Hollow silk screen wrist strap

Hollow silk screen wrist strap

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Hollow silk screen wrist strap

Let me introduce youThe wrist bandThe part that is in close conwristtact with the human bodywrist是什么意思 is the wristband

With the development of science ahollowknightnd technoloscreen怎么读gy, the electronic industry has put forward higher and higher requirements for ESD prwristies什么意思otection. From the tecsilkhnical level, electronic components continue to light, thin, short, small, hiwristyghstrapped density, multi-functional development; Especially for microestrap翻译lectronic devices, COMS IC sub-meter micron gate has entered into practical use. The width of the gate is only 0.18 micron, the thickness of the oxide film isscreenshot swristyeveral nanometers or several AO, and the breakdown electron is less than 20V. These changes makewristband是什么意思中文 electronic components more sensitive to static electricity. At tsilklabo75集全解压码he same time, in the manufacturing and application environment of esilk024百度云提取码lectronic components, various polymer materials are widely usestrap翻译d as the source of static electricity, which makes thehollowwland generscreenplayation of static elecsilk是什么面料tricity mohollow什么意思re easy and rampant.screenocr是什么软件 Therefore, electrostatic protection technology in electronic manufacturing control is morehollowkikt and more important, but also put forward higher requiremenwristts for electrhollowsostatic protection technology itself.

      Anti-static wrist strap assilk完整版百度云盘 an effective and practical equipment for human stathollow什么意思ic electricity protection, its importance and univhollow什么意思ersality I will not repeat, here, I will the existing wrist strap by material, cost, technologhollowedy ansilklabo百度云2021d other reassilk是什么意思ons caused by the product defects with you.

Wrist strap is mainly composed of wrist ristrappedng and wire assembly. The wrist ring consists of a plastic lining that connects the elastic band and the metstrappingal collecting pisilklabo百度云2021ecestrapon是什么意思啊 through rivetihollowforestng to form a whole. It is worn on the wrist and connected with the wire pascreenwriterrts, ascreenplaynd then connected with the groundiscreen是什么意思翻译ng system to form the groundihollowknightng leakage channel to remove the static electricity gensilkwormerated by the human body in the production process. As we know, the humascreenwritern body is one of the majostrapon三人r sources of static electricity in the production process, and the wrist strap, as human protective equipment, inevitably has to contact and friction wstrap怎么读ith other devices and objects, forming a new source of static electricity. How to avoid and eliminate this harmful sourcesilk资源自取微博 is the focus of our dihollowedscussion.

  &nbssilkyp;   Wristhollow strap and human body contact closely part is wrist ring. The wrishollowed-out什么意思t ring is composed of three partsscreen怎么读: plastic lining, metal collecting sheet and anti-static rubber band. The metal sheet and anti-shollowaytatic rubber band will not generate or gsilk资源自取微博ather static electricity due to the partistrappingcularity of theisilk完整版百度云盘r materials. Only rubber sheet, mainly by PP, nylon, ABS and other polymer materials injection molding, especiallstrapy ABS, because of good plasticity, high strength, easy coloring, widely used. But due to their high polymer and insulation, wear in the human body’s wriscreenshotst, easy to produce andhollow offer static charges, through the experistrappedment testing, in general friction voltage in 300-2000 v or higher, in the north is dry in winter, sometimesilk024百度云提取码s reach more than 15000 v, this creates a new hazard, to eliminate this kind of harm, we can be improved in view of the plastic liner, In these polymer substrates to add some high and new antistatic additives, broken its polymer stwristwatchructure, improve its resistivity and surface density so that its outer surface to form a layer of “film”, reduce the generation of relative friction, so as to eliminate electrostatic accumulatiosilklabo百度云2021n and reduce the genesilk024百度云提取码ration of static electricity. Through practice, we have developed this material that keeps the friction voltage below 10V, which greatly improves the suitability and reliability of the wrisscreenwritert strap.

  &wrist是什么意思nbspsilk024百度云提取码;   “The healer has a kind heart.” As practitioners of ESD protection technology, we shouldwristwatch是什么意思啊 provide professional products with professional quascreenx影厅是什么lity and responsible professscreentogifionwrist是什么意思al ethics, anscreend effectively solve these decisive problems in the electronic manufacturing process. In the anti-static consulting network, call colleagues to pay attention to this issuewrist是什么意思英语, promote the improvement and perfection of this product together, and then promote the progress and development of our industry.  

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