Yixin continues to cooperate with Bright Pupil -- The inauguration ceremony of bright Pupil Service Team for 2017-2018 was held

Yixin continued bright pupil heart together

-- The inauguration ceremony for the 2017-2018 term change of Bright Pupil Serviceteampro Team was held

On August 20, 2017,异性发早上好怎么回复 the inauguration ceremony for the 2017-2018 term change of Shenzhen Lions Clceremony同义词ub Bright Pupil Service Team was he异星灾变ld in the T5 International Conference Hall, Tian 'an Digitalservice是什么故障灯 City, Fenggang, Dongguan.cooperate Shenzhen lions club President of 2017-continue是什么意思2018, tiaservice翻译n wang xing, supervisorsservice long wu xm, thcooperate withe last President ShiJianYong, first vice President of Ma Min, second deputy chairman WengHua, former Pcooperate是什么意思resid异性同事超出朋友关系的十种表现ent of Zengceremony同义词 Shi Lin Tao, vice supervisorpupil和student有什么区别 loninaugurationg Liao Ronghui, secretary-general zhang jianbright, chief financial officer, dean of general affair Peng Dabright照片ojian, long picket Deng Yi, deputy secretary-general LuoJinSong sm council, member of the board of supervisors, and the service More than 300 delegates attended the ceremony.

Bright pupil serservice是什么故障灯vice since its own teservice是什么意思中文翻译am, basedinauguration是什么意思 on local, return to the community and schools, focus on visual acuity visual, intelligent education, parent-child relationshteambitionip, such as youth public service actionserviceman, with "united want to go to find need loving eyes, the power of lcontinues造句ove" mission to do a focus on the main f宜兴疫情orce of the academy of child and adolescent health serviteambitionces.

Mpupil音标r. Yin Qigai, chaicooperate怎么读rman of the conference and first Deputy Captain of The Bright Pupil Service tepupil怎么读am, tolled thteams会议e bell to announce the openteambitionininaugurationg of the ceremony.

Dservice是什么意思中文翻译ai Jihong, chairman of district 1 of Lions Club of Shenzhen 2017-2018 and founding leader of Bright Pupil Secooperate短语搭配rvice Team, gave a detailed summary of the work in 2016-2017. He said that with the joint efforts of more than 30 lion friends, The Bright Pupil service team has carried out a number of public welfare activitiecooperates to care for the health of young people in Shenzhen. He exprbrightnessessed his heartfelt thanks to all the leadecooperate翻译rs of lion Friends and carinservice是什么意思g enterprises for their support. Later, Chairman Dai Jihong prinauguration是什么意思esented awards to the lion membecooperatedrs whcooperateo wcooperate withon the Outstanding Lion memberpupils Award, obright泰星utstanding Contribution Award, Special Support Gratitude Award and specicooperate造句al Support guidance Award, tservice是什么意思中文翻译o encourage and thank the lion members for their efforts and dedication.

Under the witness of leading lion friends and guests, the new and old captain of bright pupil service team completed the sacred handover ceremony, Sun Mingxia took the captain ribbon from the hands of Generation Jihong, which means to assume heavy responsibilityinauguration是什么意思, lead the bright pupil service team to uphold the original heart, inherit the lion sbrightpirit, and better serve th宜兴e society.

All liinauguration是什么意思on friends of thecontinue是及物动词吗 Bright Pupil service teainauguration是什么意思m pay high tbrightlyribute to the founding team guidaceremonynce consultant Su Zeran, honorpupil翻译ary captain Peng Daojian, Huang Lisheng, and thank theteamm for their support and dedication to the development of the brighpupil翻译t Pu宜兴pil service team.

After the hancooperate用法dover ceremony, Captacooperate短语搭配in Sun Mingxia delivered an inaugural speecooperate withch and introduced the New Year's work plan. She said that in the coming year, she will continbrighterue to devote herself to youth public service activities wi异性发早安什么意思th all lion friends of Bright Pupil to prbright照片ovide more care for children. Optimize the "Let love accompany" project to make it more serialized, sustainable and branded; Develop more than 5 new members and maintain a retention ratebright的比较级 of 85%; Hosted 6 public welfare activities, co-organized 6 public welfare activities, realized & NBSP; A fundraising target o异性好感的三个特点f $200,000.

Tian Wangxing, president of ccPIT Xiamen, and Shi Jianyong, president of ccpit Xbright的比较级iamen, delivered speeches respectivelteamsy, expressing their trust and support to Dai Jihong and Sun Mingxia.

Liang Hongmei, lion friend of Lions Club yunnan representative Office, shared the hard journey of founding tbrightnesshe cservice是什么意思lub and expressed her heartfelt thanks to lions Club shenzhen for thbright照片eir support.

During the ceremony, Jubilee Inteamworkternational Group Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen Lions Club Bright Pupil Service team reached a donation agreement. Xu said her company will donatpupil音标e 1 yuan in cash to the Shenzhen Liobright什么意思ns Club for every box ofteam什么意思 herinauguration翻译 company's product, "Bosco Space Circle Cookies."

The successfuservice和serve的区别l holding of the inauguration ceremony reflects the hardcontinue是及物动词吗 work of all lion fpupil怎么读英语riends of the Bright Circle Service team. Whether it is the coffee, wine, cigar, golf salon activities carefcontinue什么意思中文翻译ully arranged before the ceremony, or the rich prizes and wonderful performancespupils on the spot, they have won the recogniti异性之间最不能聊什么on of the lion friends and guests present.

Article/photo & have spent Contributed by Bright Pupil Service Team

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