A technological future for you -- Lions Club of Shenzhen launched the "Growing up with Technology" themed service for the disabled

On December 13, 2020, The Lions Club of Shenzhen was held in shenzhen Youth Activity Center. With the theme of "Science and Tegrowing翻译chnology accompany me to grow up", more than 500 disabled people and their families wlions英语怎么读ere organizfuture bassed to participalaunched怎么读的te in art design, five Senses Market, science and Technology Museum and other actifuture bassvities, with a service budget of nearly 100,000 yuan.


Shenzhen di深圳疫情最新动态sabled persons' federation member of the party group,growing是什么意思 deputy director of Li Lun, domestic representa深圳风险等级tive in shenzhen, shenzhen federation of lion lionlaunched是什么意思 li wh, first secretary of the pclubmedarty branch, President of shenzhen lion, zhi-qialion是什么意思ng lu, firstupstairs deputrelaunchedy chairman Guo Yongyong, secretary-general Lai Zhuoni, assiclub是什么意思stive committee chairman jian-hua su, blindness help blind committee chairman zhou liang, wclub翻译ang chentechnological翻译g, chairman ofup the emergency committeupone, Wenlaunched是什么意思 Yao-li, chairman of the Committee for Women and Family Development, Zhang Huai-yu, llaunched是什么意思eader of the Shenzhen Youth Innovation Educatechnology怎么读tion Base, Ma Ji深圳市最新疫情ng-yang, chairman of shenztechnological和technical的区别hen Association of the Blind, Zhu Xian-xian, Chaupirman of Shenzhen Association of the Deaf, Fu Xianfuture是什么意思g-yang, Chairman of Shenzhen Association ofgrowingupwith英语作文 The Physically Disabled, Shen Jianping, Secretary Generafuture4200l, Rui-lclubmedian wang, vice President of shelionsnzhen intelupperlectual disabled people and friends association, association, vice charelaunchedirman of shenzhen mental disabtechnological翻译led people and friends Huang Xueqing, domestic jointupper network commtechnological翻译unication co., LTD. Shenzhen branch Du Jiayi treasure robot technology co., LTD., Beifuture4200jingups philharmongrowinglyic Xu Huan, shenzhen awayfuture Dennis lam Xie Shijun ophthalmic hospita深圳市最新疫情l public department minister, More than 800 volunteers, disabled people and their families patechnology怎么读英语rticipated in the event. Afuture是什么牌子ctivities by the happy service team captain Lin Xiaoyi as the chairmantechnological怎么读 of the conference, presided over by Meng Chun.

Lu Zhiqiangclubmed官网预订, President of Shenzhen,growingio said in an intefuture是什么意思rvietechnological怎么读w with the media that Shenzhen took thlaunched是什么意思英语e lead in systefuture糖果matically proposing th深圳风险等级e goal of "building China's first child-friendly city" in 2016. After more than four years of practice, Shenzhen has developed the concept of "building a child-friendly city" from t深证指数he initial "conlion是什么意思cept" to a full-scale "reality". This activittechnology怎么读英语y focuses on young people with disabilities as the core audience深圳. With future innovative technologies as the theme, young people aged 6-16 are orglions的音标anized to conduct innofuture怎么读音vative le深圳大学arning and scientific exploration. Through scientific, interactive, interesting and inspiring content dtechnology和techniqueesign, the practical ability of young petechnologyinreverse课件ople with disabilities is traitechnological是什么意思ned. The activity aims to inspire young peopfuture4200le with disabilities to work hard, arouse their love for science and technology and interest in exploring the future, inspire their creative thinking, and injeclions是什么意思t youth power into the realization of the dreaclubsm of China.


At the c深圳eremony, Chairman So Introduced the guests. Captain Lin xiaoyi extended a warfuture bassm welcome to the leaders, guests, friends with disabilities, lions and media.

Chairman Ma jingyang, on behalf of the five disabled associations in Shenzhen, sinfuturehendrixcerely thanked the Shenzhen Lionuplays Club anup是什么意思呢d other caring organiztechnology和techniqueations for their care and care for the young disatechnology是什么意思bled friends in shenzhen. He said technology for the disabled provides a good platform for people with disabilities to further understand sotechnology是什么意思英语单词ciety through technology. He hopes lion friends and caring people can continue to provide more employment opportunitclub用英语怎么说ies for disabled friends and familgrowing upies, so that they can work and live like norma深圳疫情最新消息l people. Mr. Zhang Huaiyu said that as thclubmed官网预订e venutechnological怎么读e of shens深圳疫情最新动态hi Public Welfare School, all children with intellectual disabilitupperies are welcome to come here and fclub用英语怎么说eel different happiness.

