Notice | about members to registration and membership fee collection work

Notice | about members to registration and membership fee collection work

Service teams:

In accordance with the Notice on The Re-registration of Members issued by The Domestic Lion Association, and in accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of Cregistrationivil Affairs on the re-registration of members of the Domestic Lion Association, the re-registmembershipration of members of the Domestic Lion Association has been approved by the third counciaboutl meeting of 2018-2019. According to the requirements of the association and the worregistration翻译成中文k arrangement of the district clmembers markub, Shenzhen Lions Club will collect membership dues for 2019-2020. We hope that all service teams will take it seriously and promote the re-registration of all members in a comprehensive, systematic, rigorous and standardized manregistration翻译nerAnd collection of duecollectionsWork. The relevant matters are hereby notified as follows:

I. Orgmembership什么意思啊anizational structure of member re-registration

In order to organize, lead and coordinate the re-registration of members and the collection of membership dues for 2019-2020, Lions Club shmembership怎么读enzhen has set up a leadingmembersmark啥牌子 group on the re-registration of members and collection of membership dues under a working group.

The list of leading groups is as follows:

Group leader: Ma Min

Deregistrationfailed什么意思puty group leaders: Tian Xingwang, Weng Hua, Lu Zhiqiang, Du Hengkun, Luo Jinsong, Guo Yongyong, Peng Daojian, Zheng Guoping

Members: Liworkplace Feng, Liao Ronghui, Nie Xiangdong, Xu Qiubin, Du Peng, Jing Miajun

The lifeeblest of workingaboutcg网站 groups is as follows:

Group leader: Li Feng

Deputy group leaders: Liaonotice作文 Ronghui, Nie Xiangdong, Xu Qiubinmembers翻译, Du Peng, Jing Miajun

Members: Tan Fei, Cao Yingwang, Zhang Li, Chen Guangxi, Wen Yaoli, Li Zregistrationhou, Ru Chunxu, Fang Shilei, Chen Qunhao, Li Chunchang, Lian Wei, Guo Tao, Li Xiang, Chen Nianzhong, Yang Hankun, Cui Weiying, Sun Mingxia, CAI Mmembersdrcfxcomin, Zhao Yunpeng, Luo Junping, Wan Chaolin, Wang Cheng, Qi Kelin, Zhang Jinghua, Ouyang Fan

Ii. Scope of re-regabout后面动词什么形式istration

The scope of re-registration includes all members who are registernoticeed with ciB for the year 2018-2019.registration翻译

Those who have paid the membership fee but have not been approved to join the association are not included in this registration and will wait for the nemembership怎么读xt notice of the association.

Principle of re-registration of members

1. Each distnotice的固定搭配rict anregistrationd service team should attach great importcollectionanceabout是介词吗 to the re-regworkistration of members and actively promote the re-registratinotice作文on of members.

2. The re-registration of members will be combinedfeed是什么意思翻译 witabout-faceh the collection of membership dues in 2019-2020. The collection of membership dues will be started at the same time for members who complete the refeed-regworksistration as required; For those membregistration formers who fail to complete the re-registration or do not meetwork the registration requiabout翻译rements, the membership fee for 2019-2020 will not be accepted.

Iv. Collection and payment of membership dues in 2019-2020

1. Members who fill oumembers markt the membership re-collection是什么意思registration form should pay the membership fee for 2019-2020 at the same time. All members who are registered in 2018-2019 shall pay annual membership fee of 1,500 YUAN in 2019about是介词吗-2020. Family members pay an annual membership fee of 750 yuan.

2.  New members are not accepted to pay membership dues, subject to the next notice of ciBabout-face.

3. Reward method for collection of dues:

(1) Acollection翻译ward of Excellence in dues collection for service teams that have paid their dues before 4fee Aprregistration是什么意思中文翻译il;

(2) Outstandmembership什么意思啊ing award fonotice过去式r fee collecregistration动词tion will be awabout后面动词什么形式arded to senotice用法rvice teams that have paid their dues by 11 April;

(3) All service teams that have paid thmembership什么意思啊eir dues before April 16 will receive the award of Excellence in dues collecnotice翻译tion.

5. Procedures and time requiremembers翻译meregistrationfailed什么意思nts for re-registration of members

To the service team aregistration怎么读音s a unit, the full launch of all members of the re-registration work.

