The fifth District Joint meeting and lion Service training was held successfully

The fifth District Joint meeting and lion Service training was held successfully

On July 15th, the 2018-2019 Joint meeting and lion training of The fifthmeeting怎么读英语 district of Shenzhen Lions Club was successfully held in the banqudistrict什么意思et hall on the third floor of Jinjiang Hotel in Futian District. At the beginning of the New Year, the fifservicemanth District organized more than 100 smeeting是什么意思elionsrvice team leaders and lion friends to carry out lion service training, so thawashingtontjoints lion friends have a deeper undersfifth基数词tanding of lion culture; At the same time, the joint meeting was held to understand the brand service projects and lion activities of each service team, so as to promote resource integration and accurate servfifth翻译ice among service teams.

Leaders of Lions club of Shenzhen, including 2018-2019 President Ma Minfifthly, second Vice President Lu Zhiqiang, former president Zhalion复数ng Guojun and Sun Yun, chairmawashedn nie Xiangdong of Zone 2 and Chairman Wen Yaoli of Zone 5, attended the ceremony. The meeting was chaired by Wen Yaoli and chailion的中文意思rhelded by Nielionkk Xiangdong and Wen Yaoli.

Under the guidance of luheld的原型 Zhiqiang,training是什么意思英语 the secwashedond vimeeting翻译ce president and other lecturers, lion friends were divided into threeservicebio groups and played ice breaking gjointheclub是谁ames such as “passing rubber bands”. The teams overcame difficulties such as the large number of people and entered white-hot confrontameeting怎么读英语tion for maservicemannjoint venturey times. After several rounds of intense cheldompetitiojoint effortn, the three teams won and lost equally. Lion friends also get to know eacdistrict翻译h other and draw closer through games such as collecting signatures.

President Ma Min presefifthnted a lesson of lions Club Culture to lions clmeeting是什么中文意思ub members, deepllionkky analyzed the four aspects of Lions club culture, such as mentality culture, behavior culture, system culture and material culture, and guidtrainingpeakseliond lions club members to understand lions Club frotraining什么意思m the details of culture, adhere to the leaddistrict怎么读ership of the Patraining衣服品牌rty, and build lions Club with domestic characteristics.

Lu Zhiservicebioqiang, the 2nd vice president, explained the organizational structure and cadre responsibilities of Lions Club to the litraining什么意思ons club members, explained and solved their doubts in a simple way, and actively interacted with the lions club membelion翻译rs, which aroused their enthusiawassm for learning. Lion friends have said that they have benefited a lot from this study.

In the sharing seservice的名词ssion,lionel the servififth什么意思cedistrict翻译 team leaders responded warmly, led the setraining是什么意思英语rvicwas是什么意思e team leaders to speak enthusiastically on the stage, and introduserviceableced the brand service projects of each servmeeting是什么中文意思icejoint effort team, the development owashedf conference activities and thwasn’teir feelings in the service, etc.

Chairwoman Wen Encouraged the lion friends to integjoint的用法rate the training content, strengthen communication and share resources in the service and meeting activities, and work together to complete the wofifth音标rk plan of this year. President Nie xiangdong thawastenked President Wen Yao-li and the members of the preparatory group for theirlions英语怎么读 hard work, and hoped that the team leaders and team members of the fififth的缩写fth division could improve their working ability oupheldf lion service through lion service training, guide the lion friends to strengthen their learning of lion service, improlion的中文意思ve their service level and standardize the construction of the service team.

Sun yunqian, chairman of the Club, expreslionssed his opinion on the institutionalion复数l construction, hoping that the lions club members could learn the rules of Shewasnzhen Lions Club, the management methods of civil society organizations and the management methods of foundations, abide by national laws and regulationservicebios, fulfill their obligations as domestic citizens, and build a llion复数ions club with domestic characteristics.

Zhang guoyun, former president of Shenzhen Lioservice翻译ns Club, shared his views on explorjoint是什么意思ing thedistrict和region区别 establishmentmeeting是什么意思 owashf lions club with domestic characteristics, and stressed that Shenzhen Lions Club should adhere to the overall leadership of thedistrict词根 Pfifth怎么读英语arty, under the guidance of Shenzhen Disabled Persons’ Federation, carwashingtonry out services in special districts, sub-districts and service teams, and jointly pfifth音标romote the progress and development of publmeetingyou是什么意思ic services.

Finally, the leaderwashs of the lion friefifth基数词ndsservice和serve的区别 came to the stage together to toast, wish the fifth district as a starting point, jointlytraining怎么读 open the prelude of the “new lion generation”, inherit lion love, happy service.

[Text] Du Shaoheng

[Photo] Du Shaoheng & NBSP;   Wang Haibin, Shenshi News Agency

[Editor] Ma Huijuan Lin Yanfen

[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Club Offfifth基数词ice

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