Notice | about sign up for the lions club international notice the 58th annual southeast Asia

Notice of registration for the 58th Lions International Convention in Southeast Asiainternational labour day翻译

Dear Lion frieninternational怎么读d,

The 58th Lions Intup是什么意思呢ernational Southeast Asia Convention will be held in Hiroshima, Japannotice作文 from Novembclub怎么读er 7 to 1clubmed0, 2019. In order to shoupw the spirit of lions club to the members from East Asia and Southeast Asia, shenzhen Lions Club will conscientiously organize lions clemblemub to participatlionse in this annual meeting in response to the call of "The first round notice on organizing to participateemblem翻译 in the 58th Lions Club International Southeast Asia Annual Meeting" issabout怎么读ued by lions Club of China. The registclub怎么读ration matters are hereby notified as follows:

A, & have spentAbout Lions Club Internationinternationalismalinternational labour day翻译 No58th Annaboutcg网站ual Conference of Southeast Asinternational翻译ia

(aannually) & have spenttime

November 7th to 10th, 2019

(2) & have spentMeeting place

Green Arena/International Convention Center, Hiroshima,annually Japan

(3) & have spentThe schedule of

See Appendix 1 for details.

Snotice用法econd, & have spentAbout the registration

(1) Registratiointernational labour day翻译n metclub是什么意思hod

The registration work will be organized by the association, and the registration fee will be remitted to the Domesannual怎么读tic Lion Association and will not be refunded. The reinternational是什么意思gistration fee shall be converted into RMB at the ratenotice用法 of 7.1 and remitted to the ciB account.

All lions are required to register for the 58th Lions International Southeast As同花顺ia Convention. The registration fee is the entrance fee for the annual conference. After registration, you can rinternationalismeceive the entrannual的名词ance tag, conference brochure and badges at the conference venue.

(2) registration fee

1. Ciaa will only collect anclubd pay the relions读音gistration fees of registered members. According to the rules of the organizing Committee for the annual conference, the registration fee is as follows:

For thelions first batch of registration (before 12:00 AM, August 26, 2019), the registration fee is USD 110 / person (equilions读音valentannuals to RMB 781 yuan);

For the second batch of registration (lion是什么意思中文翻译before 12:00 am on September 25, 2019), the registration fee is USD 120 / person (equivclub用英语怎么说alent to RMB 852 yuan);

From Octobelions怎么读r 1, 2019, only on-site registration isinternationalworkers'day怎么读 availablnotice是什么意思e and temblem是什么意思he fee is $120 per person (RMB 852 yuan).

A total of two rounds of collection and payment service are provided under the registrinternational是什么意思ation fee concessionary period. 

2. Membersthough' families and friends

Members' family members and friends should register through the regthoughistration interfanotice翻译ce on the official website of the annual conference. After successful registration, they must inform the district council so thatnotice同义词 the districlubmanct Council cclub用英语怎么说an dannuallyo the releva童话故事nt statistical winternationalcupidork well.

The annual meeting of the websit桃花源记e:

(3) Method of payment

Registlion是什么意思ration fee should be paid toannualized the Lions Club office in Shenzhen. You cuplayan pay by cash or credit card, wechat pay to "Huashi Online", or by transfer to the following account:

Account name: Shannual同义词enzhen Lions Club

Bank name: Shanghai Pudong Development Bnoticedank,noticeable Shennan Midclub翻译dle Road Branch

Alions的音标ccount number: 791emblem30155260000178

Please note when traannual的名词nsferring: name + service team + southeast Asia annual conference registration.

(iv) Registration method

After the transfer,emblem please be sure to submit the registrationannual是什么意思 Form for the 58th Annual Conference of Southeast Asia (see attachment 2) to szlionsnotice同义词

Three, & have spentOther Matters needing attention

(I) Hotel reservation

All registered members are requested to take care of thclub翻译emselves, the association will no longerabout怎么读 collect and pay related fees.

The hotel bolionsgateokinupsg inteclub是什么意思rface of the official website of the annual conference provides a number of hotels cooperating with the organizing committee for ynotice用法our refeinternational怎么读rence. httpsnotice用法://  Hotthel applicaannuallytion and payment deadline: August 30, 5pm (JST)

(2) Onupgrade investment promotion aninternationald exhibition

Members with rnotice是什么意思ele桃花源记vant requirementsemblems, please feeinternationally歌曲l free to contact. The official contact email of the organizing Commiaboutcgttee of the Annual Meeting  


Four, & have spentThe contact

1. Registration Contact:

Huang Xi陶虹从张庭公司3年分红2.6亿nran, tel: 25689752

2. Financial Contact:

Peng Li, tel: 2568 8519&NBsp;

3. Emainternational labour day翻译il: szlionsmr@163.annual翻译cominternational& NBSP;

Welcome lion friends to register!



Notice | about sign up for the lions club international notice the 58th annual southeast Asia news picture1ZhangAnnex 1- Conference schedule. XLS

Notice | about sign up for the lions club international notice the 58th annual southeast Asia news picture2ZhangAnnex 2- Rupstairsegistration form for thenotice用法 58tthinh South East Asia Lions Convention. Doc


Shenzhen Lions Club 2019-2020

Chaemblematic翻译irman ofnotice用法 the International Conventiointernational labour day翻译n Committee: Dong Shige

Executive Chairmen: Zhan Wenli, Zhang Jinlian, Chen Heng

14 Augunotice用法st 2019

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