Standing on a New Starting point to meet new challenges — The first meeting of the Chairman’s Advisory Committee was held smoothly

Standing on a New Starting point to meet new challenges — The first meeting of the Chairman’s Advisory Committee was held smoothly

On July 18, 2018, the fmeeting怎么读英语irst meeting of the Advisory Committee of the chairman of Shenzhen Lions Club for 2018-2019 was successfully held in chaoting Banquet Restaurant, Domeststandingby中文翻译ic Economic and Trade Building, Futian District. At the meeting, the lions club members listened to the work plan offirsthand the board of Supervisorstanding bys for this year, discussenews可数吗d the cleaning and rectification work of Shenzhen Lions Clustanding怎么读b, and put forward constructive opinions and suggestions for the smooth development of the advisory commnew的反义词ittee of the chanew是什么意思英语irman of the board of Supervisors for thispoint用英语怎么说 year.

Zheng Degang, head of the Board of Sumeetpervisors, said that this year the bstartingoard of Supervisors will strmeetingsengthen learning, improve the ability to perform duties; Perfect the relevant system, strengthen tstanding-roomhe function of supervisors; Actively explore the new mode of “supervisiomeetingsn + guarantee + service”; In-depth research, listen to the voice of lion friends; Grasp the key points, imeet是什么中文意思mmeetsprove the efficiencypointedly of supervision;firstname填姓还是名 Communicate effectively to facilitate problem solvinstandingby中文翻译g.

The former chairmen of the constanding是什么意思ferencefirst delivered speestarting怎么读ches on the clean-up work and mameetsde suggestions for the relevant work of the Council.

Lin Ziyu, vimeetingyou是什么意思ce president of Lions Associatiochairman翻译n of China, analyzed the current severmeeting翻译e situatiopointsn and pointed out that it is urgent for lions Association and mepoint翻译mbers of allstanding-room units and representative organizations to rectify ffirst是什么意思rom top to bottom. She hoped that Lions Club of Shenzhen would stand at a new startfirstname填姓还是名ing point and make concerted efforts to meet the new challenges of organizational devstandingby中文翻译elopment and firmly promote all work to take the lead.

Xie Jian, prpointesident of thchairman的复数e Association, believes that shenzhen Lions Cluchairman的复数b should, on the one hand, adhere to the combchairman是什么车ination of problem-orienchairman翻译ted and goal-oriented, afirst namend on the other hand, strengthen commfirstunication with the Cchairmanivil Affairs Bureau and the Municipal Disabled Persons’ Federatchallenges什么意思ion, timely request instructchairman的复数ions and report on major issstarting是什么意思ues, exchange opinions, and do a good job in lion affairs.

Su Zeran, supervisor of lions club in China, shared the problems faced by lions club in different regions and hoped that Shenzhen Lions Club could learn from them and strengthen its own investigation.

Wang Jinliang, chairmameeting是什么意思n of the chairman’s Advisory Cstanding翻译ommittee, made a concludinstandingby中文翻译g speech, thanking all the leaders for attending the meeting in their busy schedule, and said that this year the chairmeetingman’s adfirstlyvisory comchallenges什么意思mittee would earnestly perform its duties, strengthen communication with tmeeting是什么中文意思he competent units, and actively make suggestions and suggestions forpointofix the council.

Xie Jianwen, founding Presidemeet是什么中文意思nt of Shenzhen Lions Club, and former president Lin Ziyu, Wu Xiaoming, Su Zeran, Zheng Degang, Zhang Guojun, Wang Jinliang, Zhang Weixian, Sha Haiyu, Dai Tongxin and othnewlyer 10 people attended the meeting. The 2018-2019 Lions Club President Ma Min and Secretary General Zeng Shiyang attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Wang Jinliang, chaistanding是什么意思英语rman of the advisory cnew是什么意思英语ommittee of the president.

【 Text 】 Wu Meiyun

[Photo] Huangnews Xinran

【 Edit 】 Ma Huijuanchairman是什么意思 & NBSP; Lin Yanfen

[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Club Officmeet怎么读e

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