(I) Filling in registration Form fnotice是什么意思or service team (March 26 — April 16, 2019)

(1)aboutcg网站 The member shall fill in the “Membershimembersdrcfxcomp Re-Rfeedbackegistration Form of Domestic Lmembership和member的区别ion Association” (see Attachment 1, hereinafter referred to as the registratfeedion Form) and submit it to the service team leader and secretary for signature.

By service team captain or secretary (2) according to the service of all the members to submit the registwork是什么意思ratioworkshopn foraboutm, fill in the domestic lion federation member registration summary table againabout是介词吗 conditions satisfying the normal registraabout-facetion (members) (see annex 2, hereinafter referred to aabout怎么读s the summary table) and the domestic lion federation member registration summary table again (special circumstances), the inabilityabout怎么读 to all kinds of special cases of normal registratimembersmark啥牌子on) (see annex 3, Hereinafter reffeel的过去式erred to as “Special situation Form”) and sign for confirmation.

(3) Take the service team as the unit, submit the registration form, summary form and special situation form to each district officer of Shenzhen Lions Cmembershiplub Office. Original documents should be maabout翻译iled to lions Club office in Shenzhen. Address: Room 1308, 13 / F, Building D, Huaqing Yunoticedan, No. 38, Luosha Jinger Road, Luohu Districtabout翻译, Shenzhen. Email adfeel的过去式dress:

(4) All informregistration formation in the registration form mregistrationfailed什么意思ust be filled in, and the attached photo is the smemberstandard certificate photo.

(5) Cocollections.sort用法ntents relatfeedbacked to signature can be hancollection是什么意思dwritten signature or electronic signature, not input version.

(2) Shenzhen Lions Club verifies membership registration informatfeelsion (April 17 — April 25, 2019)

(1) Tmembershe Shenzhen Lions Club Office shall verify and improve the relevant content of registration form, summary form and special situation form submittmembership怎么读音ed by each service teamwork翻译, and the confirmation shall be revimembers是什么意思ewed by the Shenzhen Lions Club Board.

(2) the lion’s club imembersn shenzhen office will summary table, special situation tablregistration翻译e and deal with the convention and exhibition team and members of the audit opinion report or report submitted to the bofeedard resolution cib (resolutionnotice过去式 processing opinion report or report shall contaregistration翻译成中文in the region impossible for nmembership和member的区别ormal registmembersmark啥牌子ration of membership and normal registracollectionstion of membership, return, removed from membership of the statistics, etcnotice的固定搭配).

(3)Membership information review (May 5, 2019 — May 20, 2019)

The ficSA secretariat verifies and improves the information submitted by each district, and makes classified sumembership翻译mmaries and statistics for submission to the FICSA Standing Council or the Board of Governors for consideration.

(4)Re-registration oabout怎么读语音f acceptance members (May 21workplace — June 3, 2019)

The federation shall check and accept the re-registration of its members, make corregistrationfailed什么意思responding resolutions or resolutions accoabout-facerding to different situations, and form a report on the re-registratimembers markon of its members, which shnotice是什么意思all be submitted to the council of the Federation for deliberation and to the competent authorities, China Disabled Personworkouts’ Federatcollection接口ion and the Ministry of Civil Affairs.

Worabout-facek requirements for re-registration of members

According to the articles of association and rregistration翻译elevant regulations, in the process of re-registration of members, if any of the following special circumstances occur, it is necessary to sumembershipmmarize and fill in the special situation form according to the actual situation and mafeed是什么意思翻译ke corresponabout翻译ding measures in a timely mannerworkout.

1. Acollection怎么读ccordingwork的过去式 to arregistrationticle 21 of the Arfeedbackticles of Association, members shall notify the Association in writing onotice用法f their withdraabout后面动词什么形式wal and go through the withdrawal proceducollection是什么牌子resabout怎么读 according to relevant procedures. If a memcollectionber does not pay membership fee for more than 6 months or does nocollections下载t attend activities for 6 consecutive months, the clabouttime免费观看ub has the right to withdraw fromwork的过去式 the club.

