Hualin Service Team: held the sixth captain team meeting of 2020-2021

On November 1, 2020, the 6th captain team meeting of Shenzhen Lions Club Hualin Service team for 2020-2021 wassixthly held online. Shenzhen lion supervihualinsors, shenyansixth怎么读g service former captain dao-ming wang, shenyang service captain xue-fei li, the previous captain Yu Wanqunheld的中文意思, fiteamorst deputy captain Huang Weijun, second deputy captain LuoZhenQiang, gen Zhang Hongxiang the team leader, secretary hua-jheld的原型ie sun, financial Xu Jintao, general Cheteam什么意思n Xiaoxuan, sergeants-at-arms Huang Qingbo, the captain of the team mem华丽逆袭韩三千最新章节阅读bers bingcaptain-jie li, juan-li wang, Zhong Guiping 12 people attended the meeting. The meetingcaptain喵队长微博 was chaired by Luo Zhenqiateamong asixthlys chairman of the conference.


At the meeting, Captain Li Xuefei susixth的基数词mmarsixth的基数词ized the service activities carried ouservicemant by the Hualin Service Team in October, and arranged the regular meetserviceableing on November 14. The participating members discmeeting是什么意思ussed the relevant issues and work arrangements of the华凌空调 grand Yun Treasteamourcaptain的意思e Hunt service project on Novembercaptain缩写 28, and madheld中文e suggestions and suggestions to lay a foundateamtion for the lion work of the se华凌rvice team.

The meeting was completheld的中文意思ed efficiently. Thanks to all the lions for tteams手机版heir selfless dedication to the public welfare of Shenzhen Lions Club.


By Xmeeting腾讯会议uefeserviceablei Li

Photo/Sun Huajie

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