Wrist strap manufacturers wrist strap by what factors

As the marketThe wrist bandBoth quality and demand are getting higher and higher. Meanwhile, twhathe market is rightWrist strap manufactfactors怎么读uwhatrerThfactor是什么意思e quality requirements are becoming more and more strictmanufacturer 缩写.

At present, wrist strap is widely used in various industries, so for wrist strap manufstrapon三人acturersfactors, in order to avoid the influence of some external factors in the process of wrist strap silk screen printing, the automation requirements of its processing equipment are also improved, so what factors will affect the screen printing?

Production of wrist strap manufacturers

1. The thistrap-onckness of the wrist strap, the luster ofwrist是什么意思英语 the material, and the concentration of the dye

Extinctiwhatif漫威在线观看on coeffiwristband是什么意思中文cient of dye fiber polymanufacturers什么意思中文mer; The distribution of dye concentration in material; The refractive index ratio of the fstrapiber itself and the impregnation solution used. Thmanufacturersere is a certain difference between the luster of different raw materials and different processes, which is called chromatic abewrist是什么意思英语rration.

2. Different structure of the wrist strap surface gloss degree

Use plain, twill, and hormanufacturers怎么读izontal pattwristband是什么意思中文erns as examples to share. As the number of interlacing points and tstrapon是什么意思啊he bending time decrease, the float length will become longer and the gloss will become brighter. The front and back of the plain sstrapon三人tructure are identical. Diagofactors什么意思中文nal structures alswhatsapp下载o have diagonals on the left or right side, and the appearance of different materials can bestrapon是什么意思啊 influenced by many factors.

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