Notice | shenzhen lions on strengthening the construction of abnormal service notice

Shenzhen Lions Club on strengthening the construction of abnormal service team notice


Dear fellow lions,

In order to resnoticeablepond to the requiremservice的名词ents of the Ministry of Civil Affairabnormal翻译s and the Domestic Lion Association on member development, improve the quality and developservicemanment of members, control the size and scale, and strengthen the construction of abnormal service深圳风险等级 teams,Combined with the currlions翻译中文ent situation of the service team and the work arrangement of this year’s service team construction, theShenzhen Lions Club2019-2020.The first special Council oflions翻译中文 the year adopted the following decision:

A, & havconstruction and buildinge spent The serconstructionalvi深圳市最新疫情ce teams with less than 15 members will be merged through friendly consultation, voluntary, strong alliance, member transfconstructionaler and other metlionsgatehods. In accordance with the principle of merging with les深圳疫情最新动态s and more, merging wconstruction and building materialsith new and old, merging with nearby (service aclions的音标tivity area), and merging wnotice过去式ith the same region (special area), the number of members willconstruction reach 25 before September 30, 2019.

Service teaconstruction和structure的区别ms with less than 15 members are: Fu ‘an, Free Trade Zone, Shiying, Lingdinabnormalityg, Baibei, Huaming, Jinpai Yue, Jiecheng, Mangrove Bay, Treasure, Longteng, Qihang, Shekou, Jinpai, Caihong, Huamei, Caitian, Shande, Lservicemanin MAO, Aixiang, Changyuan, Baoqing, Gospel, songming

Second, & haveconstruction怎么读 spent For 2construction是什么意思英语4-16 members, it is recommended that the number of members reach 25 before September 30, 2019.

Service teams of 24 ~ 16 people include: Bright pupil, wutong mountain, ganten, huaqiang, unive深圳天气rsal, jiangshan, punch, zhenhua, tightsen, Jin Ming, xiangshan, spring, HuaYue, nature, relevant, lion, shell, minteabnormal怎么记忆q, sea before love football, hua yuan, beishservicemanan, NSW, lily,lions读音 Le cuckoo, Mongolia, gossip, peng, the east China sea, the south China sea, seven stars, sun, dahuang, phoenix, classic, with small, inscription nonyl, xili, spring breeze, Tian De, conclions翻译entric, Hong Yang

Three, & have spent After September 30, the service team with less than 10 members and abnormal meeting will be cconstruction是什么意思ancelled and members will handle transfer formalitservice翻译ies. Service teams whose membership is still not up to standard will be merged. Regional chairmen and regservicebioional chairmenoticen assist teams with less than 20 members in the consolidation of theconstruction and building teams. Guide lion group to assist the district chconstructionairman, district chairman to carry out work. Deadline: Octobenoticer 31.

Four, & have spent After the merger plan is determined, the merger procedures shall be handled iconstruction可数吗n accordance with certain procedures. Continue to retain the service team to re-form the leader team mestrengthening翻译mbers, submit the approval of the merger form to the district council for approval, reported to the National Lions club an深圳市最新疫情d lions Clabnormal副词ub international.


I hoconstruction可数吗pe that all the relevant service teams can taconstruction是什么意思英语ke action and unite thlionsgatee lion friends again by merging their work, so as to normalize the club’s business and service, and work side by side with allconstruction and building materials the lion friends to realize the dreamnotice作文 of public welfare.




Notice | shenzhen lions on strengthening the construction of abnormal service notice news 图1张List of service teams with less than 25 members of Shenzhen Lions Club 2019-2020.. XLSX



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