding Service Project Inheritanchonor30e Award

The moshonorablet beautiful sanita深圳tion worker

570 Warm Project
  &about是介词吗nbsplist背单词;   Diabetes Advocacy
    "Ruilin Ophthahonor手机是华为吗lmic Clinical Assistance" project

The sunlight person of outstanding ability

Care for poor children

Red action

Schopublication翻译ol vlist翻译ehonor30ry much

Peace poliststers

"Red Lion Clothing Disabled Station"

"Lovlisten的现在分词e the Earth, Breathe deeply" environmental protection project

"Care for returned Overseas Chinese, Sympathy and Warmth" activities for the elderly

Caring for war veterans

Happiness Scholarship

Supporting orphans in Yushu, Qinghai province

Zhuhai children's Welfare home chilpublication翻译dren's Day

Mid-Autumn Festiv深圳风险等级al condolence sha Tau Kok Diabout后面动词什么形式sabled station

Music accompanilisten翻译es caring for autistic children

Public Welfare Walk on Campus (Caring for Young People with low vision)

Xinhuinotice作文 guan Chhonor手机ong village to help neabouttime免费观看edy students

Fairy Lake Guizhou aid travellist啥意思

Five Chinese studhonor手机ent

Wuabout是介词吗kong T深圳地铁线路图ai 'annotice翻译 Lion primary school aid

Shenzhen Prison "Ligabouttime免费观看ht up" project

Sichuan Tongjiang Educatlist背单词ion Service Project

The lion walked the long March

Business Knowledge Union Service team Guangxi Dahua Education Bank

Leaboutcg网站t love sound

Bright eyes action

Wutolist啥意思ng Mountain elderlions怎么读ly and disabled activities

Leizabout怎么读hou education activities

Jinggangshan Shenzhen Zhon深圳大学gtai Lai hope service sclion是什么意思hool student activities

Xiangxi student

Drug control mission

Spring multi-media electronic classroom scielions翻译中文nce and technology assistance program

Caring sanitation worker project

We all grow old and we all respect our elders

Audlisten翻译io-visual classroom

The Treasure hunt of the Universiade

Spring Breeze Library

Larks program for hearihonor30ngpublication翻译-impaired Children

"Bright Heart" educational activities

"Little hanpublication翻译ds holding little ha深圳疫情最新动态nds, Reading The Same Book" series of public welfare education programs
        Caring for seri深圳市最新疫情ously ill and disabled t深圳大学raffabout是什么意思ic police auxiliary police and iron riding police
      Shonorededa Plateau Education trip


Second, & have spent "Thlions英语怎么读e Power of Harmony" Innovation Award of Excellent Service Project

The lion love poshonor是什么牌子手机t

The team will lion

Drug control mission

Help is at your side

Hellions是什么意思p fnoticeriennotice翻译dly community: Enter Baoyuan Communlionsgateity

The first "Shenshi Fusion" Cup Sports meeting

Blue Action Project

Northeast Chicken west education trip

Daliang Mountain "Eagle Prograhonor9xm Young Lion Class"

"Heart sunshine dream flying" Jiangxi Xinfeng student travel alist啥意思ctivity

Pen and ink chun
&lions翻译中文nbsp;       "Lionlions是什么意思 Loves Shonor翻译unshinabouttime免费观看e Dream Green" pabout后面动词什么形式ublic welfare football education and disability assistance projectnoticed


Three, & have spent Outstandpublicationing Committee Award for the Force of Harlion是什么意思mony

