What are the dyeing methods of wrist strap?

The wrist bandThere are two main methods of coloring. One is the most widely used stain (conventionastrap是什么意思中文l stain), which is mainly used to treadyeing读音t the wristdyeing英文 band in a chemical dye swhatsapp下载olution. Adyeingnother method is to use paint, wdyeing英文翻译hich is made into tiny, insostrap怎么读luble colored particles to adhere to the fabric (dyeing of fiber raw materials istrappeds not included in this list).

There are many waysdyeing读音 to swhatif漫威在线观看tain wrist bands, such as usmethods是什么意思ing a wider range of conventional dyeing methods, as well as using paint to madyeing原型ke the paint into tiny, insoluble comethods是什么意思lored particles to stain on the fibrous material that sticks tstrappedo the fabric. In addition to the astrap是什么意思中文bove two, what other wrist strap dyeing methods?

1, disperse dye: wrist strap suitable for viscose, acrylic fiber, polyamide fiber, polyester, etc., washing fastness is different, polyester is better, viscose is worwrist是什么意思英语se.

2, direcstrapon三人t dye: wrist strap suitable formethodshop cellulose fiber fabrics, washing fastness contraswhat什么意思t is poor, light resistawristnce is different, budyeing charget through the modification of direct dye washing chroma will be very good improvemenwristiest.

Wrist strap direct manufacturers

3, acid dye: more suitable for protein fiber and nylon fiber and silk. Its characteristic is tmethod是什么意思中文翻译he drop tape color is bright, but the wrist belwrists是什么意思中文t washing degree is poor, dry cleaning degree is good, widely used in natural dyeing.

4, curing dye: suitable for cellulose fiber fabric. Colored skid straps are darkewristband是什么意思中文r, mainly navy blue, black and brown. The rubber belt has exwhatcellent light resistance and washing resistance, buwhatift poor chlorine bleaching resistance. Fwristyabric can be damaged by prolonged storage.

Thereforewhatever, wrist strap manufacturers will choose different dyeing methods according to the actual situatistrap-onon when they dye wrist straps of different materials. In this way, not only the production efficiency is improved, but alsdyeing costo the qualitydyeing原型 of the wrist band produced will be better.

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