Hongli Service Team: hold the third team meeting and regular meeting of the year 2019-2020

On September 22, 2019, Shenzhen Lions Club Red Li Service Team held the third captain teammeeting是什么意思 meeting and regular meetingyearbook of 2019-2020 in Pacific Business Building, Bibmeetingtencentcomiang Road, Luohu District. Shen红领巾zhen Lions Cl红领巾ub vice supervisor Zhang Jian, Red Li service team captain Long Yali, first vice captain Wu Guicheregular翻译ng, second vice captain Liang Yidong, former captain Huang Yiqun, Yao Xiaozhong, secretary Liang Wenjuan, finanteambitioncial Yang Li and红领巾是什么形状 othmeetingtencentcomer 18 people attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Leung Yidong.

Meeting venue. JPG

Conference, Long Yathird翻译li captain red li and distr红利群ict are summarized recent lion will service work, on September 5service翻译, elderlhongliy care everywhere merchants street communityteamo service activities, in October, shaanxi student at the univhold的过去式和过去分词ersity of activities, “the team will lion” of the area will project and international lions club “lion passing lteamove红领巾简笔画, free lunch” project and so on carries on the summary and repothird什么意思rting, recognition XiaoJian won “moved with the county campus for”, The scope of car红领巾图片ing fund of red Litchi Sthird什么意思ervice team is also discussed. After a vote, the tservicebioeam leader unanimously agreed to extend the scope of care of the red Litchi Service team to members’ immediate family members, so as to reflect the care of the lion friendsthird翻译.

The captain spoke. JPG

Zhang Jian speaks. JPG

Huangmeeting腾讯会议 Yiqun briservicebioefed guo Keli,year怎么读 secretary of the Party branch of thteamviewere Domesregular什么意思tic Lion Association, on the requirements of organizational construction, Party construction aregular什么意思nd advoholdcating frugality in the course of “New Social Organizations with Domestic characteristics”. Zhanhold键是什么功能g Jianregular什么意思, the gene弘历ral coordinator of Shaanxi Stumeetingyou是什么意思dent bank, introduced the actiteam什么意思vity arrangement of “Pengqin hand in hand, student bank all the way”, and mobilized the lion friends to actively p红领巾简笔画articyear怎么读ipate in offering love.

On theyear怎么读 day of the meeting, the Red Lizhu Service team and the first step Service team invited the minion emergency rescue tutor to carry out the “Save by your Side” first aid skill training for 50 lion friends and their families. After seven hours of sservice翻译tudy, the students successfully passed the examination and remeeting是什么意思ceived the certificate of completion. Everyone spoke highly of the training, urged everyone to learn first aid knowledge and protect life, anthirdd also thanked tholdinghe teachers of the Minions organization for their professional training.

Awards for Outstanding Students - District council. JPG

After the training, the lion friends and their families celebrated the birthday of the lioregular反义词n friends in September. We learned happilyteams手机版 and enjoyed the happiness in le红利群arning.

Celebrate birthday. JPG

Group photo of regular meeting. JPG

Big group photo - district will.jpg


Article/photo Contributed by Hong Li Service Team


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