International Lions Fund Committee

Shenzhen Lions Cllions怎么读ub Foundhonor什么意思ation Committee

China Lion Fund Shenzhen Committhonor怎么读ee

District Annual Confelisten1手机版下载rence Committee

International and Chinese Lions Association Annual Conference Committee

Institutional Building and Law Caboutcgommittee

Service Team Finance Steering Committee

Lion Care Committee

Foreign Exchange and Cooperation Committee

Publhonorableic Relanotice的固定搭配tions and Publicity Committee

Committeshenzhene for Poverty Alleviation and Disability Assistance

Committee to help prevent blindness

Student Services Committee

Medical And Health Commis深圳sion
        Diabetes Education Committee

Peace Poster Committee

Information Technoloabout-facegy Committee

Lion Grove Project Committee

Disciplinary committee

Colistmmittee for Women's Growth

GLT Shenzhen Regional Coordinator

GMT Shenzhen regional Coordinator

GST Shenzhen Regional Coordinator


Gpublications翻译uide the lion regimentpublication翻译

Art troupe

Shenshi News Agency

Public Welfare Culture Research Celistennter

Lion Friends Cultural and Sports Center
       Deep lionCharity football club

Four, & have spent "The Fabout怎么读语音orce of Harmony" Committee of Excelions读音llence Award

Environmental Services Committee

Membership Developmelionsnt and Retentiolionsgaten Committee

Captain's Fellowship Committee

Honors and Awards Committee

Emergency Rescue Education Center

Stamp club

Five, & hav深圳大学e spent "Force of Harlions英语怎么读mony" Outstanding Selist翻译rvice Team Award

Hongli, Yitian, Yantian, Shangbu, Huashang, Tai 'an, Silver Lake, Zhuhui, Tiancheng, chariabouttime免费观看ty chonor什么意思ollectionMing family good proshenzhenduct

Six, & have spent "Force of Harmony" Outstanding Serabout翻译vice Team Awlisten的过去式ard

United, Songgang, sandwell深圳疫情最新消息, sweet lake, Misshonor手机是华为吗ion Hills, Hua Xialistng, Hong Ya, miles, shell, Taoyuan, Shenzhou

Seven, & have spent "Force of Harmpublications翻译ony" Outstanding Service Team Award

Xin 'an, Mingde, Love, future, happiness, Sea Yuntian, Jingfeng, Boya, Dream, Lonoticeabletus Mountain, Hualei, Phoenix, Hongyang, Fuai, Zimenabout是介词吗g, Zhenhua, Central District, classic

Eight, & have spent "The Power of Harmony" 200% Huashi Award

Shenzhen Lions Club Yitian, main club service team

Nilist背单词ne, & have spent "The Power of Harmony" 100% Huashi Award

Huanggang and Hongli Service Tehonor什么意思am of Shenzhen Lions Club, Board of Supervisnotice过去式ors of Shenzhen Lions Clhonor手机ub 2019-2020

10. 100% Lion award
  Shenzhen Lions Club Mingjia Good Product Service team
        "The Power of Harmony" Public Welfare Partnership Award

Shenzhen Yong an Tannotice翻译g phabout是介词吗armacy Chain Co. Lnotice用法TD,Shenzhen Fenda Technology Co., Ltd. & NBSP;

Shenzhen Haoyonian Investment Co. LTD,Shenzhen Peng Guangda Investment & Development Co., LTD.  

Shenzhen Donghai Cheng Investment Co. LTD,Shenzhen Hongnoticejun Tianju Real Estate Co., LTD & NBSP;  

Shenzhen Yantian District Hong 'an Neighborhood mutual aid Association,Shenzhen Qilike Crop Technology Co., LTD. & NBlions读音SP;  list啥意思

Xinxing Property Management (Shenzhen) Co., LTD. Guangzhou Branch,Shenzhen Ruilin Pharmaceutical Co. LTD

Dongguan Faster Precision Technology Co., LTD,Shenzhen Yuchen Dingfeng Trade Development Co., LTD.  

Shenzhen Po Real Estate Investment Management Co. LTD,  Fast fish Clothing Co. LTD & NBSP;

Shenzhen Hanhaidaabout怎么读语音 Property Management Co., LTD,Shenzhen Jiadeheng Technology Co., LTD. & NBSP;

Shelisten的过去式nzhen Shichun Intelligent Equipment Co., LTD,Four Nine Square (Tianjin) Trading Co., LTD.

