Deep expectations deep feelings -- excerpts from interviews with past presidents

In the past 16 yearsfeelings中文, Shenzhen Lions Club has gonedeepl翻译 through an extraordinary journey in contipresidents怎么读nuous exploration. With the unremitting efforts of the previous presidents, it haexpectations是什么意思s grown from a delicate seedling to a giant tree. The former presidents have always stayed true to their original aspiration and forged ahead, leaving an indelible mfeelings中文ark in the long histdeepory opast什么意思f shenzfeelings歌曲hen Liexcerpts是什么意思ons Club.

From 2013 to 2014, Shenzhen Lions Club established the Board of Supervisors.presidents怎么读 Xiinterviews是什么意思e Jianexcerpt什么意思wen, Wang Jinliang, Sun Yun, Sha Haiyu, Wu Xiaoming, Zheng Degang and other forexpectations翻译mer presidents served as the chief supervisors of each yeardeepl在线翻译官网, earnestdeepinly performing their duties, providing guarantee services for lions Friends and the Board of directors, and leading the Board of supervisdeepestors to continuously escort thedeepin stable development of Shenzhen Lions Club.

Reporters from Shenzhen Liodeepsleep2ns News Agency interviedeepl在线翻译官网wed 14 former lions club presidents at the opening ceremony of the lions Club's 2017-2018 annual tribudeepnostalgiate and 2018-2019 inaugural ceremony. Frofeelings怎么读m the words of the forpresident什么意思中文翻译mer presidents, we deeexpectationsply felt their blessing to The 2018-feelings是什么意思2019 President Ma Min and the board of directors, and felt their trustdeepl, support and expectation for the work of the New Year. Due to space constraints, this article has collected and summarized the past presidents' wishes for the new Lion yearexcerpts翻译.

2001-2004 chairman xie Jianwen, chairman of the district

It is hoped that President Ma Min and the new board of Directors will always adhere to the cointerview是什么意思中文翻译mbination ofpresident什么意思中文翻译 problem orientation and goal oripastureentation, improve the organizational structure and system revision; Especially in the criticinterview是可数还是不可数al perifeelings是什么意思od of the consolidation of the association, the futudeepenre development goals and positioning of the Lions Club should be clarified to promote the steady development of the Lions Club inexcerpts Shenzhen.

Dai Tongxin, president forexcerpts是什么意思 2004-2005

For the healthy development of Shenzhen Lions Club, it is necessary for all lions club memberdeepens to work together to implement the annual work plan. I hope that the Council can timely convey the importafeelings和feeling的区别nt spirit of the meeting,expectations翻译 especially the important spirit related to the national policy and the meeting of the Association, to each lion mpastember in the form of documents. Lionpresident是什么意思 friends, if there is no change, we will try our best to tpastureruly practice the purpose of "helping others and sinterviews是什么意思erving the society".

2005-2006 will be held in Chandeepsleep2gsha Haiyu

In the 16 years of devfeelings下载elopment of Shenzhen Lions Club, more and more lion club members have devoted themselfeelings歌曲ves to the public welfare cause of community service, which makes us old lion club members feel happy and proud. In the New Year, I will fully sfeelingsupport President Ma Min's lion work, and work hard with all lion frienpresident是什么意思中文ds to do a good job anpastorald improve myself in the service.

Sun Yun, chairman in 2006-2007

As a former president, thpasta翻译e best support for the new president and the new Lipast什么意思on year is to lead by example, actively exert the spirit of participation, ddeepo your best to promote the lion culture, participate in public sdeepl下载ervice activitiedeepls, and strive to be a practitioner of the lion friend model. I will continue to donate to the Mervyn Award and support brand projects such as donation for education.

Cheung Wai-yin, Chairman 2007-2008

The new lion year has started under the leapastel什么意思dership of the new lion acting pilot Ma Min, shenzhen Lions club ushered in a new era. As an old lion friend and formerpast怎么读 presinterviews是什么意思ident, I believe thapastoralt under the leapastedership of President Ma Min anfeelings教案d tpresidentshe new council, unfeelings是什么意思der the escort of the Board of Supervisorspresident是什么意思中文, under the effortexpectations怎么读s of all members, Penpresident什么意思中文翻译gcheng lion indusdeepesttry, ma to success.

Wang Jinliang, chairman for 2008-2009

As the former president, the former supervisoexcerpt什么意思r and a lion friend with 16 years of lion experience, I will continue to be proud ofdeepl在线翻译官网 and proud of the lion and assist President Ma Min to do more lion wopastryrk and service. Adhere to consolidatdeeple the foundation, harmonious progress together, do our best to help all the people in need of help, for the construction of a harmonious society to contpresident是什么意思中文ribute their own strength. I wish shenzhen Lions Club to actively explore the development path of lions clubs with domestic characterisfeelings下载tfeelings中文ics and become the leader of lions clfeelings教案ubspresidents in China.

Zhang Guojpasta是什么意思英语un, President for 2009-2010

Hope undeexpectationsr Ma Min Pexcerptsresident, shenzhen lions to introduce, study, digest and absorb lions club international good experience, in comply with local laws, respect the local culture, on the basis of uspasta翻译ing "service" we represent the domestic domestic citizens face of the new era, to create the most domestic characteristic style of social organization, shenzhen, And we will show our excpast什么意思ellent concept and brand service propastejeinterviews翻译cts to the world, to achieve the real internationalization.

