Metal bookmark making process

Filling metal bookmark making process

Bookmarks are widely used, diverse materials, various categories, diverse technology, engraved bookmarks, bookmarks filled with oil. What is a filling bookmark?process是什么意思英语 Filling bookmark is a kind of jin Qiangren prmetallicoducts, refers to the cometallurgicallobookmarkearthr to fill the groove, so there isprocession a concave convex feeling, and gorgeous visual effect. The productiprocessedon process is as follows:

1, draft finalize: design, draft, film.

2, production: material selection (more than 0.5mm material), elecprocessing编程语言tric lifting oil, clmakingeaning, drying, oiling, exposure, development, etching, semi-finished products.

3, fill color: professional paint, color, manual paint (machine paint) two kinds, large quantities of mabookmark软件chine paintbookmark软件, paint, paint repametalir, paint, high temperature baking, polishing, polishing, drawing.

4. Electroplating, QC,bookmark软件 pametalingualckaging and shipment.

Note: polishing, polishing, wibookmark软件re drawing, electroplating, after filling two effebookmarkcts.

Metal bookmark making process news picture1Zhang

Metal bookmark making process news picture2Zhang

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