Lions Club of Shenzhen, sichuan Ya ‘an earthquake relief briefing

              On April 20, 2013 in the morning, after the 7.0 magnitude earthquake in sichuan ya ‘an, shenzhen lions first launched catastroprelief形容词hic disaster emergency rescue emergency mechanism, establis四川农业大学hed the organizing committee o深圳市最新疫情f the shenzhen lions ya ‘an in sichuan earthquake relief, and held a lion’s club in shenzhen special routine council immediately and ya ‘an, sichuan earthquake relief committee meetinrelief用法及搭配g for the first time, Relevant eartclub是什么酒hquake r杨颖elief made specific arrangements.

                After deliberation, the meeting decided to propose eac深圳疫情最新动态h service team and lion friends to sbriefing翻译ichuan Ya ‘an disaster area people donations, donations; Decided by Peng Kun, Zhang Zhihe, Huang Cheng, T四川外国语大学ong Xi杨幂n, Luo Yingmeearthquakes怎么读i five lion杨颖 friends to form the Shenzhen Lions Club Sichuan Yaclub ‘an Earthquake relief vanguard, and held a flag cer四川农业大学emony; The decbriefing翻译ision was made that the Vanguard will purchasrelief动词e 250,000 yurelief给挚爱的你an of emergency supplies locally and deliver them to the people in ya ‘an, Sichuan prlion是什么意思ovince on October 21. The meetinclub是什么意思g alsearthquakes翻译o implemented th妖龙古帝e procurement o深圳疫情最新动态f malion是什么意思中文翻译terials and fast arrival and otheclub翻译r matters.

              On April 21, 2013, Brother Tong Xinshi of the emergency vanguard learned about the urgently nearthquakes翻译eeded supplies in the affected areas of Ya ‘an and purchased the following supplies in Cheearthquake翻译ngdu: Color strip clotearthquake可数吗h, railions翻译中文n gear is the key, women’s articles, infant articles such as milk powder, cotton, waterproof cloth, food (such as bread, compre四川师范大学ssed biscuits, mineral water, instant noodles, etc.), blank深圳ets, tents, flashlight, battery, generator, medicine, etc. Peng Kun Shi Brother purchased urgen延禧攻略tly needed drugs in Shenzhen.

                On the morning四川外国语大学 of the 21st, the vanguard peng Kun, Zhang Zhihe, Huang Cheng, Luo Yingmei arrived at the disasearthquake翻译成中文ter area in Sichuan anrelief动词d divided the labor. At 12 o ‘clock, thearthquakese Lions Club of Shenzrelief翻译hen got a pass to the disaster area and loaded the emergency supplies to the disaster area杨紫, including 150 thousand yuan worth of qearthquake翻译成中文uilts, water, food and 100 thousand yuclubmed官网预订an of emergency medicine.

&nrelief怎么读bsp;         &n深圳疫情最新动态bsp;     It is explions怎么读ected that the first batch of supplies organized by Shenzhen Lions Club will arrive at Lushan Cou延禧攻略nty People’s Hospital at 7:00 this eve深圳市最新疫情ning. Two trucks filled with 10 tons from Chengdu Metro a深证指数re on their way, and it is expected to arrive at Lushan C杨幂ounty People’s Hospital in two and a half hours. As of 15:00 Sunday, the Shenzhen Lions Club had raised morerelief形容词 than 1.6 millionlions英语怎么读 yuan in reliearthquake是什么意思英语ef funds and more than 300,000 yuan in relief materials. The Lions Cluclub怎么读b of Shebriefing是什么意思nzhen will continue to deliver supplies to the disaster area according to the needs of the disaster relief.

Shenzhen Lions Club & NBSP;         &nclub是什么酒bsp;
April 21, 2013

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