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      In 2006, the Shenzhen Lions Club rich Source Education Fund selected 10 poor middle school students in Guangdong provincepasteurized and fully subsidized their three-year boarding education in high school. They grlovelyaduated from high school thieagerly翻译s year, and 6 of them were admitted to college, which has produced a very good social effect and laid a goostudents所有格d starting point for their future life.

      The beaupaste是什么意思tiful road also has many twists and tpasteclipurns. One of the ststudents是三单吗udents love liu lions (a pseudonym) students in guangzhou urban construction vocational college of mechlovelyanical and electroneagerlyic integrationpaste (nc) system, learning through the green chaeager翻译nnel has entered the university campus, but due to reasons such as is an orphan without the guarantor fails to apply for the student loans, and are not applying for a scholarship in the first year college, leading to the recent such as unable to pay the tuition fees may be at risk of dropastelegancep out of school. We will not allow poverty to drop out of school before our eyes. Here, we sincerely appeal to the service team or indeagerly什么意思ividual with strong love to stand up and help Liu Aishpasteclip是什么意思i to complete her three-year sstudents英语怎么读tudy.

      Liu Aishi was once a student of Dianbai Hong Kong Wan Chai Orphan School.love直直播app In thelovestory orphanage, she used the school as her home. The teachers and principal of the school were her parents, and warm-eagerlyhearted aunts and uncles westudents18re her relatives. She has almost no other family. She is eager to get sponsorship from the Lions club to fulfill her dream of unlovelyiversity. She said that after graduating from university, she would carry forward the spirit of lions Club and help everyoneeager翻译 arolove is gone英文翻译und her in need with her ability.
      Guangzhou Urban Construction Vocational College (CNC major)students : Tuition 11500 YUAN/academic yearpasteurized, accpaste是什么意思ommodation 1500 yupastebinan/academic year, living expenslovestoryes 600-700 yuan/month. Liu Aishi is a very sensible child. She can earn her own living through work-study program. She will study hard to get the national scholarship in the second year.eagerly什么意思 Therefore, during the three years of coeager的用法llege, liu Aishi needs the following subsidies: the first year: 13500 yuan of tustudents英语怎么说ition and miscellaneous expenses (urgently needed), the second year: 7,000 yuan, and the third year: 7,000 yuan, on an annual basis.

      Love in distress! Ipaste hope our love service team or lion friends can help her in the most difficult time,eagerly翻译 help her out of the dilemma, completlove直直播appe her studies!

      Please contact thestudents翻译 district council office immediately. Contact person: Ms. Ma, tel: 0755-25688567. Fax:students是单数还是复数 0755-25688900 E-mail: szlions_pub@163.com




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