Shenzhen Tongyi Industry Co., Ltd.,Shenzhen Xianpublication和publishying Technology Co., LTD

Shenzhen New Sun Digital Co., LTD., Shenzhen Haun Technology Group Co., LTD.,

Guangdong Xinchang Real Estate Groulions怎么读p Co.,listen1手机版下载 Llions的音标TD., Guizhou Guohan Real Estate Development Co., LTD.,

Shenzhen Compun Technology Co.,noticed LTD., Shenzhen Jinju Fire Electrical Engineering Co., LTD., Dongguan Branch,

Shenzhen Zhpublication是什么意思iyi Property Management Co., LTD., Shenzhen Zichang Technology Co., LTD.,

Shenzhen Surveying and Mapping Institute (Group) Co., LTD., Shenzhen Hanhaida Property Management Co., LTD.,

Sichuan Yiwu Jiuabout是介词吗jiabouttime免费观看u E-commerce Co., LTD., Shenzhen Jinzheng Jiangda Hardware & Plastnotice作文ic Products Co., LTD.,

Shenzhen Shenbrother Environment Co., LTD

12, & have spent The Power of Harmony Support Aw深圳市最新疫情ard

Xie Jianwen, Dai Tongxin, SHA Haiyu, Sun Yun, Zhang Weixian, Wang Jinliang深圳风险等级, Zhang Guojabout-faceun, Xiao Xingping, Zheng Degang, Su Zeran, Wu Xiaoming, Lin Ziyu, Lin Tao, Shi Jianyong, Tiapublication翻译n Wangxing

13, & have spent "The Power of Harmony" Speciallion是什么意思 Support Alions是什么意思ward

Zhan Xiaoyang, Gao Lingxin, Li Yansen, Wu Yizun, Huang Jie, Liu Yan, Wang Jin, Yin Tao, Peng Changjun, Liu Wanbao, Yang Hong, Chen Meiying, Liu Shengli

14, & have spent "The Powehonorr of Harmony" President companion Award

Li Weihua, Ma Min, Lu Zhiqiang, GUO Yongyong, Tian Wangxing, Du Hengkun, Peng Daojian, Liao Ronghui, Du Peng, LI Feng, Zheng Guopublication是什么意思ping, CAI Min, Wang Yibing, Dai Linhua, WU Jinzhi, Ma Huijuan, SU Zhuangbin, Wang Xiumei

15, & have spent "The Power of Harmony" O深圳市最新疫情utstandinnotice作文g Contribution Award

Zhou Tlions翻译ing, Li Wenaboutcg网站qiu, Chen Shlionsaohua, Wu Zewei, Liao Maohua, Chen Qingfeng, Llisten1手机版下载in Yanzhuo, Cao Yan, BI Yongtao, Zhao Xiuzhong, Chen Lu

16, & have spent Outstanding Contribution Award to the Power of Harmonlionsgatey

Jing Miaj深圳地铁线路图un, Xu Qiubin, Ru Chunxu, Fang Shilei, Zhao Hui, Chen Dongmei, Yang Shuijin, Zhu Daoypublication和publishing, He Gang, Huang Shaofang

17, & have spenotice同义词nt "Force of Harmony" Outstanding Regional Chairman Award

Cui Weiyinlist翻译g, Li Zhou, CAI Min,publication Chen Guangxi, Ru Chunxu

Eighteen, & have spent "Force of Harmony" Outstanding District Chairman Aabout翻译ward

Fang Shilei, Zhao Yunpeng, Yang Shuijin, Yi Shumin, Zhu Feng, Zhaabout-faceng Zheqin, Li Li, Tang Quanhui, Zhao Hui, Wei Xinxin, Li Xiaofeng, Wu Jinzhi, Huang Xiaoru, Li Jingmabout后面动词什么形式ing, Chi Minghui, Ye Ning深圳天气, Zuo Hongyi, Chen Dongmei, Deng Meixin, Liu Qihai

In the 19th, & have spenlisten翻译t "Force for Harnotice作文mony深圳" Excellence Comlions读音mittee Member Award

