Customize the lanyard

Customize the lanyard

Customize the lanyard

Take you to know how to classify the mobile phone lanyard

The phone lanyard now seems to be used to hang up tlanyard 是什么意思he phone (because the phone is too big and the neck is tlanyard 翻译ired), but it also has a view. It's not a number, but you probably don't know, on a little lanyard, how many people wouldn't be categorized.

The product description

(such as: fabric, plastic蓝牙rdc, metalcustomize模式) and other goods, or made of circular, by a certain length of rope or belt made of a variety of goods, can be used as backpcustomized是什么意思acks, lulanyard photo翻译ggage and other watchband or tape items; Clanyard 翻译an be used to connlanyard loopect

Badges, mobile phones and othe蓝牙rdcr items, somcustomized是什么意思e of which have high strength of this kind of goods can also bcustomized是什么意思e used as cranes, cra蓝牙rdanes and other construction machinery suspension sling, usedcustomized to drag vehicles tow rope or bind some materials.

Classification of controversy

In the import and export business declaration review, we found two typescustomized怎么读 of misclassification:

1. Goods shall be listed under 56.07 in accordance with "textile material line acustomized是什么意思中文翻译ndlanyards什么意思 rope", for example, mobile phone lath shall enter the tax code column 5607.5000(tariff rate 5%)customized是什么意思.

2. Goods shall be entered into item 59.11 according to the item "Tecustomized怎么读chnical Use of Textiles and products", for example: tow rope shall be entered into column 5911.9000(tariff rate 8%).

And we think that the product does not belong tocustomized是什么意思 the third category "line, rope, cable, cable" category 11, because called "line, rope, cable, cable" is the textile fiberlanyard海词 popularization into thick rope, belongs to the raw material. this

The product described in this article, beccustomize怎么读ause the rope is cut to a certain size at the end of the handle and the ring is added, it becomes tcustomizer vanshe finishelanyard 翻译d product, which conforms to article 56.09 note:

This headilanyard loopng covers articles made from yarns in chapters 50 to 56, articles made from articles 5lanyard海词4.04 54.05 or flat strips, etc., as well as lines, ropes, cables, in additcustomize翻译ion to other items under the Coordinacustomize怎么读tion system

Out of the items out of the

The prodcustomize中文意思uct includes yarns witlanyard looph one or twocustomized是什么意思中文翻译 ends made of rings, or yarns with ends, rings, hooks (e.g. shoelaces, clothes, towels), etc. Boat mat, unloading mat, rope ladder, loading sling fold

Fold a bunch of yarn, then fold one end to maklanyard海词e dishcustomize翻译washincustomizedg "cloth" etc.

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