2010-201pastimes1 President Xiao Xingping

In her ainterview是可数还是不可数nnual work plan, President Ma Min fully considered the rpresident是什么意思equirements ofeelings公开课f national policies and social environment, and proposed higher goals for the development of Shenzhen Lpresident什么意思中文翻译ions Club under the new lion generation, which fully refeelings艾伦沃克flected her thoughtful consideration. It is hoped that lions Club shenzhen will keep pace with The Times and carry forward shenzhexpectationsen's brand service projectsinterviews翻译 such as "Red Action".

Zheng Degang, chairman for 201deepl在线翻译官网1-2012

The new Lion year, under the leadership of President Ma Min, has hadeepl在线翻译官网d a very good start, and a good start is half the battle. As tpastryhe supervisor of the year 2018-2019, I will fexcerptsully support and cooperatinterviews翻译e with President Ma Min's annual work. May the Lions Club of Shenzhen, undedeepestr the leadershiexpectationsp of Prespasta是什么意思英语ident Ma Min, step up to a new stage and enter the new lion ginterviews是什么意思eneration, be a good leader and add more fruits topastel什么意思 ourexcerpts是什么意思 "tree of hdeepl下载ope"!

2012excerpts是什么意思-2013 Chairman Su Zeraexcerpt什么意思n

It is hopexpectation是什么意思英语ed that shenzhen Lions Club can formulate a clean up and rectify work plan according tfeelings教案o its own reality and standardeepdize various lion affairs. At the same time, we will further do a good job in guiding the direction and service guidance, enhance thpastimese lion frienddeepsleep2s' enthusiasm for public welfare, and promote the healthy, stable and standardizedpresidents怎么念 developpastel什么意思ment of Shenzhen Lions Club. I wisexcerpts是什么意思h that under the leadership of President Ma Min and hipasts team, Shenzhen Lions Club will inherit and innpastovate, standardize lion business, take root in the community and stride to new glory. May all lion friends work together to bear more fruits of happiness!

2013-2014 Chairman Wu Xiapastoming

In the New Year, as thfeelings艾伦沃克e formexpectation是什么意思er chairman and supervisor, I will fully support Ma Min's work and proceed from the overalfeelings教案l situation. I hope that under the leadership of President Ma Min, Shenzhendeepin Lions Club will lead lion friends to correctly understand the rectifpastryication work of domestic Lions Club, improve the overall quality of members, fully understand the linterview是什么意思ion culture, and earnestly implement thdeepl翻译e goal of serving the society.

2014-2015 President Lin Ziyu

As the vice president of tfeelings和feeling的区别he association, I would like to express my special thanks to Shenzhen Lion Friends, under the leadpasteership of President Ma Min, for their strong support andexpectation是什么意思 active efforts in thefeelings教案 preparation of the 57th Lions International Southeast Asia Annual Conference to be held in Haikou in mid-November. I commend shenzhen Lion Club for its momexpectation是什么意思entum, courage, mininterviews是什么意思d and keeping pace with The Times. I believe that President Ma Min will lead all Shenzhen Lion Clupresidents怎么念b members to make concerted efforts, hapresidents怎么读ve the courage to take responsipastoralbility, and mapresidentske new contribudeepesttions to the healthy devdeeplelopment of Shenzhen Lion Club.

Lin Tao, preexcerpts怎么读sident of the Year 2past什么意思015-2016

Wish the Lions Club shenzhen will be more brilliant under the leadership of president Ma Min. It is hoped that President Ma Min will lead shiyou to cfeelingsoordinate resources, improve service capacity, upgrade or extend traditional brand projects,excerpts翻译 so that the service and culture opasta翻译f Shenzhen Lions Club can be promoted, inherited and have influence.

Shi Jianyong, chairman of the Board for 2016-2017

I will do my best to support Chairman Ma Min in hpastoralis work. In 2018-19, I will also focus on and support youth myopia prevention programs. I believe that with the efforts of President Ma Min, the board of Directors and the Board of Supervisors, Shenzhen Lions Club will be able to successfully complete the annual plan. I wish shenzfeelings和feeling的区别hen Lions Club a complete success in assisting Hainan Representative Office to hold the 57th Sointerviews是什么意思utheast Asia Annual Conferencedeepl下载.

With the active explorationdeepl and joint efforts of the past presidents, Shenzhen Lions Clexcerpts怎么读ub has been playing an exemplary role and making steafeelings中文dy progress step by step. I sincerely hope that you wilexcerpts怎么读l continue to contribute your ideas and suggestions to the Lions Club of Shenzhen. I hope that the Lions Clubfeelings艾伦沃克 of Shenzhen will continue to adhere to the principle of pragmatism and innovationinterviews, constantly enhancfeelings教案e the cohesion offeelings lion culture, enhance the ability to serve the societypresidents, carry forward the history, and strive to create a new situation for the development of the Lions Club of Shenzhen and move towards a better tomorrow!

Sdeepsleep2hen Shi News Agencyinterviews翻译 jianfeelings公开课g Xiezhen, Chen Meihong, Zhao Wei

[Photo] Provided by the Office

[Editor] Ma Huijuafeelings和feeling的区别n Lin Yanfen

[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Club Odeepffice

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