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Describe the rapid economic development of RFID card manufacturers

With the rapid development of economy today, the role of anti-counterfeiting label is not onltakeoffy limited to identify the authenticity of a product. There atake的过去式re manmedalsy enterprises or because of the price or too much troumedal什么意思中文ble or do not have a deep understanding of the long-term harm of countermedal是什么意思feiting, and feel that it is useless to do anti-counterfeiting, RFID card manufacturers did not pay attention to it. For mmedal什么意思中文anufacturer他克莫司软膏s, one of the main advantages of RFID technology is that it can b塔克e directly integrated into existing products, machinemedal是什么意思s or devices without requiring major changes to existing production facilities. RFID tag itself has the function of reading and writing, can be written into the manufacturer’s unique encryption code, and easy to integrate into a var他克莫司iety of goods.

An important factor in whether RFItakeD systems can be utake的过去式sed in business is that the same type of tag他克莫司软膏 can be applied to different products, because this camedals怎么读n lead to th他克莫司e expansion of the production scale of the tag, and eventually bring the tag price down to an accepttakesable range. However, for some expensive goods, the size of the tag is more important than the price of the tag.

In general, UHF tags are larger than UF tags. For small and expensive goods, slightaketly larger labels are likely to affect the appearance of goods. In this castakeoffe, the size of labels imedal是什么意思英语s required to be as small as possible, which will not cause obstacles to users. From the point of view of the label storing data, read-only tags are generally one-time programmable and low-costmedals怎么读, but must have a backup database for effective attention.

RFID card manufacturers can read and write multiple labtakenel data storage is relative他克莫司软膏ly large, generally can store all product information, do not need backmedal是什么意思up database support. These tags are mormedal什么意思中文e expensive an他克莫司d larger than disposable programmable tags.

Clothing manufacturers will put thei他克莫司r own unique RFID reading and writing labels and the production of clothing at the same time in the carton, each carton has its own unique ID code. When the production is completed to the delivery pmedals是什么意思rocess, each carton passes through an RFID tag reader, and the informatimedal是什么意思on of all cartons will be read and transmimedalstted to the PC. The PC software system will compare thtakee actual information read withmedals是什么意思 the planned items of the carton to determ他克莫司软膏intakese whether totaken release. Meanwhile,medal是什么意思中文翻译 if the carton is released, the ID number of the ctake是什么意思arton will be written into the memory of each label and locked.

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