Riverside Service team held a regular meeting in May 2013

Riverside Service team held a regular meeting in May 2013

            On May 14, 2013, The Riheldenverside Service Team of Shenzhen Lions Clumaydayb held the Regriversideular meeting of Riverside Service Team in May 2013 in Fengqiservice是什么故障灯 Building, second floor of Times Technology Building. Gao Zhou, executive Secretary general of Shenzhen Lions Club, Sun Xiaoweservicebioi, president of Rregulariverside Service Team and 15 liserviceon friends, including Ximayang Fei, Hua Xiao, Dai Huimin and Yang Zongru, attended tupheldhe meetingmeeting翻译. The lion friends warmly welcome wang Hongjun and Li Xingyi who attended the regular meeting for the first time.
 service翻译      riverside翻译     At the regular meeting, Sriverside怎么读英语un Xiaowei, President of ccPIT Xiamen, reporserviceableted the progress of various servi蚂蚁庄园ce projects of the service teamteamo. By themeetings beginning of May, riverside service team haheldbacks raisucriversideed more than 300,000 yuan, service team liregularon friends donated 120,000, the rest by the social love enterprises and people donated; We plan to donate monitoring equipment to Huayang School forserviceman special children. The project is expected to require 100,000 yuan of monitoringservice怎么读 equipmeeting是什么意思ment, and the installation cost of monitoring equipment is about 25,000 yuan. 13. Donated 30,000 YUAN to Chen Qiusong, an employee of Huangbei Community Street Office, for the treatment of uriucriversidenosis; Donated 10,000 yuan to the earthquameeting的音标ke-stricken area of Lushan, Ya ‘an.
Bulletin of Hua Xiao Shi Steam是什么意思翻译ister & LDquo; Peace Poster & RDquo; The peace Poster award ceremony will be held on May 26 at Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Cemeeting是什么意思中文翻译nter. The works recommmaydayended by Hteams手机版ua Xiao shi Jie were selected for the national first prize and won tregularlyhe Lions Club International Prize of Excellence (there are only 23 awards in the wo马伊琍rld).
            After deliberation and approval by participating lion frheldeniends, we will sponsor the administrative funds of RMB 5,000 for the eighth National Mservicebioember Congress of The Domestic Limeeting是什么意思中文翻译on Association and donate no moteamreheld中文 than RMB 25,000 for the installation of monitoring equipment in Huayang Special Children’s School.

            &n蚂蚁庄园bsp;                 &servicenbspriverside是什么意思;         &nbspregularization;                             Themeeting是什么中文意思 text/XingFei


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