State how widely lanyard can be used

    Lanyard is now a very popular one, its use is very good, can be used in a variety of mobile phones, cameras, its use rangstatee is wide: eused是什么意思lectronic U dihow的用法sk, bank U shield, stawidely是什么词性ff badges, exhibition cards, mini audio, mstatementobile phones, flashlights, work cards, ballpoint pen, hanging tags, hanging rope, etc. All electrstates怎么读onic products that need to be portable can be used.


    For the short lanyard, wusedtodoing是什么意思hich is the handlanyard,Hang rope manufacturerLength is generally are sure to its, this kind of hang rope is commonly used in some small items in life, such as mini audio, mobile phone, flashlight, ball-pwidely翻译oint pen easily lost missing above,stated the above items are generally has a hole, for easy wear hawidely和wide的区别ng rope, so how wear mobile phone hang rope, due to hang rope material is soft, not through the small hole, There is a hole in the top of the phone, in other wordused怎么读s, the relanyard海词ceiver. Put the thin side of the rope through the holehowdoyoudo什么意思, awidely怎么读英语nd then put the wide end of the ropusedn’te through the mid蓝牙rdcdle of the stri蓝牙rdcng, and then pull the rope tight so tusedtodo是什么意思hat it can be hung around your neck.

Hang rope manufacturer

    Machine belt thermal tra蓝牙rdknsfer printwidely造句ing (statement翻译thermal transfer pristate是什么意思nting ink) is a new printwidely造句ing prostatelycess, introduced from abroad but more than 10 years. Mobile phone hang with the process of printing way printing and transfer printing film processing divides inhow是什么意思to two partuseds, cell phone hanging belt printing USES the network printing, printing filmhow的用法 patusedto的用法归纳tern will be printed onused是什么意思 thinwidely film surface in advance, printing the dwidely是什么意思esign level of rich, colourful, go, small chromatism, good reproducibility, can meet the requirements of dehowever什么意思sign pattusedto的用法归纳erns is effect, anhow和what引导的感叹句的区别d is suitwidely什么意思中文able for massusedto的用法归纳 production.

    Hand rope manufactlanyardhole是什么意思urers machine belt transfer process蓝牙rdking through a husedn’teat transfer machine processing (heating pressure) transfer film on the exquisite pattern transfer prwidely和wide的区别inting on the surface ofhow the product, forming ink layer anhoweverd product surface dissstates怎么读olved into one, realistic and beauhow是什么意思tiful, greatly improve the grade of the product. But because of the highused怎么读 content of mobile phone strap technology, many materials need to be imported, bulanyardhole是什么意思twidely翻译 you can use that kind of clothing string label hard plastic line. To dusedo thistates, lift the lanyard with the plastic cord (i.statere. through the lanyard) andlanyardhole是什么意思 pull both ends of the plastwidely形容词ic cord through the hole in the phowidely和wide的区别ne.

    1 printing: general exhibition lanyards and other requirements to do the need to promote the text and patterns. 2 ribbon: general production rope material nylon, PP, polyestelanyard loopr,widely翻译 high elastic cotton, general specifications are 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 7mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 16mm, 20mm, 25mm. 3. Assembly: printwidely形容词 first, cut according tostate the specified size, add strhow的用法ing, plawidely造句stic buckle, glue or press metal sheet, and then package. After inspection, a lanyard was readhowdoyoudo什么意思y for shipment.

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