Metal badges are made of what material

Metal badgeProduction material
Metal badgeThe material is acrylic, metal, PVC, crystal, drop glue, stainless steewhatsapp安卓下载安装l, aluminum alloy. There is no limit to the number of colors printed on the name plate. The name plate can bbadge水龙头e waterproof, sunscreen andbadge什么意思 no deformation. The design of the way to wear the badge, is the rope hanging or paste or pin type.
All kinds of different materials of the name plate productionmetallurgy:
Metal badgeThe surfcad格式刷ace of the imitation enamel breastplate is swhat什么意思mooth
Metal badgematerial什么意思Make baking paint breastplate to touch with the hand there is a sense of liwhatne convex, line cobadge什么意思lor filling is concave. Nevertheless the surface that bake paint can drop model, after dropping model, also be smooth.
Metal badgeThe production of bite plate has a sense of line, bite plate to be slibadge什么意思ghtly delicate, the generalwhat bite plate products are suitable for making thin strips ometalsf the chest plate.
Stamping does not color, only do polishing electroplating effect processing can be, also knowcad格式刷在哪个工具栏n as metal not color chest plate, this chest plate is generally bright gold or bright nickel surface, concave genewhat是什么意思翻译ramaterialpodsl sand bwhat引导什么从句ottom, also known as frosted chest platewhat引导什么从句.

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