Zeran Su, Guoliang Liu, Qiubin Xu, KHD Lei,深圳疫情最新动态 Hongxiang Zhang, Ying Qi, Honglionsying Qiu, Yaoli Wen, Shuxian Wen, Ling Gao, Guangxi Chen, Weiying Cui, Qingsen Zeng,about翻译 Xieznotice的形容词hen Jiang, Danya Wan深圳风险等级g, Xiaotao Li

Twenty, & have spent "The Force of Harmony" Council member Attendance Award

Weng Hua, GUO Yonlistengyong, Du Hengkun, Peng Daojian, Liao Ronghui, Du Peng, Zhao Yunpeng, Yang Shuijin, Zhang Zheqin, Li Xiaofeng, Wu Jinzhi, Chi Minghui, Chen Dongmei, Deng Meixin, Liu Qihalisten的过去式i

twentyone, & have spent "Force of Harmony" Outstanding Captain Award

Long Yali, Wang Bin, Zhang Hanning, Wang Baocai, Lian Chuhai,notice同义词 Jiang Zhaopeng,honor翻译 Donabout怎么读g Jun, Chen Hengbing, Yu Xiaoping, liu from flying

twentytwo, & hahonorableve spent "Force of Harmony" Outstanding Captain Award

Luo Bin, Lai Cuipinglist啥意思, JIANG Taili,深圳疫情 Lin Jabout怎么读uan, Chen Jianxiong, Lpublicationsi Xinnabout后面动词什么形式ian, Yao Chen, Xiong Qi, Zhou Minxiaabout怎么读, Li Li, Jin Huihua

twentythree, & have spent Excellent Captain award of "Harmonious Force"

Wu Zhijian, Zhao Weixin, Wang Lina, Yannotice是什么意思g Dehua, Zhang Shengzhou, Chen Zhenghua, Wang Haiyanlisten1手机版下载, Tang Xishun, GAN Nenglin, Zhong Ruihabout怎么读ua, Peng Yuanwei, Li Sulian,深圳风险等级 Han Hong, Li Chunpinglist背单词, Lei Tao, Xiang Yanjilistened怎么读ng, Zhang Xuabouttime免费观看wen, Wang Xuebo

twentyfour,honor手机 & have spent"The Power oflions翻译 Harmony" Outstanding Secretary Award

 Zou Xiangdong, LI Zejia, WU Peiqing, LIANG Wenjuan, CAO Xiao, Fan Zhengbin,aboutcg PENG Hulisten翻译i,Liu Meijiao, Lin Lin, He Huishu, Zhang Canmu, Cheng Yan

t深圳地铁线路图went深圳yfive, & have spent"The Force of Harmony" Financial Excellence Award

Zhu Qingqing, Zhong Yinghui, Zlions英语怎么读hang Feihongabout是什么意思, Kong Xinhua, Yang Li, Li Yihua, Ouyang Xipublication是什么意思aozhen, Liu Youping, Zhang Xiaoliang, Yaonotice翻译 Jie, Yan Hong

26,"The Power of Harmony" Outstanding Perfhonor什么意思ormance Award

Main mhonor是什么牌子手机elion是什么意思eting: Tipublication的动词an Xingwang,notice同义词 Zhu Xuan

Midday: Li Na, Wang Ninaboutg, Xiao Jing

Yantian: Mabout-faceo Desong, Yi Lihua, Luo Jinrong, Peng Jinchuan

Bagua Ridge: Wang Hua, Chen Shizhong

Hua Yuan: Tong Yongfang

Bright pupil: Wu Xingming, Liao Xiaojuan

Nature: Ren Tiemei

Silvernotice Lake: Zhou Xiuyao, Zhou Houliang, Yu Biyun, Shen Yanqiu, Liao Donglin

Happiness: Lin Xiaoyi, Ma Chaofan, Jian Wenxiong

Peace: Zeng Qingsen, Zhang Weabout是介词吗izhong, Zhang Zhihong

Xiabout-faceao Tong: Jia Xiping, Liabouttime免费观看u Wenying

Blue sky: Huang Bihuanpublication是什么意思, Gu Weixia

Mileage: Lin Lihua, Luo Bin, Peng Zhou, Li Jianchun, Wen Caie, Wu Haifang, Llisten翻译i Yo深证指数ngjun, Liu Haibin, Gao Lipinabouttime免费观看g

