Resolution of commendation on donation for typhoon reconstruction in Taiwan, Lion Village construction in Yunnan, and low vision care and rehabilitation projects


      In order to encourage and commend the service teams and individuals who have donated to the projects of typhoon reconstructyphoon中文意思tion in Taiwan, lion Village constcommendation翻译ruction in Yunnan, and low vision care and rehabilitation, the current Council made the f台湾游览车撞山崖ollowing resolutions on the recognition of donations to the three projects:

      Ilions英语怎么读. Comm台湾傻事微博endationtyphoon翻译 methods

      1. Commrecommendationendation for donations to Taiwan’s Wind Disaster Reconstruction Project

      Outstanding project doconstruction什么意思中文nation certificateresolution怎么读s will be issued to individuals, serdonation是什么意思英语vice teams and enterprises who donate RMB 5,000 or more for the “Typhoon Reconstruction in Taiwan” project.

      2, “Yunnan Lion Village Consconstruction翻译中文truction” project donation commendation

  &ntyphoon怎么读bsp;   For the “Yunnan Lion Village Construction” project donation certificate will be issued to individuals who donate mor台湾面积e than 10,village什么意思怎么读音000 yuan, service teams with more thanvillage翻译 20,000 yuan oresolution是什么意思中文翻译r enterprises withtaiwan more than 50,000 yuan.

      3, “Low vision Care and Rehabilitation” projectyphoon是什么意思t dresolutions用英语怎么说onation recognition

Exquisite project donati台湾情侣的奇遇on certificonstruction和structure的区别cates will be issued to individuals, service teams and enterprises who donate more than 10,000 ydonation是什么意思英语uan, 20,000 yuan or 50,000 yuan to the “Low vision Care and rehabilitation” project.

&nblion翻译sp;     Ii. The commendtaiwanations of the above projects will be presented at the 2010 New Year Charity Party of Shenzhen Lions Club hvillage怎么读eld at Kempinski Hotel on December 26.

    &nbsvillagep; 3. The serviclion是什么意思e team wlion的音标ill doreconstruction翻译nate to the designated project voluntarily台湾主持天王病逝, subject to the funds arriving at the dresolutions用英语怎么说esignated account of the district council on December 20 or the speclion的中文意思ial service fund ac台湾傻事count opened by eachresolutions用英语怎么说 service tedonations是什么意思am when it is retrieved.

      Iv. All funds raised are for special use. Donations for “Typhtyphoon是什么品牌oon Reconstruction in Tadonations翻译iresolution怎么读wan” and “Lion Village Construction in Yunnan” will enter the bank account of the district Council, and donations for “Low vision Care and Rehabilitation” willionkkl bconstruction翻译中文e supervised bydonation什么意思 the service team in the bank account台湾主持天王病逝 ovillage翻译f the District Council or the district Council account. When disbursements are made, the two projects, “Typhoon Reconstruction in Taiwan” and “Lion Village Constrvillager造句uction in Yunnan”, shall be used by the Disdonations是什么意思trict Council accordingresolution to the progress of the projevillage游戏cts. The progress of the projects and the use of the funds shall belion publicized regularly on the Internet by the District Council and relevant committees and working grdonations怎么读oups. “Low vision Care and Rehabdonation怎么读ilitation” requires the service team to report the project plan and bconstruction翻译中文udget, and then the district council finance allocates funds.

  &villagernbsp;   V. These measures shadonation什么意思ll take effect as of Decemberesolution是什么意思中文翻译r 1, 2009.


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