The quality of metal badges is determined by the process of badge making

Metal badgeIs a category of MEDALS collectively, generally well-made, clean layout, suitable font, sprocessingimple packaging.

Accordincad格式菜单怎么调出来g to thequality加ify shape can be divided into: medal, medal, award plate. Common medal materials: made of aluminum, iron, zinc alloy, copper, gold, silver and other materials, butprocess also acrylic, organic, crystal, or even a combinadetermined什么意思tion of several. According to tdeterminedhe different process materials can be divided into:metal翻译 bronze medal, ametal是什么意思luprocess造句minum screen printing plate, stainless steel medal, titanium gold medal, gold medal, gold medal, crystal medal, engravidetermined翻译ng medal, gold foil mmetaledal. According to the different use of awards can be divided into: advancedcad格式刷为什么刷不出来 individual medal, advanced collective memaking是什么意思dal, authorized medal, joining medal, member medal.

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