Standardized operation and Steady development — The third District Affairs meeting of 2019-2020 of Shenzhen Lions Club was successfully held

On January 11, 2020, the third District affairs meeting of 2019-2020 was successfully held in the Lions Club office in Shenzhen.operationskuld出自哪部动画 The meeting briefed the recent work situation andsteady是什么意思 the next work arrangement, the 18th member congrmeeting是什么中文意思ess, the fifth Hua Lion Festival, the 103rd annual conference of lions Club International and other matstandardizeters, and conveyed tthird是什么意思英语he spirit of the conference of the Party building work of lions Club in China.



WengHua notified of comrade li wh is the othirdfficial lions, first secretarythird是什么意思英语 of the party branch in shenzhen, and around the 18th annual general meeoperation的动词ting, the success of the 2020 New Year’s charity event, with dalian lion friends communication discussion, to Harbin to partmeetingicipate in the “don’t forget the beginner’s mind Keep in mind that the mission “standardizetheme education activities, such as Chdistrictina lion foundation issues concerning matters on the recent work. From July 1, 2019 to Januameeting翻译ry 10, 2020, Lions Club shenzhen carried out 382 servicedevelopment怎么读 activities, including assisting the disabled, coperationlovecraftommunity service, education, medical and health care, poverty alleviation, etcsteady怎么读.,steady的反义词 with a service fund of 20.56 million yuan.district怎么读 More than 9,000 members pathird翻译rticipated in the servicthird怎么读e, benefitinoperationalg more than 180,000 peopmeeting是什么意思中文翻译le. He said that shenzhen Limeeting的音标ons Club will focus on toperationallyhe annual work focus, continue to do a good job in party building, actioperationskuld出自哪部动画vely carry outhird翻译t the theme of “Harmonious force: Anti-drug propadistrict缩写是什么ganda and education”, effectively promote tthird的基数词he election of district council and service tmeeting腾讯会议eams, and successfully run the fifth Huashan Lion Festival.district怎么读


District conferendistrict词根ce committee executive chairman liu swsteady和stable的区别ings and infordistrict缩写是什么m the shenzhen lions 18th member representative assembly election work plan “, “shenzhendistrict词根 lions 18th member representative assembly election preparatory work schedule”, “shenzhen lions in 2020-2021 thesteadyshot President, vice Poperationskuld出自哪部动画resident, director of candidate election moperationlovecraftethod”, “shenzhen lions supervisors from 2020 to 2021 Long, vice supervisor, a supervisor candidate electionthird的缩写 method “, regarding the service transition and the election member representatives to participate in shenzhen lions 18th member representative assembly wmeetingork notice, “astandardize翻译bout to do a good job of shenzhedevelopment的用法和搭配n lions service transition from 2020 to 2021 of the notice, the notice about serious shenzhen lions general election disdevelopment可数吗cipline, It is hoped thatdistrict缩写是什么 each service tsteady是什么意思eam will do a good job in the election of the new term and submit the name list of member representatives and the name list of the new team leader and members before March 23.


Li Weihua, the representativemeeting翻译 of lions clusteady翻译b in Shenzhen and the first secretary of the Party branch of Lions Club in Shenzhen, conveyed the spirit of the symposium onthird音标 party constructistandardize翻译on of Lions Club in China. He strdevelopment翻译essed thatoperationlovecraft shenzheoperationskuld出自哪部动画n Lions Club should strengthen the party building work according to the instructions of Presidendistrictt Jistandardizea Yongmeetings, do a good job in party building publicisteady和stablety work, establisdevelopment怎么读h the pardistrict是什么意思英语ty organizationoperation是什么意思英语 frommeetings the district club to the service team, actively carry out the activities of party membdevelopment同义词替换ers, and implement taffairs怎么读he party building in the lion activities of the district club and service team. He pointedunstandardized out tmeeting怎么读英语hat giving full play to the party’s rosteady的反义词le is to better support, safeguard, promote and ensure the healthy developmesteadyshotnt of the Lions Club.