Lu Zhiqiang, chairman of the Association, vividly took the topic of "If ufos suddenly appear in the sky, wtechnology是可数名词吗ill they attack hutechnology怎么读man beings?" as the starting point, he desfuturehendrixcribed the two conditions of equality and freedom that are necessary for the develclubmanopment of sclub怎么读ocial civilization, and fully affupstairsirmed the significance of scientific and technological assistance activities for the disabled in guiding the disabled to pursue equal and free life. He begrowing是什么意思lieves that through the continuous efforts of lions club members, Shenzhen Lions Club will make more contributions to the sustainupstairsable and high-quality development of the societ深圳疫情最新消息y and the establishmfuture是什么意思ent of the socialist core values of equality and freedom. At the end of the speech, he led all lclubmedifuture4200on friends to say "I lovclubse you" in sign language with his mentally handicapped friends. The disabled friends antechnology是可数名词吗d relatives in the audtechnology是什么意思英语单词ience expressed their love to Lu Zhiqlaunched的中文意思iang in sign language. The atmosphe深圳天气re was warm and touching.


Li Weihua, the first party secretary ofrelaunched Shenzhen, thanked the Students for providing such a good venue and stgrowinglyressed the important role of scientific and technological develotechnology什么意思中文pment in social life. On the road to a modclub是什么酒erateltechnological怎么读y prosperous soc深证指数iety in all respects, no one with disabilities should be left belionsgatehind, he said. It i深圳疫情s the common responsibility of the whole society to carupe for people with disabilities. It is the commouplayn goal of the wrelaunchedhole society to help people with disabilities achieve a well-off life in an all-round way. He believes that all lion friends will make joint efforts to help the distechnology是什么意思英语单词abled achieve the goal of a well-off soclions是什么意思ilions的音标ety in atechnology怎么读英语n all-round way.


Witnessed by Vice Chairman Li Lun, First Secretary Li Weihua, First Vice Chairman Guo Yongyong, secretary General Lai Zhuoni, Chairman Su Jianhua, Chairclubsman Zhou Liang and Captain Lin Xiaoyi, Chairman Lu Zhiqiang awarded the plaque of "Shenshi Public Welfare School • Shenzhen Youth Innovation Education Bas深圳疫情最新动态e" to the Shenzhen Youtechnology是可数名词吗th Innovation Education Base. This marks the normalization of the public welfare cooperation between The Shenzhen Lions Clubshenzhen and tgrowingiohe Shenzhen Youth Innovation Education Base. Later, lion Friends, the leaders of Shenz深圳风险等级hen Lions Club and repuplayresentativuplayes of shenzhen's five disalions怎么读bled associatiofuture是什么意思ns jointly launched the "Science and technology for the Disable深圳风险等级d" activity. Thunderous drums and warm applause brogrowing是什么意思ke out.upon


Then the youth frgrowinglyiends are partial to the second floor, third floor, fourth floor of the deep port JiaoLiuGuan,future是什么牌子 devised planet discovery centre hall, hall and guest houslions是什么意思e, visited the universe - 3 d fluorescent paint, swim the galaxy, the vast stars, watching深圳天气 the movie, experience thefuture糖果 yacht, 5 d plane, straw structures, unpowered car/CAM structure, witch big battle, lock, face painting, etc.


After lunch, accompanied by their parents,growing up teenagers stood in a long line at boolions读音ths such as hoop games, legal advice, cgrowinglyandy paintings, cotton candy and dough kntechnology和techniqueeading, holding varioufuturehendrixs cartoon figures, playinglions读音 games and eating sweet cotton candy andlaunched的中文意思 candy paintings.


Parent Li said, thanks to tshenzhenhe city disabled people's Federation, Shenzhentechnological Lions Club and disabled people's Association carefully planned a riuponch and colorful technology experience activities, let the children深圳大学 open"Yacht" and "plane", feel the vast sea and sky, and a group of small partners and uncles and aunts to accompany, and can play and eat, but also to learn knowledge, received g深圳大学ifts, the children are happy than the New Year.

This activitechnology什么意思中文ty guided by disabled persons' federation of shenzhenlions怎么读, shenzhen lilion是什么意思中文翻译ons host, shenzhen lions assistive comtechnological和technical的区别mitttechnological怎么读ee, blinfuture4200dness to blind committee, the emergency committee and shenzhen limb dilions是什么意思sabled person association, city spirit and fupriendlions怎么读s for the disabled association, the association of intellectuupstairsal disabled people and friends, citylaunched的中文意思, city association to undertake the blind, the deaf association It was jointly initifuture翻译ated by shenzhen Lions Club Happiness, Boya, Huayuan, Hualin, Shande, Yantian, Silver Lake and The Main Club, and co-organized by Bijia Mountain, Hongya and other service teamsfuture糖果. It has received joint support from Shenzhen Youth Activity Center, Shenzhen Youth Innovation Education Base, Yclubmanan Haoxiang Official Support Atechnology是什么意思英语单词ssociafuture是什么意思tion and Shenzhen Disabled Call Servupice Center.


Gao Rui su Jianhua Su Zhuangbin

[Photo] Chen Weiming Su Zhuangbin

【 Edit 】 Ma Huijuan & NBSlions怎么读P; Lin Yanfen

[Typesetting] Du Shaoheng

[Issued] Shenzhen Liotechnology翻译ns Club Office

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