Experience sharing and exchange facilitator - Shenzhen Lions Club and Zhejiang Representative Office to carry out lion affairs exchange

From December 7 to 8, 2020, the Zhejiang representative office of China Lions Association visited Shenzhen Lio浙江卫视节目表ns Club. The two sides gathered togetherrepresentative是什么意思 for a lion affairs exchange forum to share experience and enhance friendship among lion friends.

On The 7th, lu Z深圳hiqiang, president of Shenzhen Lions Club, Zhang Jian, chief of the picket, Wei Xinxin, chairman of the 2nd Zoexchange邮箱ne, Ye Ni深圳天气ng, chaifacilitator中文意思rman of the foreignexperiences Exchange and Cooperation Committee, and others came to Shenzhen深圳大学 Bao 'an Airport early to warmly weexchange短语lcome all the lion friends from Zhejiang representative office. On the afternoon of the sameclub day, The Lionlions英语怎么读s Club of Shenzhen organized the Lion Friends of Zhejiang representative office to visit Lianhuashan Park and view a show of Bougainvillea, pay tribute to the bexchange的名词ronze statue of Comrade Deng Xiaopzhejianging at the top of the mountain, and deeply remember the glorious thoughts and great achievements of Comrade Deng Xexchange邮箱iaoping.

In order to strengthen the exchanges and cooperation and promote深圳天气 the common deve深圳市最新疫情lopment of the two lions clubs, the lions club shenzhen and the domefacilitatorstic lions association zhejiang representati浙江教育考试院ve office held a lion affairs exchange forum in the lions club office in Shenzhen on The 8th. Domestic long Lin Ziyusharing lion fede浙江卫视ration supervisors, vice President of Zhenrepresentative和representationg Degang,clubs long bexchange造句efore the supervisorexperiences Su Zeran, domestic representative in shenzhen, shenzhen federation of lion lion li wh, first secretary of the party branch, President of shenzhen lion, long XiaoXingPing zhexperience的形容词i-qiang lu and supervisors, the first Guo Yongyong, second deputy chairman, vice chailions是什么意思rman of Peng Daojianrepresentatives怎么读, former President of tian wang xing, ShiJianYongclubs, Deputy secretary-general Tan Fei, secretary-general Lai Zclubshuoni, finance long NieXiangDong,clubmed官网预订 dean of general affair Deng Yi, long picket zhang jian, deputy secretary-lions翻译general Liao Ronghui, Fanexperienceg Shilei Wei Xin new, li li, chairman of the zone, kevinbales, &schwa浙江卫视rz, zhi-hui zhou, partition xiao-ping yu, li xiaexchangeofeng,representative chairman zhi-jian wu, Chen Xusheng, afterglow, Wu Jinzhi, wang lina, linlin, Xue Yong Wang Yi sexchange服务器怎么填oldier, Huang Yiqun, soup, Zheng Hehua, dao-ming wanexchangedg, secretary g浙江农林大学eneral of the board of supervisors Xlions是什么意思u Qiubin, supervisors浙江疫情 Li Zhou, zhu feng, iwslexperience动词t good, why to pay such as, Hua深圳大学ng Shaofang, special assistant tclubmedo President long-texperience钢琴谱erm flash, Zhu Daoying, wen-qiexperience是什么意思中文翻译n ye, Tang Xishun lion friends such as shenzhen,exchange domestic lions cib ZhanFeng, director of the office of zhejiang pexchangedrovinceexperience动词, director of the monitoring group jian-feng xu, deputy directoexperiencer oexchange什么意思f the hai-fenexperienced怎么读g cao, dean of general affair LaoMin is strong, Deputy secretary-general, GLT, c浙江hairman of the浙江教育考试院 branch head 毕咏, SangFangJun, chairman of the partitio深圳n, Lu Yandi, the tong, funds andlions是什么意思 wayclub是什么意思s and means committee chairman Shen Hu, foreign exchange committee chairman wei-lan li, chairmanclubman是什么牌子车 of the annual meeting of the committee Wang Dinglei honor and recexperience的形容词ognition, ch深证指数airmanlions翻译中文 of the committee ChengMaoRong, secretary general of the monlionsgateitoring group dong and zhejiang lionexchanged and more than 80 people were present aclub翻译t the symposium. The forum was presided over by Fang Shilei, chairman ye Ning, generexchange用法及搭配al coordinator Zhang Jian and deputy general coordinator Wei Xinxin of Lions Club Shenzh深圳天气en.


3 Anchor. JPG

Chexchange的名词airexchange短语man Ye Ning extended warm welcome to zhejiang shiyou and introduced Shenzhen Shiyou to zhejiang Shiyou torepresentatives翻译 attend this sexperience动词ymposium. Zhejiang reprepresentative翻译中文resentative office to thclub是什么酒e chairman of foreign exchange committerepresentatives怎么读e Li Weilan introduced the zhejiang lion friends to浙江农林大学 the mclubmaneeting, and to the shenzhen Lions club tobdsharing express our heartfelt thanks for the warm reception.

The chairman of the conference


Zhang Jian, the general coordinator, delivered the welcome speech. She said that the friendship between Zhejiang Reprexperiencedesentative Office and Shenzhclubmeden L浙江ionsexperience动词 Club goes bsharing是什么意思英语ack to ancient times, and they have深圳 both made great achievements in texperience纯音乐he field of public welfare and charit浙江财经大学y. She hopes that through thisexchange邮箱 forum, lion clubs from both sides will havclube in-depth exc浙江疫情hanges, discuss with深证指数 each other, learn from each other excellentexchanged lion service experience, and promote the healthy development of lion clubs from both sides.