2. According to the provisions of Article 22 of the Articles of Association, if a member violateswork翻译 the ncollection是什么牌子ational laws or seriously violatregistration怎么读es the articles of association, or seriously affects the reputation of the Associcollections.sort用法atnoticedion due to bad behavior, the board of directors will vote to expel the member.

3.notice的形容词 According to Article 23 of the Rules of Work:

(1) A memmembers翻译ber shall notify his/her seworksrvice team in writing of his/her withdrawal anotice是什么意思nd return the relevant articles.

(2) If a member does not participate in activities foworkplacer simembers的中文意思x consecutive months without reason, or does not pay membership dues for more than six months, the serworkdayvimembers怎么读ce team shall deal with his/her withdrawal from the club. Ifnotice过去式 a member withholds membership for less than six months, his/her membership can be reinstated upon appromembers是什么意思val by the federation’s board of directors. A member whofee has quit the club for more than six months shall go through the membership procedurcollectionse again as a new member.

(3) If a member violates the laws of the country or seriously violates the provisions of the articles of Association, or seriously affects the reputation of the Association due to improper conduct, the board of directors will vote to enotice作文xpel the member and cancel its membership.

(4) The association will not accept any member who has been expelled from the assnotice作文ociation.

4. If the member cannot be contactedabout是什么意思 within the specified time for re-registration, or the member fails to cooperate with the update and supplement of the member information, ciAA will not accept the membership fee for 2019-2020. After the member completes the registration, it will bcollectione dealt with separately.

Seven, notes

1. Each service team must inform its members to submit the registration form before the required datnoticee.

2. The Office will update the information submission status of earegistrationch service team on a weekly basisfeeling and notify it.

3. The Office has updated the list ofabout后面动词什么形式 registered memwork是什么意思bers and some information of each sworkerervice team to the summary form and sent it to team leaders and secretaries. Please supplement other information as required. Do not addabout personnel list or modify existing information.

Viii. Payment method

1. Payment can be made through Huashi Online, transfer, credit card, cash, etc.

2. Payment method of Huashmembership怎么读音i Online: Follow the wechat official account “Huashi Online”, select “Payment” at the lowmembership怎么读音er right corner of the page, fill in the relevant content and confirmcollection怎么读 the payment as prompted, and complete the payment.

3. Transfer Information:

Account name: Shenzhen Lions Club;registrationfailed什么意思

Bank: Shanghai Pudongcollection翻译 Development Bank, Shennan Middle Road Sub-branch;

Account number: 79130155260000178

Please indicate the serfeel是什么意思vice team, number or list in the postscript wmembers怎么读henmembership翻译 transferring, and send the bank rfeelingenoticeceipt to the office after transferrinfeebleg for fabout后面动词什么形式inancabout翻译ial reconciliationregistration动词.

Work consultation and contact infofeelingrmation

General coordimembers marknatomembership翻译r: Li Feng 13808832721

The first zonmembership和member的区别e: Zhang Jinghuaabout怎么读 1598938783collections.sort用法8, Hu Lei 25689756

The second zonregistration翻译成中文e: Wan Chaolin 13924601945, Du Shaohengnotice用法 25688980

The third zone: Ouycollection是什么牌子衣服ang Fan 13322939993, Li Jiangping 25688576

The fourth zone: Wang Cheng 13802239062, Huangabout翻译 Xinran 25689752

The fifth zone: Qikelin 13302469158, Zcollection是什么牌子hou Wenguang 25688930

Financial contact: Peng Limembership和member的区别 25688feedback519

Member registration and membership fee collection work, relationship to each member of the identity, relationship to each service honor, hope that the various service to this work, and maintains highly consisnotice作文tent area will work, promptly implement, cmembership和member的区别ompletes the membershipabouttime免费观看 retention, achieve “one can’t be little, timely and highabout后面动词什么形式 quality member registration and membership fee collection work.

Notice is hereby given.


1. Re-registration form of domestic Lion Association membersnotice过去式

2, domestwork是什么意思ic lion association mregistration翻译embers re-registration summembers怎么读mary form

3. Domestic Lion Assocnotice的固定搭配iabouttime免费观看ation member Re-registration Smembership翻译ummary Form (speciaregistration怎么读音l cases)

Shenzhen Lions Clubmembership怎么读音 & NBSP;  

March 28, 2019

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