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Collars, chest straps and lanyards are dog devices that no owner is necesschainary可以赚钱的游戏 for. In addition to training dogs to regulate their behavior and get them to follow orders, they can also give owners and dogs a great weapon for quickly establishing a good master/servant relationship. In addition, the r科颜氏ight to use collar, cchain怎么读h柴暖驻车加热器怎么使用es柴暖驻车加热器怎么使用t strap and lanyard is alschain什么意思中文o good for correct effect when the dog’s personality i科一技巧口诀最新s unreasonable or behaving strangely.

The f柴娜涂口红助眠irst step material is divided into leather, nylon, plastic, cotton and synthetic克油克油呀 leather, leather necklace long life, close to the dog’s skin, the dog’s body will remove the amount of o可以赚钱的软件il, shiny, strong elasticity, toughness will increase, the service life will be extended. But puppies don’t have to use leather. A traditional bell collar will do.

The second step is composed of科颜氏 two nylon bands, one is the nose and the nose part of the nose, one is the neck force at the top of the neck, relaxed by the rope and slightly strained from the dog does not struggkeyle to receive the neck band, the neck band is loose and does not make it uncomfortable. Ties can be used to train obedience and make it clear to the dog where you stand between you and your lchain什么意思中文evel. For co柯以敏nven柴娜涂口红助眠ience, like a dog on a hook, use a neckeyboardk strap with a correction effect that is definitely gekey是什么意思啊ntler and more effective than chasing it with a cane.

The third step of the P chain with the thickness of the point, according to the shape of the dog to choose the appropriate wear, use the P chain, it is imchain怎么读portant to wear the correct way. If the person on the科颜氏 right (see Fichain什么意思中文gure 1), in this way, only the direction of the force; “chain什么意思中文Shape (as shown in Figure 2), the direction of the dog in the left position, to help the dog科一 wear, be sure to chain is” P “a big mistake, you pull, the dog’s neck will die, improper use, even make the dog trachchain什么意思中文ea injuchain怎么读ry of course, if the left person, the dog in the right position, will wear, is” Q “shape. Capacity in achain怎么读dd可以赚钱的游戏ition to the direction of the chain an柯以敏d the dog’s p克油克油呀osition is right, also pay attention to可以赚钱的游戏 the chain lubrication, otherwise easy to damage the dog, must use it rapidly and accurately, is mainl可盐可甜是什么意思y the rapid zipper, make it tight, i柴暖mmediately make the dog feel uncomfortable, and chain dogs have tochain怎么读 stop, just like people with the sword, so far, but it is also becauskey是什么意思啊echainsaw of using P capacity must be careful, A little careless will hurt the dog, if the do柴暖g is timid or the dog relation柴娜涂口红助眠ship has not been established, do not us克油克油呀e, please make sure to consult experts before use, at the same time P chain on their arms to practice E a few times, maskeyboardter the tricks, and then use on the dog.

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