A Brief report on sichuan Ya 'an Earthquake Relief by Shenzhen Lions Club (1)

                On the morning of April 20, 2013, the Lions Club of Shenzhen learned that a 7.0-magnitude earthquake occ四川师范大学urred in Ya四川人事考试网 'an, Sichuan province, with a focal depth of 13 kilometers. The Lions Club of Shenzhen launchclubmaned the emergency rescue mechanism for marelief形容词jor disaster四川师范大学s aearthquakesnd established the Orearthquake翻译成中文ganizing Committee of Sichuan Ya 'an Ear妖神记thquake Relief. In the afternoon, the first meetinrelief给挚爱的你g of the Spebriefingcial Standing Council of The Shenzhen Lions Club and the Sichuan Ya 'an Earthquake Relief Committee was held, and specific arrangements were made for earthquake relief.

               earthquake怎么读; After deliberation, the meeting decided to propose each service team and lion friends to sichuan Ya 'an disaster area peclub翻译ople donations, donations; Decided by Peng Kun, Zhang Zrelief用法及搭配hihe, Huang Cheng, Tong Xin, Luo Yingmei five lion friends to forclub翻译m the Shenzhen Lions Club Sichuan Ya 'an Earthquake relsichuanief vanguard, and held a flag ceremony; The decision was made that the Vanguard will purelief翻译rchase 200,000 yuan of emergency supplies locally and deliver them to the people in ya 'an, Sichuan province on October 21. The meeting also imp四川人事考试网lemented the procurement of materials and other matters.
&nbbriefingsp;               As of 1club翻译9:45 on 20th, shenzhen Lions club has 2shenzhen6 service teams, 4 lion friends alionsgatend 1 caring enterprise with a total donation amount of 748,000 yuan.

                Attachment: List of the Organizing Committee of sichuan Ya 'an Earthquake Re深圳天气lief of Shenzhen Lions Club

Shenzhen Lions Club & NBSP;        
April 20, 2013

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