Badge making process

Badge productionThe general process has the following 7 steps;

First: design the style and pattern of the badge. The desiprocessiongn can be designed by the customer page can be desbadgesigned by the manufacturer, the cmaking怎么读ustomer design does not meet the processing requirements of the unreasonable changes for the customer to confirm, generally with CDR file.

Second:Make badgeMold, the calculated badge with CDR intoprocessing the engraving machine progrmakingam for mold carving, mold after carviBadgeng toprocess翻译 heat treatment, in order to strengthen the haprocessorrdness and durabmaking upility ofprocess是什么意思英语 the mold.

Agmakingain: badge pressing, the mold will be installed on the punching machine or hydraulic preprocess怎么读英语ss workbench, the pattern of metal materials.  

Fourth: badge material punchinBadgeg material, firsprocessing编程语言t do a good badge shmaking头像ape knife mold, the product accordinprocessiong to its shape, with a punch to the product down.

Fifprocess什么意思中文th: badge surface polishing, badge after cuttmakingthings是什么意思中文ing off the shape of the stamping burr, improve the smobadgetwayothness of the badge surface.

Sixth: to carry oprocess是什么意思英语n electrmaking upoplating to the badge. According to customer's rebadger币quirements, badges can be plated with gold, silver, nickel, copper, etc

Seventh: pack the badges according to the customer's requirements and send them to thBadgee customer by consignment or logistics.

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