Huatian Service Team: convened the second council meeting for 2017-2018

Wah Tin Service Team:aThe second Council meeting for 2017-2018


On September 5,meetingtencentcom 2017, the second council of Shenzhe华天酒店股吧n Lions Club Hua Tian Servimeetingce Team for 2017-2018 was successfullyservice和serve的区别 held in Shenzhecouncil和committee的区别n Mugang Precision Industry Co., LTD. Huatian service team captain Li Yuanming, the first vice captain Yu Xiteam是什么意思翻译aoping, the second vice captain Liu Yang, the third vice capconvenetain Liu Hui, secretary Zhao Xcounciliaoxin, financial Lv Zhaoxia and more than 20 people attended tsecond翻译he meeting. The meeting was chaicouncilman小体red by Li Yuanming and zhao Xiacouncil怎么读oxin.      

Zhao Xiaoxin reported the devemeeting是什么意思中文翻译lopment of rhuatianecent service activities and conference activitiehuatians. One is the sponsorThe eighth National"Activity Day for the Disabled" self-drivi华天ng tour and contributed 4500 yuan; Second, co-organize "bright heart" public welfare activities and contcouncilorribute 20,000 yuan; Third, organize huatian Service team lion friends to participate in yu Xiaoping company's new product release conference; Tcouncil读音he fourthmeeting怎么读英语 is tomeetings co-organize the main me华天酒店eting steams手机版ervice team华天科技股吧 jiangxi Gannan educational activities and donatedThe value of21,000 yuan desks andconvene chairs; Fifth, to attend the district counciservicebiol and other service teams salute and inauguration ceresecondhandmony.

The council members discussed and appservice和serve的区别roved the appointment of the heads of each service group, and decided to appoint Kuang Xiaoli as the head of this year's care group, Yu Xiaoping as the head of the "Peace poster" project, and Liu Yangshi as the head of the华天酒店 "Diabetes education" project.

Captain Li Yuanming madmeetinge a concluding speech and thanked the lionsecond的基数词 friends for tmeeting的音标aking an active part in the activities of Huatian Service TeamInmeeting是什么意思中文翻译 the hope ofIn 2017-2018,meeting怎么读英语 we will wcouncilorork together with lion friends to build Huatian Service Tecouncilsam iservice和serve的区别nto a more outstanding service tservice是什么意思eam.


wen/Contributed by Huatian Service Team

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