Binhe: Luo Liang, Dou Tietao

Fragrant Hill: Lei Shengzhu, Jia Nengguo

Dadi: Xue Yugang, Liu Feng, Xi Yuhao

Xingzhi: He Wenlions英语怎么读wen, Fang Lixiong

Pengzheng: Zheng Ji, David

Tai 'an: Jiang Zhaolionspeng, Huang Jianyi, Wu Gao-zhang, Yang Ke-xin

Bijilisten1手机版下载a Mountain: Kou Yuejing

Wutong Mountain: Wei Luan-ylist背单词ing, Pengnotice作文 Yanling

Xinlions读音 Xing: Nie Guolong, Li Yuehua

Ming Relions是什么意思n: Lin Yuanjie, Liu Yan

Yishan: Wen Zhiyonlions读音g, Shao Rongmeirepublication, Liu Jinlian

Jing Feng: Wang Haiyan, Zheng Chao, Cao Shunlin

Step 1: Tonlistened怎么读g Xin, Xiao Xiaoyu, Huang Xiaofen, Geng Hui

Datong: Li Zhong, Znotice作文hao Xin, Zhao Lei, Gai Ying

Sweet Lake: Li Wei, Lei Xiyan, Liu Li

Huanggang: Wang Jinbao, Zhao Qing, He Kaibao

Lianhua Mountain: Ouyang Weiqing, Zhuang Shanabout翻译qing, Zhuang Shanqing

Ming home good product: Liu Ziqing, Xu Qiaoli

Hand in hand: Zhou Daqing, Fhonor是什么牌子手机eng Yingying, Xie Qiong

Chinese businessmen: Pan Shengquan, Chen Rongshi

Joint: Yang Li, Kuang Xiaohong, Xia Song

Fukuda: Lily

Jingtian: Zhu Daoying, Yang Shiju

Phoenix: Li Sulian, Lin Aixi

Shells: Su Hui, MAO Ying

Central area: Mlistened怎么读o Jianfang, Hou Qingkai, Zhao Hulions翻译中文a

Tian: Wu Zewei

Hong Li深圳疫情最新消息: Rong深圳地铁线路图 Jing, Wu Guicheng, Zhang Jian

Peng Cheng: Xu Ningnlions读音ing, Zhang Wei, Zhang Zhaohui, Xie Yongliang

Virtuous: Guo Baoming, Guo Jingsheng

Hongya: Zhao Yanping, Wu Shunhan, Hu Dianjun, Liu Huarong

Land king: Wanotice过去式ng Zuanaboutcg网站zhang, Guo Nuan, Zeng Xiaoling

Tian en: Guo Liang, Wanghonor什么意思 Shuang

Huamei: Yang Boyuan

Lin MAO: Huang Zhuabout翻译lin

Hua Qiang: Qu Ning, Wu Haili

Gaoxin: Gu Lihua, Chen Ying, Wang Wenxian

Hua Xiang: Huang Qingdan, Huang Naxin, Ling Dayun

Sparlist背单词k: Peng Zongling, Zhu Hongmei

Zhenhua: Liu Zuohua, Liao深圳大学 Qihui

Mingde: Zhangabout翻译 Feng, Li Changgui

Taoyuan: Liu Ming, Li Li, Li Yong

Oriental roses: Chen Xiao深圳疫情xue, Lou Shunjin, Yao Meiying

Oct: Tang Guolin, LAN Xiang, Sun Rui

Beishan: Wang Mingkuan, Wang Shuhua

Xinzhouabout翻译: Qiu Huidong, Ke Ying

Xili: Xiao Wei, Zabouthang Yanchen

Sihai: Dong Junhua

Long term: Zheng Jianhai, Ma Xiujie, Yan Xiuying

Sprlions英语怎么读inabout翻译g Breeze: Li Linfenlions英语怎么读g, Wang Xiuyingpublication翻译, Liu Peilin

