Taishan Service Team: the first regular meeting of 2017-2018 was held smoothly

Taishan Service Team: the first regular meeting of 2017-2018 was held smoothly

On August 19, the first regular meeting of tteam什么意思he year 2017-2018 of Taishan Service Club of Shteamproenzhefirstname填姓还是名nteamo Lions Club was successfully held in hall 5 of Futian Convention center. Taishan service team captain Zhang Xinyu and other taishan service team lion friends a totmeetingyou是什么意思al of more than 20 people atregular是什么意思英语tendmeeting腾讯会议ed the meeting.

Conference chairman, secretary Cheng Xiangsheng rang the bell and led everyone to introduce themselves. Later, Liu Yafu and lion frienwas是什么意思ds reviewed the womeetingsnderful moments of the summer public welfare activity of "Cheer for life, Walk with dreams", and summaservice的名词rized the content and harvesteambitiont of the activity. Yu Qianzhi suregular翻译mmarized the content of the "Second-hand Bookmeeting怎么读英语 Mobile Station" activity and the way to don太上剑尊ate books sustainabteamviewerly, and shared his泰山学院 thoughts on participating in the activity, highly recognized the significance of the activity. Shi Yajie introduced the oct Wetland public welfare activity "Protect wetlands, Protect the Ea太上感应篇rth" and called on everyonregular反义词e to actively participate in environmental protection activiregularly意思中文翻译ties.

Zhang Xinxin reported the details of fin泰山科技学院ancial ifirstncome and expenditure, and the clear accounts won unanimous praise fromeeting是什么意思m lion friends at the meeting.

Captain Zhang Xinyu gave a speech anregularlyd summari太上武神诀zed the meeting, thankfirst nameing all the lion friends forwashed their hard work. He gave a special badge to Liu Yafu, Cheng Xiangsheng, Zhang Xinxin, Yu Qiwas怎么读anzhi and Qiu Lunaregular, who actively participateamproted in太上剑尊 the lion service actifirst怎么读英语vities of the service teteam什么意思am, to encourage them, and sent each lion frie太上感应篇nd a badge of the Taishan service team.

The meeting ended succinctly and efteamsficiently.

Article/photo Provided by Taishan Service Team

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