How to identify high quality webbing?

People who know webbing, people who have been using webbing for a long time can tell by touching it what material it is and what quality it is, but for people who are new to it, theyhow和what引导的感叹句的区别 may have to learn some simple iquality的ify形式怎么写dentification methods.

I’ve been widentify翻译orking with webbing for a lonhow是什么意思g timhow怎么读e, and I have more experience. You can feel thewebbing图示例 quality of the ribbon by feeling it. Tidentify的名词his is the wrong way to look at webbing. Hidentify同义词ow to tell if high quality webbing is correct?

Ribbon is made

First of all, look at the ribboidentify withn of the grain is wrong, the size of the text is correct. Each picture and text out of the effect and the original or the original picture is thweb并e same, that means that the ribbon is woven well, because it can meet customer needs from the above pwebbing图示例icture and text.

Second, look at the ribbon color, the color is usually color color system. There is no special explanation fidentify原型or this, it can only rely on sensory judgment, but the normal color will have prowebbingfessional color lqualityighting to color, if it is the clothing class is commonly uidentify原型sed D65 light color

Look at the hhoweverand of the ribbon again, the hand of the ribbon is used to identify the qhigh的比较级uality of the importahowever什么意思nt content of the quality of the ribbon. Specifically, because of thquality加ify后缀怎么写e different typquality什么意思中文翻译es of ribbon, the psychological response to the feeling of touching the ribbon with the hand is also different, the feel effect of the ribbidentify withon is also very different.howareyou是什么意思中文 Hand feeling has the following aspects: 1. Whether the ribbon body bone is crisp and relaxed; 2. The smooth and rough surface of the ribbon; 3. Softness and hardness of the ribbon; 4 thin and thick ribbon; 5. Whether the surface owebbing怎么读f the ribbon is smooth and whether thewebbing意思 hem is beautiful; Whether the whole ribbon is straight, no bending phenomenon

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