Notice | about lions at shenzhen 2019-2020 annual incoming district council members, members of the committee, corps captain, secretary and financial seminar notice

Notice | about lions at shenzhen 2019-2020 annual incoming district council members, members of the committee, corps calion是什么意思中文翻译ptain, secretary and fiannual是什么意思nancial seminar notice

Dear Lion friend,

This is to hold the Lions Club Shenzhen District Council Member, Committee membernotice同义词, Service Team Leader, Secretary and Finance Seminar 2019-2020 in Dongguan Kaijing Hotel from May 26 tincoming翻译o 27, 2019 (Sunday-Monday).

I. Participants:Member of dis深圳风险等级trict Council 2019-2020, Chairmembers翻译man and Execannualizedutive Chairman of committees, Captains of service teams,members怎么读 first, second and third vice-captains, Secretnoticedary and Tr深圳疫情easurer.

Ii. Training Arrangements:We will meet at Xiangmihu Good World at 7:30 in the morning of 26th and go there by bus. We will sign in at 8:40 for training, expand at 9:30 for all staff, check in at 13:00, train at 14:30, take a group photo at 16:00 and party at 1membership9:30. All day training on the 27th, ending at 17:00.

Iii. Fees:530 YUAN/person (including 1 breakfast, 3 meals, 1 night standard room accommodation, complimannual造句entary lion service bag and lion service manual), if you need to live in a single room, you need to pay 200 yuabout是介词吗an/person/night formembers怎么读 theabout怎么读语音 diffeannualsrence of single room. The fee can be paid by cash, wechat payment or transfer to the Account of Shenzhen Lions Club (name: Shenzhen Lions Club). Account number: 79130155260000178; Bank: Shanghai Pu深圳天气dong Development Bank, Shennan Mi深圳疫情ddle Road Sub-branch.

Four, clothing requirements:T深圳天气he red lion.

Please secretary will attend service list, accommodation (single or standard), drive way (drive or ride) information such as the office staff,members reply anlions的音标d please financial service will b深圳疫情最新消息e participating in the training of the friends of the lion unified training on May 17 (12 noon) before payment (lion online) welcome to China, can'annual英语怎么读t credit cardnoticeable palionsgateyment or pay cash at the scene.

V. Registration Contact:

Zone 1: Hu Lei 25689756

Zone 2: Du Shaoheng 256lions88980

Third zone: Lijiangping 2annually5688576

The fourth zone: Huang Xinran 25689752

Fifth zone: Zhou Wenguang 25688930

Financial contact: Yang Lili 25688190

Vi. Hotel Address:Kaijing Hotel, No.1 kaijing Avenuelion是什么意思, Zhongtang Town, Dongguanmembersmark啥牌子 city, Tel: 0769-8888333.

The symposium is a majonotice作文r event ofincoming翻译 the 2019-20 year. Please pay attention to thismembers怎么读 training and arrange your working time to attend.

Notice is hereby given.

Attannual的名词achment:Structure of Zone, Zone and service team of Lions Club of Shenzhen 2019-2020

Shenzhen Lions Club 2019-2020

Weng Hua, president elect

Lu Zhiqiang, president and first Vice President designate of tnotice翻译he Conference

Zheng Guoping, Rong Jing, Nie Xiangdong, Wen Yaoli, Executive Chairman

May 8, 2019

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