The difference between imitation enamel insignia and lacquered insignia

Imitation enamel insignia

imitationEnamel badges, sometimes called epola pin, imitation cloisonne pin or hard enamel pin, is a handicraft of limitation是什么意思中文apel pin. Hard enamel pin idifference怎么读英语s an elacqueredxcellent quality enimitation意思amel badge with a durable appearance.

Custdifference是可数名词吗omdifference造句简单-made imitation enamel badges canenamel perfdifferences翻译ectly display andifference造句y logo影雅insignia or design and enhance your customers' love for your brand.

The badge

● Imienamel什么意思tation enamel, also known as cloisonne;

● These jewelry badges are durable and highly refined, yet affordableimitations;

● Hard enbetween是什么意思英语adifference什么意思mel pins have high cognitive value.

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Emblem of the lacquer that bake

Enalimitationmelled pin (also known as embossebetween翻译d enamel pin) is a low-cost, high-quality molded pin that is hand-filled with colorinsignia是什么牌子 using raiinsignia是什么牌子sed metal and sunken enamelled paint.

Custom lacquered badges are a popular choice fbetween怎么读啊lor everything from cbetween造句orporate image adifference的形容词nd destination souvenirs to employee recognition and team deals.

● One of our popular styles, the lacquered badge looks great andbetween翻译 is very economical;

● Similar to imitation enamel, each color is separated by metal wire;

● Paint color sag, let your pin feel.

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Enamelled insignia vs. lacquered insignia

Why fake enamel badges?

① Theyenamel怎么读 are smobetween和among的区别是什么oth and flat.

② They like simple desimitationsign, which works well.

③ They lookbetween翻译 more valuable.

Thebetween造句y use shiny plating.

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Why paintCustombetween是什么意思英语 badge?

① They have raised metal edges.

② They prefer more complicated debetween是什么意思英语signs.

③ They look cheaper.

Any plating or dyeimitation意思ing process can be used.

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