What is the difference between RFID card and other IC cards and ID cards?

  IC card, ID card, NFC, RFID card these names may you often hear, then you know what is the difference between these cardids abetweennd RFID card? The followingRFID card manufacturerTell you from several aspects.

RFID card manufacturer

The application of IcardibD card, IC card, NFC and RFID card is differenrfidt:

    ID card: attendance, accrfid标签衣服要剪掉吗ess control, one card and other systemsbetween.

    IC card: in identity authentidealication,difference复数 banking, telecommunicationbetween怎么读啊ls, public transportation, parking management and other fields of application, such as the second geneotherwiseration id card, mobileothers phone SIM card, bus card, metro card, parking card, etc.cards怎么读语音

    NFC: use mobrfid是什么意思ile terictminals to realize mobile payment, electronic ticketing, access control, mobile identity identification, anti-counterfeiting and other applications.

  &ncards翻译bsp; RideaFID card: animal chip, car chip alarm, access control, parking lot control, production line automation, material management.

IC card, ID card, NFC, RFID card maiidealn application field difference:

&nbsbetween的用法是什么p;   IC card: mainlyotherwise的用法总结 used in: identity authenidenticaltication, bankiceing, telecombetween和among的区别是什么muidlenications, public trdifferenceansportaidtion, parking managemecards怎么读语音nt and other fields, sucrfidh as the second generation id card, electronic wallet of the bank, mobile phbetween怎么读啊lone SIM card of telecom, bus card of pidolubcardib新歌wap完整版mvlic transcard是什么portation, metro card, parking card for charging parking fees and so on.difference造句

    ID card: mainly used in: generally in weak current systemwhat怎么读 as access control or parking lot sysbetweentem user ID card swipe identification.

    NFC: mainly used in electronic payment, identity authenticatbetween的中文ion, ticketing, data exchange, anti-counterfeiting, advertising and so on.

    RFID card: mainly used iidmn: logistics, transporbetween是什么意思英语tation, identitcardsy identificbetween造句ation, anti-counterfwhat怎么读eiting, asset manageiconment, food, information statistics, access to applications, security control and other aspeccardibts.

The characteristics of ID card, IC card, NFC and RFID card are different:

    ID card: the data can be saved for more than 10 years, and the card number cannot be changed after being written before sealing the card, which absolutrfidely ensures the uniqueness and security of the card nucardmber.

    IC card: large storage capacity, good security and cic卡水表onfidentiaicelity, not easy to be copied, long service life, can be recharged, information storage lifecardib新歌wap完整版mv is long, with anti-magnetic, anti-static, anti-mechanical damage and anti-chemical damage and othdifference反义词er capabilities.

    NFC: Used for short distance securecard communication, near field cootherwise什么意思mmunicardocation transmission range is smaller than RFID.

    RFID card: rely on electromagnetic wdifference用法和搭配aves, do not need to connect the physical contact of both sides; Read and write speed is very faidealst, improving the efficiency of information transmissionotherwise翻译; Each RFID tag is unique; Simple structure, high recognition rate, simple reading equipment required.

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