Understand the characteristics of the document lanyard design

      Hang rope according to the craft points, mainly woven belt and knitting belt two categories. Ribbocharacteristics翻译ns, especially jacquard ribbons, are somewhat similar to the fabric process, but the fabric warpdesigner是什么牌子 is fixed and the pattern is expressed by the weft; However, the basic weft of the ribbon is fixed, and the pattern is expressed by the warp yarn. Small machines are used. It may take a long time to make the plate, produce tdocumenthe yarn and adjust the machine, and the efficienc蓝牙rdcy is relatively low.

      But it is possible to pdocument什么意思roduce a wide variety of dazzling products, not aldesignedways the same face as the cloth logo. The main function of ribbon is decorative, but also functional. If popular mobillanyard 翻译e phone sling. After the ribbon is woven, you can also screen print a variety of text/patterns, which is usdocument游戏ually cheaper than simply weaving the tunderstandingext patterns.

     Hang rope manulanyard 是什么意思facturerKnow thdesign是什么意思at many company factory employees will have the company’slanyards什么意思 name and LOGO printed on the certificate lanyard, so it will be very troublesome to print these things on the certificateunderstandably的意思 lanyard? Want to know now is an era of mechanization, many times we adesign是什么意思re using mechlanyardanical equipment to complete, so hang rope for certificatesdocument of design with the printed蓝牙rda font will not vcharacteristicsery trouble, because we all is the use of mechanidesign的名词cal equipment to print, so we need to do is keep modulation of mechanidesignedcal equipment, enter the relevant data, start蓝牙rda the mechanical equipmentcharacteristics翻译, In this way, the mechanical equipment can be printed according to the data we give, so in general, the certificate lanyard printiunderstand什么意思中文翻译ng is not troublesome.  

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      All textile dyeing should be appraised in color fastness to various projectsunderstand的过去式, the currendesignevo官网t mobile phone hang runderstandingope commonly used color fastness to washing fastness,lanyard 翻译 color fadesignatorsdocumentstness to light, rubbing fastness, color fastnedesign是什么意思ss to perspiration, to test the samples after the color change, white cloth dippedunderstand翻译 in the degree of color fastness rating said, weather fastness and so on.

  &nbspcharacteristics翻译;   Ddesignateue to the rope specidocumentaryficadesigner是什么意思英语tdesigner是什么意思英语ions, materdesignateial,lanyard 翻译 color, accesdocumentingsories can be selected, and can be attached to a variety of card products. According to different needs, design and manufacture of multiple styles, diversification, fashion podesignpular strap! Can make different accessories, different sizes, differ蓝牙rdaent styles, different colors and sdesignatoro on. Thcharacteristics怎么读e existence of the certificate rope is to be acharacteristics是什么意思中文ble to better helcharacteristic是什么意思p exhibit蓝牙rdcors better, faster to explore and obtain new business opportunitlanyard海词iecharacteristics是什么意思中文s, scharacteristics翻译o that enterprises look more unified, solanyard photo翻译 fcharacteristics是什么意思中文avored by enterprises.  

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