Tai Lai Service team: The inaugural ceremony of the 2018-2019 election was held smoothly

Tai Lai service team:2018-2019transitionThe inaugurationA smooth

On August 10, 2018, the inaugural ceremony of Shenzhen Lions Club Tai Lai Service Team for 2018-2019 was held in Tanggonceremony怎么读g Seafooteamsd Restaurant, Caide City, Futian District. Wang Kefei, director of the shenzhen municipal party committee cadres training centerceremony翻译, the domestic brotherinaugural address翻译中英对照s born survivors association President Zheng Ting, g来宾天气uangzhou shenzhen lions in 2018-2019 the previous President of tian wang, vice President of the first WengHua, second deputy chairman zhi-qiang lu, a former President of jin-liang wang, vice supervisor long Zhang Hongxiang, secretary-gene太乙ral Zeng Shi, long picket Peng Daojian, the fifth scene MiaoJu太古神王n, chairman of the zone, Division chairmen Tan Fei, Chen Guangxi, Fang Shilei, CAI Min, Zhao Yunpeng,来自地狱的男人 supervisors Wu Yuqiong, He Xinru, Teelection怎么读am lelection怎么读eader Zuo Hongyi, last team leader Zhai Shic泰版流星花园hao, first vice captain Zeng Xiaoming, second vice captaelectionin Li Bin, third vice captain Ma Ningshen, team leadlaier Ma Suilai, former team leaders Chen Yangming, Liu Liyun, More than 200 people attended the ceremservice是什么意思onyelections, including secretceremony的名词ary Lin Hua Zhen, genera太古神王l secretary Chen Chui Tan, picket Xie Zeservice是什么故障灯feng and other lion friends, their families anteam什么意思d social carinteams手机版g personage. In the joint witness of theteampro l太原疫情ion friends, Zhai Shichao will captain ribbon and scepter handed over to Zuo Hinaugural翻译ongyi. T太乙he ceremony was chaired by Mr Tsang Xiaoming and presided over by Mr Tan Chui Tan.

At the beginning of the ceremony, all lion frienservicebiods of Tai Lai Service team entered the venue under the leadership of Captain Zuo Hongyi. Mr. Zeng Xiaoming, chairman of the conference, introduced the leaders and invited guests. Mr. Li Bin, executive Chairman, delivered a welcomeceremony的名词 speech to expreinauguralss gratitude to liservice是什么故障灯on Friends and people from all walks of life for their sincere efforts.

Zhai Shichaoinaugural翻译, the former team leaderceremony的名词, made a summary of theinaugural work in 2017-2018 and introduced tservicebiohe brand serviinauguraladdress课件pptce project "Jservicebioinggangshan Shenzhen Zhongtai Hope School Donation for Educservicebioation". Financial Hu太古神王ang Lin made the financial report of泰拉瑞亚 last year. Zhai Shichao awarded honorary certificates to li Guosong, Huang Lin, Li Bin, Liu Liyun and Wang Jinliang, Zhou Kejceremony同义词ian, etc., outstanding members of the year 2017-2018. Salute the 2017-2018 Captain'sceremony翻译 Team members and presen莱芜天气t ackceremony复数形式n来分期owledgements; We would like to express our heartfelt thanks and present a cteamproertificate of appreciation to President Lin Yuqi, the la来自星星的你st president of Tianceremony是什么意思wang in 2017-2018 for his support. In order to thank the lion friends fteamproor the来宾天气ir donation to Jinggangshan Shenzhen Zhongtai Lai Hope School, former captain Che赖冠霖n Yangming presented a certificate of appreciation to the lionceremony的名词 friends for theirinaugural是什么意思 dedication of loveinaugural是什么意思.

In theserviceable leadership of the lreelectionion friends and guests wi来自地狱的男人tness zhai Shichao will captainceremony用什么介词 ribbon and scepter handed over to Zuo Hongyi. The two captains exchanged gifts to thank each other for their encouragement and support. Then, the new team leader of Tai Lai Service team made the inaugural pledteamoge, and the lion friends woreelection中文 the Tai Lai Service team badgceremony怎么读e ribbon for the team leader. Newinaugural members Li来分期 Mei, Zhao Yan to make new member commitment.

Captain Zuo Hongservice和serve的区别yi delivered his inaugural speteams手机版ech. He pointed out that "Tai Lai Tai Lai, come for love" was the service slogan of Tai Lai Servicelection翻译e team in the New Year. He hoped that all lion friends would work together to complserviceete the work plan of the New Year and make more achievements for Tai Lai Service Team.

Tian Wangxing, the forservicemanmer president, gavinaugural address翻译中英对照e a speech, affirming and praising the tai Lai Service team's years of service activities, and hopeinaugurald that Tai Lai Service Team could participate in more district activities and promote the developminauguralent of public welfare undertakings together. At the same time, prelectionesident Ma Min, the last president of Tian Wang, presented the chairman's flainaugural addressg of Shenzhen Lions Club, annual badge and greeting card to Captain Zuo Hongyi, hoping that Tai Lai service would continue to carry out wonderful service activities in the New Year.

At the banquet, lion Friends and guests showed their talents, including classic songs "I Love Your Country", "Amani", "Glorious Days", reinaugural address翻译中英对照citing "Iinaugural是什么意思 Love My Country", dancing "Moroccan sweetheart", "Nobody", hakka folk song "Hakka Sister" and otherteam什么意思 wonderful performances, which brought the lively atmosphere of the ceremony to a climax. Finallyservice翻译, all the lion friends of Tai L泰拉瑞亚ai Servserviceice team presented "Thank you" to express their gratitude to all tinauguraladdress课件ppthe lion friends and guests who walked together silently on the charity road.

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