In the lion business sharing session, Secretary General Lai Zhuoni and Deputy Secretary Generlions读音al Bi Yong introduced the general situation of Shenzhen Lions Club and Zhejiang Representative Office respectively. Tang Quanhui, chairman of medical and Health Committee of Shenzhen Lions Club, qian Qiexchangedao, vice chairman of Service Project Committee of Zhejiang Representativsharing是什么手机卡e Office introdubdsharingced the development of Shenzhen Lions Club Lion Love Station project and Zhejiang Excellent Service project respectively. Li Jun, the captain of Xin 'an Service team, andclubman是什么牌子车 Jing Tong, the chairman of Zhejiang S Division, exchanged and shared the basic situexperience动词ation and characteristic service prolions翻译jects of theexperience的形容词 service tsharing怎么读的eam.



Zheng Degang, vice Chairman of CCPIT Xiamelionsgaten spokexperience纯音乐e highly of the contributions made by Zhejiang Representative Office lion Friends to public service. He put forward three constructive suggestions on optimizing public service: first, th深圳疫情e serv深证指数ice should have service effect; Secosharing中文谐音怎么读nd, the servrepresentatives怎么读ice should be innovativeexperienced怎么读; Thclubsird, build brand in service. He hoped that the lio浙江疫情n friends could learn from each other and discuss with each other serioexperiencedusly to promote the better development of lions in both places.

Zheng Degang. JPG

Supervisor Lin Ziyu extended a warm welcome to Zhejiang Shrepresentatives翻译iyou, thanked President Lu Zhiqiang and Director Zhan Feng for theclubman是什么牌子车ir attention texperience是什么意思中文翻译o this ex深圳疫情change activity, and spoke highly of the excellent achievements zhejiang Represensharing翻译tatilions翻译ve Of浙江fice has made in the past ten years. She said thsharing是什么意思英语at in the past 18 years, under the guidance of theexperienced怎么读 previous presidents and the efforts of all lions club member深圳风险等级s, Shenzhen Lions Club has developed a unique delions的音标velopment path with domestic characteristics. She hoped that Shenzhen and Zhejiang would further strengthen cooperation and exchanges, cherish the profound historical friendship between each other, and make efforts for the developmeclub是什么酒nt of lions clubs in both places and in China.

15 Lin Ziyu.jpg

Li Weihua, first Seclions怎么读retary of the party, spoke highly of the excellent practices of Zhejiang Shiyou in innovative organization managemexchange什么意思ent. He hope浙江疫情d that the lions of the two countries would combine more service projects with social needs, officifacilitatoral projects andfacilitator national strategies, and jointly make greater c深圳疫情最新动态ontributionsrepresentative翻译 to publicexchange用法及搭配 welfare under the leadership of the Partyexperience.

Li Weihua. JPG

Director Zhan Feng gave a speech and thanked shenzhen Lions club for its support andsharing英语作文 help to Zhejiang representative Office. He hoped the two lions would learn from each other through the exchange. At the same time, he sincerely invited shenzhen Lions club to vrepresentatives怎么读isit zhejiang representative office to deepen the learepresentativelyrning and exchange betweelions翻译n the two sides深圳地铁线路图.

17., director of the JPG

Lu Zhiqiang, president oexchange什么意思f Shenzhen Lions Club, thanked the lions club of Zhejiang for their great attention to this exchange arepresentative是什么意思ctivity. He highly appreciated theexchange账户密码不正确 innovation of zhejiang Representative Office in fundraising me深圳疫情最新动态thods and network inforclubsmationsharing是什么意思 manaexperiencegement. He hoped that the lions clubs of the two places would take this exchange as an opportunity to esclubtablish a continuous exchange mechanism of service teams and specialized work organizations, and actively carry out online exchangeexperienced的意思 activitieclub是什么酒s on platforms such as "Lion Enjoy Hui" to enhance mutual understanding and deepen the friendship of lions. He would like to express his sinceclub用英语怎么说re thanks to all the lion friends attendlions翻译中文ing the meetlions的音标ing and wish you all the lion luck and prosperity.

18 Lu Zhiqiang. JPG

After the meeting, Presidclubent Lu Zhiqiang and director Zhclub用英语怎么说anexchange什么意思 Feng exchanged giexperience纯音乐fts. All participating lion friends took a group深圳大学 photo.

The lions club of Shenzhen, as the host of zhejiang lion friends' visit, warmly received and arranged a variety of activities. Zhejiaexchange什么意思ng lion friends also attended the welcome party held by Shenzhenclubmed官网预订 Lion Club, visited the achievemenexchange翻译t demonstration of Shenzhen Lion Club brand project, and sclub怎么读ociated with zhejiang lion friends in Shenzhen. These elaborate arrangements, as well as tsharinghe warm ansharing中文谐音怎么读d thoughtful reception work of Shenzhen Lrepresentativeion Frienexperience纯音乐ds, all left a deep impression on Zhejiaexchange什么意思ng Lion Friends, showing the elegant demeaexperience纯音乐nor of Shenzhen Lion friends.

I wish the friendship between the two lions cluexchange用法及搭配bs will lastexchange forever, and we will have more exchanges and cooperation in service activities and lion service construction, so as to make greater contributions to the public welfare and charity work together.

A group photo. JPG


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