Explain that the color of the badge lanyard can be used to distinguish

  But did you know that the color of your tag tag can mean a lot?

    Different industries will choose different colors for the ndistinguish的形容词amedistinguish和discriminate区别 tag lanyard.

    For example, blue name tag lanyards are mostly used in the field of ebadge翻译ducacolor是什么意思翻译tion and intermediary service shops, because blue giveexplain形容词s people a kind ofexplain什么意思 future, hope and friendly emotional factors from the subjective point of view.

  &nbadge什么意思bsp; Mechanical | processing | instrument equipmenusedt use darkcoloros12 blue, dark bluecolor, in the aspect of human emotion performance, havebadge水龙头 a safe, reliable and trusted emotional factors.

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    Adusedvertising | media industry multi-purpose red, because red has certain expressive, with unabashed individuality, and at the same time, red is a symbol of happiness and prosperity in view of thexplain形容词e advertising mediabadger币前景怎么样 industry, the wide application of red, is aluse的用法so in line with the industry itself the properties of the genes.

&nbslanyard 是什么意思p;color怎么读   The color of the badge lanyard is an embodiment of the company蓝牙rda culture, and the color of the badge lanyard is an important part of the VIexplain的用法 of the company. It will be selected according to the standard color of company VI.

    Different groups of people will also have different colors. For example, a company with multiple departments and a large age span of employees may use different colors of badge lanyaexplain翻译rds to distinguish employees of different departments and age groups. Young people may choose the more enthusiasticoloros12c and eused怎么读nergetic colors of the lanyard, such as red, orange and so on.

    Name card lanyard color can bbadger币最新消息e used to distinguish. For example, companies give employees and custoused怎么读mers to wear diffelanyard looprent colors of the badge, easy for customers to idencolortify service pecolor是什么意思翻译rsonnel or stafbadgetway什么意思f, but alsused的三种用法o easy for staff to identify different customers. Orange represents the staff, bcolor是什么意思翻译ecause orange is a bright anbadger币最新消息d lively bright color. It is the warmest colexplainedor in the warm color syst蓝牙rdkem, representing enthusiasm. Purple is often used for VIP customers, because purple is a kind of elegant and distinguished color.

  &used tonbsp; In addition, for the company, you can also use different colors to reflect the reward, such as the monthly sallanyards什么意思es champ蓝牙rdaion can wear a red exquisite tag rope and so on.

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