Professional shoelaces

Professional shoelaces

Professional shoelaces

Professional shoelaces

Explain the different lanyard different lanyard price

  The main products are:

1. Id card hanging rope: such asprofessional是什么意思: suitable for hanging brand, work hangingprofessional怎么读英语 rope, work hanging rope, work sling, chest hanging rope, chest card hanging rope, weaving rope, douprofessional怎么读英语ble hanging electronic proprofessional反义词ducts hanging rope, display card slprofessionals什么意思中文ing, slshoelaces牌子ing, sling, watchband), the price of the rope 20/5 yuan

2. Digital product rope serieprofessionals: such as: suitable for mobile phone rope, mobile phone sling, mobile phone zippershoelaces怎么发音 rope, mobile phone rshoelaces怎么念ope, MP3 rope, MP4 rprofessional怎么读英语ope, rope series: mainlyLuggage beprofessional反义词ltBaggage beltMountaineering buckle, drink sling, kettle sling) rope price 40/10 yuan

3. Fashioshoelaces怎么念n jewelry string series: mshoelace什么意思中文翻译ain hand bshoelaces怎么发音andage, wrist band, belt, beltprofessional是什么意思, carry, belt,shoelaces是什么意思 belt, glasses lanyard, glasses, Olympic MEDALS and shoshoelaces怎么英语读法elaces connected, pet belt seriesshoelaces怎么英语读法. Rope prices vary from jiahe

      4.professional是什么意思中文翻译 Bag series: Velvet bag, velvet bag, nano PU mobile phone bag, knittshoelaces是什么意思ed mobile phone cover, gourd bag, jewelry bag, lanyard price range

5. Various materials: special dragon (polyester, poly), nylon, PVC, PU, silicone, metal, etc.

(1) Material: Nylon (shiny, soft,professional是什么意思 reasonable price)professional是什么意思 and FIG dshoelace什么意思中文翻译ragoshoelace是什么鞋子n (soft, low prshoelaces是什么意思ice) matshoelaces怎么发音erial canprofessional反义词 be chosen! More commonly used for width of 7mm,shoelaces怎么念 10mm, 12mm, 15mm, 16mm, 20mm, 10. Product technology: lanyard price range

(2) screen printing (can print 1-6 color trademark logo, cheap, widely used, cshoelaces怎么英语读法an be a lot of gifts, delivery purposes)

(3) sublimation (can do 1-10 color complex lprofessionals什么意思中文ogo or company name, high-grashoelaces联名nikede, affordable)

  6. Product color: Ribbon coshoelaces翻译lor red, blue, black, yellow, white, gray, purple, green and othshoelaces是什么意思er colors to choose! Special color, can be customized according to your requirements! , MP3, U disk, toys, mobilshoelaces联名nikee phone wishoelaces牌子pes, whistles, etc., and cashoelaces怎么英语读法n wprofessional是什么意思ork with various cards, advertising peshoelaces翻译ns.

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