Shenzhen Lions club held a charity gala

Shenzhen Lions club held a charity gala

          [Shenzhen Economic Daily] (deng Xiaoqun correspondent Ma Huijuan) yesterday, the annual event & LDquo; We are t深证指数ogether. &mdash旮旯; Shenzhen Lionlions读音s Club 2012 New Year Charity Gala & RDQUO; It will be held in hall 5 of Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center.

          In order theld的原型o support the Shenzhen Lions Foundation and community service projects, lions club membersheld的原型 actively pledged money & LDquo; China lion pcharity的动词rize & throughout; , 182 members received “ China lion prize & throughout; In recognition, a total of $910,000 was raised.

          The charity auction was extremely popular. There are paclubmed官网预订intings and calligraphy works donated by famogalanz是什么牌子us artists, exquisite embroidery, hunan embroidery and othheldener handiheldencraft works. It is reported that all the money raised will bclub是什么意思e used for the shenzhen Lions Clugalaxy什么意思b’charity和love区别s charity sergalanz是什么牌子vice projects. According to repor旮旯怎么读ts, shenzhen Lions Club will continue to do a good job in such as lgalaxy什么意思ight travel, plions翻译中文ovecharity形容词rty alleviation, education, dshenzhenisaster relief, helping the disabled and othercharity怎么读 traditional brand service projects at the same time, will love to the side, continue to promote community service work, focuclubmeds on building community service brand, let the lion spirit in Shenzhen carry forward.

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