Guo Yongyong, 2nd Vice President, introduceddevelopment造句简单带翻译 the 5th Huashan Lion Festival and lions International 103rd Annual Conferoperationalence. The Lion Festival is a window to promote the lion culture, and is a festival belonging to the lion friends themselves. He cadevelopmentlled on everyone to pool their wisdom and strength, and put forward suggestions for the content and venue of the fifth Lion Fdistrict的中文意思estival. The 103rd Lions Ioperation的动词nternational Convention will be held in Singapore from June 26 to 30, 2020. He urged all lions to sign up and celebrate the convention.


Li wh first secretary, points out that the 18th annuathird音标l member represstandardizedentative assembly election work core purpose is to promote the lion friendsdistrict和region区别 participate in the enthusiasm of shenzhen lions organization construction, hodevelopment同义词替换pe the lion friends insisted that desoperation是什么意思pite the bisteady怎么读g picture, discimeeting的音标plidevelopment是可数名词吗ne, unity and propaganda, with high sensedistrict的中文意思 of responsibility and mission to do a good job of the member representative assembly election, lions wilaffair是什么意思英语l contribute thsteadye better futaffairsure fodevelopment是什么意思r shenzhen.


Ma Min, the last president, mobilized the leaders and dioperationallyrectors to run for the csteadyshotouncil of 2020-2021, encouraging lion friends to havthird怎么读英语e the courage to take responsibility, actively participate in thdevelopment是什么意思e election, and contribute wisdom and strength tounstandardized the development of the orgdistrict翻译anization. At the same time, sheoperation called on lions to attend the 103rd Lions Club Intesteadyrnatidevelopment是什么意思onal Convention and experience lions club culture together.


Tan Fei, secretthird翻译ary-general of the Board of Supervisors, spoke highly of the himeeting是什么中文意思gh efficiency and standard of the district affairs meetoperation是什么部门ing. He hoped that every lion frthird的基数词iend should take tsteady怎么读he election work seriously, regulate their words and deeds, and jointly create and maintaistandardized翻译n a democratic, fair, righteous and harmonious election atmosphere. He said that the board of Supervisors will continue to do their job and escort the steady development ofdevelopment怎么读 Shenzhen Lions Club.


President Weng hua affirmed the achievedevelopment造句简单带翻译ments made by tsteady的反义词he council, thedevelopment怎么读 specialized working organizatithird-partyons and the service teams in the preliminary work in his cothirdlynclstandardize翻译uding speech. He hoped that all lion friends would work togedevelopment是可数名词吗ther to continue to do a good job in the reelection and election of district meetings and service teams, and successfully accomplish the annual goals. He thanked all listeady翻译on friends for their efforts and wished you a happy New Year and a happy family!


Domestic representative in shenzhen, shenzhen federation of lion lion li wh, first secretary ofthird-party the party branch and shenzhen lions club President WengHua, the previous Ma Min President from 2019 to 2020, second depstandardized翻译uty chairman Guo Yongyonsteady怎么读g, dean of general affair Liao Ronghui, partition kevithird音标nbales, new, li xiaofeng, Wmeetingtencentcomu Jinzhi Wei Xin chaioperationallyrman, secretary general of the board of suoperation是什么意思英语pervisors Tan Fei council, member of the board of supervisors, Maffairs翻译ore thanmeeting的音标 60 people, including chairmen and executive chairmedistrict的中文意思n ooperationallyf specialized working organizations, captains of service teams, secretaries adistrict怎么读nd accdistrictingountanaffairs怎么读ts, attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by CAI Min, chairman of zone 3, Li Xiaofeng, chairman of Zone 11 and Wmeetingu Jinzhi, chairman of Zone 12, as executive chairmen.



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[Photo] Huang Xinranoperationlovecraft

[Editor] Ma Huijuan Lin Yanfen

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[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Club Office

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