Bo business elite: Lian Wei, Chen Cewei, Tan Guangda

Boya: Li Wenlong, Zhou Bingnanabout-face, Zhang Xiaopublication翻译hua, Li Jia深圳nxin

South China Sea: Liang Peilin, Liaoabouttime免费观看 Zonghai

Taisheng: Zhhonor是什么牌子手机ang Shapublicationsha, Wang Tieyan

Xin 'an: Zhang Xiaoxing, Yang Zhihe, Li Xilist翻译a, Liu Rudong, Le Haixian

Fu Alisten翻译i: Wu Xian 'an, Qi Tnotice作文ao, Duannotice的形容词 Junfang

Sea clouds: Duan Changhong, Luo Xiafei, Li Kun, Zhao Xueyun

Hai Yue: Su Tianxiang, Yangabout怎么读语音 Xialistennsheng

Mount Tai: Zhang Guangliang, Zhu Yantong

Shenzhen Bay: Zlionsgatehang Kun, Liu Xiaohua, Pan Zhiping, Yang Liufen

Fairy Lake: Clions翻译hen Wenyi, Chen Wenyi, Li Zhou

Future: Yang Dehua, Li Xiaohui, Chen Xuehua

Fu Yong: CAI Yougan, Li Huifang, Gonhonor什么意思g Xiangmhonor怎么读in, Liu Junrong

Tiande: Cao Linling, Chen Nianzhong

Concentric: Wang J深圳天气ianwu, Xu Xiyao

Tiashenzhenncheng: Chen Hengbing

Hua Lei: Peng Yuanwei, Pan Xiaonipublication的动词

Unity: Guo Heliang, Fu Yinyin, Zhang Jing pai

Lily: Chen Xinlisten的过去式hong, Suaboutcg网站n Hongwei, Li Li

Shi Ai Football: Yu Qiushi

Songgang: Qiu Yuanzhai, Luo Jianhonor30wen

Sandwell: Chen Xin, Yu Linlin

Spring: He深圳 Xinggrong

Hua Yue: Wang Hansong, Wu Chunmei

Goslisten的ing形式pel: Zhou Xhonoriuying

Tai Lai: Li Bin, Chen Cuidan, Zeng Xiaominglions是什么意思

Hua Lin: Yu Wanqun, Li Xuefei, Huang Weijun, Xu Jintao

Classics: Zhang Kexian, Yhonor什么意思ang Bibi, Wang Wenjun

Pings深证指数han: Pan Zhihonghonor是什么牌子手机, Xie Yifu, Yan Weixiong

Shang Zhil深圳疫情最新动态ian: Li Jun, CAI Xiaoqin, Wen Jianxin

Zi Meng: Li Biao, Zhou Hoabout-facengwei, Huang Yueyue, Huang Zhaoyi

Starting: Luo Honglin, Li Longsen, Wang Ninabout翻译ghui, Huang Hongni

Longcheng: Shao Dan, Chenpublication的动词 Lin, Zheng Wehonor翻译ipennotice同义词g, Wang Xilisten的现在分词anhong, Guo Dequn

Shenzhou: Wang Fang, Wen Xiaosong, Yao Chunbin, Feng Dazhao

Jiang Shan: Tan Huitian, Li Jinqiang

Charity Collection: Yu Xiaoping, Li Wei, Cao Changfei

Bo Ai: Zhou Weiping, Dong Sanqing, Yan Shiyong, Li Guilin

Hongyang: Han Hong, Fu Lijun

Sailin深圳疫情最新动态g: Kuang Hong

Jin Pai: Shen Jinhui

Tang Xuan: Qi Yinpublications是什么意思g, Lv Guiqin

Rnotice的固定搭配ight Patabout是什么意思h:publications是什么意思 Deng Junjie, Chen Gang, Zhang Aimi深圳疫情最新消息ng, Liu Jun, Han Honghua

Hua Han: Liao Wenxi, Gao Rui

Dream: Lai Jinhua, Zhang Shangyou, Zhang Jinghua

26,   Outstanding Officeraboutcg Award

Lin Yanfen, Hu Lei, Li Jiangpnotice用法ing, Zhou Wenguang, Yang Lili, Han Rongzheng, Huang Xinran

27, & NBSPlisten1手机版下载; Rookie Of深证指数ficer Awardlistened怎么读

Wen-bin li

28, & NBSP; Individual annual public welfare donatio深圳大学n award

Weng Wah, Lo Chi-keung,Tian w深圳天气ang, Zheng Degang, Xiao Xingping, Zhang Guojun, Peng Daojian, Li Feng, CAI Min, Lian Chupublication是什么意思hai, Dai Linhuanotice作文, He Shaoyue, Fan Guangyu, Wang Zhanghuai

29, & NBSP深圳市最新疫情; Shenzhen Lion Award for Outstanding Anti-Epidemic Effhonororts

Guo Yong深圳风险等级yong, Du Hengkun, Xu Qiubin, Li Zhou, CAI Min, Ru Chunxpublication翻译u, Wu Jinzhi, Zhao Anni, Li Bizhen, Yao Jnotice的固定搭配un, Li Chunchang, Wang Yibing, Zhang Hlisten的ing形式anning, Zhou Mlions的音标ei, Yao Chen, Long Yali, Yuan Quan, Wang Baocai, Lai Cuiping, Xu Bingnan, Lipublicationsn Juan, Lei Shengzhu, Wang Bin, Zhang Xuwen, Xie Bin, Zhannoticedg Xiulian

Shenzhen Fenda Technology Co., Ltd., Shenznoticedhen Lion Clions读音lub Bougainvillea, Red licheng, Shangbu, Fairy Lake, conch, Sweet Lake, central area, Fuai, Linmao, Mingjia Shanpin, Shapublicationngzhilian, Silver Lake, Longcheng, Yitian, Leshan, Pingdi, Hongya, Diwang, Mi深证指数ngde, Licheng, songpublicationsgang, jin Pai, Xinxing, Wenjin, Zimeabout-faceng, Xlisten的ing形式iaotong, Yantian service team

28, & NBnotice用法SP; Shenzhen Lion Outstanding Contributionotice用法n award foabout是介词吗r Fighting COVID-19

Tian Xingwang, Zhang Jian (Hong Li), Tang Quanhui, Tan Fei, Wang Dagui, Long Yali, Yuan Juan, Su Jianhlistua, Yuaboutan Q深证指数uan, Pan Zhihong, Tang Zili, Wang Bin, Wnoticeang Xuebo, Chen Jing, Tianhonor怎么读 Gang, Tang Xishun, Zhao Guofang, Li Chunping, Wei Xinxin

Shenzhen lion gossip ridge, the bei,深圳大学 bright pupil, Chinese businessman, datong, treasures, sugar, xuan, happiness, jie cheng, dahuanlist背单词g, spring breeze, shajing, depart, the path, the good German, alex, NSW, xili, mooripublicationng love, nature, bijhonor9xia mountlist翻译ain, oct, burson-marsteller, Oriental rose, the day Germany, Jin Ming art, Mr Fukuda, Lord, blue sky, riverside, xiangshan, taian, good good, Victoria towers, lotus, vieabout怎么读w Rings, hand in hand, joint, ganten, phoenix, PengChenlions翻译g xiang, beishan, the color field, high, China, south China sea, tightsen, xinan, cloud sea, the sea yue, tai shan, shenzhen bhonor什么意思ay, 51, baoan, British, lonabout是介词吗ghua xixiang, tiancheng, unity, HuaYue, Thai, and classic, ping shan, jiangshan, ovaltinoticene, sunshine, charity collection, macro han Yangnoticeable, pine torch深圳es, China, is located in manlisten的过去式grove bay, granotice翻译ce, peng, inscription Ren, Xingzhi, Gospel, Qihang, Zhongtian, Wutong Mountain, Qianhai, Pengbo Elite, jinxiu, Xincheng, Dadi, Hualei Service team

Slion是什么意思中文翻译henzhen Lions Club & NBSP;  

27 July 2020

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